What is madness? "Far edge 3": the plot of the game, gameplay

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What is madness? "Far edge 3": the plot of the game, gameplay
What is madness? "Far edge 3": the plot of the game, gameplay

What is madness? Far Cry 3 is the game that can really answer that question. In some way, this phrase can be called an epigraph to it. From the very beginning to the end, the player understands that he is in a really crazy and cruel world. The game "Far Land 3" is primarily an interesting story, but the gameplay does not lag behind, forcing you to immerse yourself in the story.


In this part of the series, the player is given the opportunity to plunge into the world of piracy and violence in the non-government controlled islands of the Pacific. This is a classic first-person shooter action game.

In addition to the endless skirmishes, the gamer can do more pressing matters. What is Far Cry 3 Madness? Another answer to this question lies in the proximity of bloody battles and peaceful life. Each player, in addition to cutting out crowds of enemies, can craft and hunt.

Game story

"Far Land 3" is a classic example of a story in which an ordinary middle-class person goes to hell. Together withA group of his friends, a young guy Jason Brudy makes a parachute jump into the unknown. By the will of fate, they find themselves on the island of Rook Island, which is part of a hidden archipelago of islands in the hands of bandits, pirates and drug manufacturers.

After landing, a series of terrible events occur - they are found by the real owners of this small world and taken hostage. The head of a gang of villains turns out to be an incredibly charismatic and cruel killer and drug addict Vaas. His first remark is the same famous phrase: "Do you know what madness is?..". In all cynicism, he shows Jason the answer by killing his brother. The young guy's only chance to escape is to run, to which Vaas gives him 30 seconds.

Typical shootout
Typical shootout

The hero manages to save his life and get into the village of resistance. Through joint efforts, Jason manages to integrate into the lives of the inhabitants of the settlement and begin the path to the release of his friends and revenge for his brother.


Choice of ending
Choice of ending

Like all modern games, "Far edge 3" suggests alternative endings. On the one hand, you can choose the ending of a traitor, and on the other - the hero and savior of this small world. In total, there are two of them in the game, depending on the actions of the player:

  1. Jason chooses Citra, which is why all his friends are doomed to certain death. This ending is considered negative, as the main character dies himself.
  2. Jason chooses to save his friends and kills Citra.

WhenIn any case, the player himself, after completing the storyline, gets the opportunity to continue exploring the island. Among other things, Jason can learn the history of this island by searching for the lost notes of the American military.

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