10 "Windows": an overview. "Windows 10": Russian version

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10 "Windows": an overview. "Windows 10": Russian version
10 "Windows": an overview. "Windows 10": Russian version

10 Windows came out after version 8.1. This is an operating system of the NT family, developed by Microsoft. It is curious that the tenth edition was assigned to the platform after the eighth, while the ninth edition was deliberately omitted by the developers for greater marketing success.

Changes in Brief

The most noticeable external changes in the version of Windows 10 include the return of the Start menu in its usual form. In addition, the ability to work with virtual desktops and run programs from Windows 8 in windowed mode has been added. Windows 10 was released in October 2014. It was then that the first preliminary edition appeared - "Build 9841". In the summer of 2015, the official release of Windows 10 is expected in more than a hundred languages in 190 states. During the first year from the moment the system is released, it will be possible to upgrade to it from other versions of the platform for free.


windows 10 in Russian
windows 10 in Russian

10 Windows has become the single operating system for a huge number ofdevices: Xbox One, smartphones, tablets and computers. It is supposed to create a single development platform and one universal application store that will be compatible with all types of supported hardware. As for the localization of Windows 10, the Russian version also allows you to create many desktops and switch between them. A special voice assistant named Cortana will appear here, which works on tablets and computers. However, it should be noted that Windows 10 in Russian does not currently support all of its functions. However, this omission is likely to be corrected by the day of the official introduction.

Windows 10 desktop and user interface overview

The new Start menu allows the user to view a list of frequently used files and applications with just one click. In addition, you can easily set up websites, programs, and contacts. The user can pin the tiles in the "Start", and if these elements are not needed, they can be easily turned off. However, if the owner of the device likes the OS 8.1 version of the home screen more, you can switch to it using a special function. You can change the size of the "Start" with the mouse cursor or expand the menu. In this case, the newly installed components are located in the middle of the Start menu. Windows Store apps open in windowed mode.

windows 10 overview
windows 10 overview

With the help of a special function in the header, you can expand the program to full screen. "Miracle-buttons" are not invoked on mouse hover. From now on, they can be activated with the Win + C combination. The Notification Center did not replace the previous panel. The charms can be accessed from the title bar in the application control. "Windows 10" in Russian has an adapted and fully translated "Notification Center", which received a number of buttons for quick settings. Synchronization is available for this item. Will continue the conversation about "Windows 10" review of the innovations that have been introduced in the "Taskbar". In addition to the notification center already described above, desktops, a search bar and some additional buttons appeared here. Cortana voice assistant is also worthy of attention, it is integrated into the search bar. Saying "Hey Cortana" activates the tool. It can open and search apps and files, and send messages. As we have already noted, the currently available Windows 10 (Russian version) does not allow you to communicate with an assistant, since this feature is available exclusively for the United States. However, the developers claim that the official release will bring the function in a form adapted for the Russian Federation.

The new approach to desktops should improve the efficiency of interacting with multiple applications at the same time. Using the combination Win + Tab, you can open the screen to view tasks. If you click on the connection network symbol, all available options will open in a separate small window. From it, you can instantly go to the main parameters of the computer or enable the "on the plane" function. The appearance of the battery indicator has been updated, to launch it you need to click oncorresponding icon on the taskbar. The changes affected the calendar and hours. The Snap function allows you to open 4 applications at the same time and tells the user what other programs are running, as well as how best to place them.

Some icons have been modified. Improved animation of launching and closing windows, as well as installing programs. Windows now have very thin borders and shadows. Thanks to the Continuum mode, you can interact with the traditional and touch interface at the same time if you are using a hybrid device. Created new lock screens and welcome screens. The Storage Sense feature involves saving applications from the "Store" to the main disk and memory card. A biometric sign-in service called Windows Hello lets you avoid entering passwords in applications and resources that support this technology. Another new authorization tool that is currently under active development is called Microsoft Passport. System interface transparency can be easily enabled or disabled using Computer Settings. It was the last element that replaced the familiar "Control Panel".


windows 10 exit
windows 10 exit

10 Windows gets an updated Store. A built-in OneGet service has appeared, which allows you to install programs using package managers. Windows Feedback is a feedback program that allows you to report feature requests and bugs to Microsoft. There's a new Get Started tool. The command line now allows you to paste text copied tobuffer using Ctrl+V. In the "Explorer" appeared a functional search, as well as showing the most visited folders and recently opened files. The Xbox app has been updated. Microsoft Edge is here, the new browser that ships with Windows on all supported devices. The calculator has also been redesigned.

Mobile devices

windows 10 russian
windows 10 russian

Home screen supports background image. Apps that have been recently installed appear at the top of the entire list. Notification center has been updated. Users can add a number of lines of custom controls to the top of the Action Center. There are interactive notifications. The person who received the text message just needs to use the interactive notification and reply without using the app. Implemented the ability to move the keyboard to different places on the screen, which will help you find the most comfortable position. The Settings menu has been completely redesigned. Skype is integrated into the messages section, this approach makes it easier to switch between the program's chat and SMS. Now there is no need to launch the second application.


windows 10 versions
windows 10 versions

Directly free upgrade "Windows" to version 10 can users editions of the platform "7" and "8.1". Free provision of current add-ons will continue for a year from the release of the final version of Windows 10.

Collecting pre-test information

In editions of Windows 10 that are designedfor user preview testing, Microsoft collects information about the operation of the computer. Based on the privacy statement, the developer receives data that is used to improve services and products. Such information includes application descriptions, sensor information, device configuration, SMS messages, phone calls, file history, browsing and search history, interests, preferences, email address, name. In addition, handwritten data, keyboard input, or speech recognition systems may be collected. The transfer of information to the manufacturer can be carried out when entering texts, opening files, using search and installing programs.

System Requirements

For devices with a display of 8 inches or more, the following requirements apply:

  • processor - from 1 GHz,
  • RAM - from 1 or 2 GB, depending on the bit depth (32 and 64 bits, respectively),
  • from 16 or 20 GB of free hard disk space, based on OS version,
  • DirectX 9 video card and WDDM driver.

In addition, you need an account on the official Microsoft website and access to the Internet.


update windows to 10
update windows to 10

Note that Windows 10 will be available in 7 editions. Home is the basic version designed for tablet, laptop and PC users. Pro is an option for small businesses. Mobile - version for small tablet computers and smartphones. Enterprise - edition for largebusiness, which has advanced features that facilitate the management of various corporate resources. In addition, there is a special emphasis on safety. Education - an option used in educational institutions. Mobile Enterprise is a corporate version adapted for mobile devices with enhanced security. IoT Core is an option for computer devices, including robots and terminals. There are a number of special functions here. As mentioned above, the system received number 10 after number 8, bypassing number 9. According to Tony Prophet, Microsoft's head of marketing, the pass has nothing to do with compatibility. Windows 8.1 was supposed to be named "9". The company does not want the described version of the OS to be associated with "8", which is considered not popular enough.

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