Restoring video files: detailed instructions

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Restoring video files: detailed instructions
Restoring video files: detailed instructions

Video files recorded on completely different media, due to their limited lifespan, can be damaged, quality is reduced and many more problems arise along the way. Even movies stored on computer hard drives are susceptible to this phenomenon, not to mention that they can be completely accidentally deleted. Let's consider how video files are recovered and what tools are best used for this.

Basic steps for recovering video files

As is already clear, two problems are clearly identified at the moment: the deterioration of the quality of the source material and the accidental deletion or disappearance of files due to formatting the hard drive.

video file recovery
video file recovery

Based on this, we can suggest several basic techniques that will help recover video files with a probability of their subsequent viewing of about 50-100%, depending on the type of actions chosen.

Why such a big spread? Yes, only because the first indicator is applicable to the restoration of video material in terms of restoring quality, and the second corresponds to the possibility of recovering deleted files on a computer.

Recover deleted video files with Recuva

Let's start with a situation where files have been deleted from a computer's hard drive, since this procedure looks much easier than restoring quality. One of the most versatile and simple is the Recuva application. It is not only a program for recovering deleted video files, it can be used to search for potentially recoverable data of any type. Nevertheless, it has its own interesting side.

video file recovery software
video file recovery software

So, after installation and first launch, the application automatically opens a special "Wizard", in which you should select the type of information data. As it is already clear, you need to use the line with the video, and then select the location of the deleted material in the new window. If the user does not remember exactly where the source file was located, you can indicate that the location is not known. Next, it is desirable to use the deep analysis mode and activate the start of the scanning process. The results will display all found objects. Green marks files that can be 100% recovered, yellow marks files that can be partially recovered, red marks objects that cannot be recovered. The results of the recovery and the ability to view the video after that will be saidseparately.

Using R. Saver

Recovery of deleted video files can also be done using the unique R. Saver utility. According to many experts, it is a much more powerful tool than the previous program, because it is able to recover information even on formatted media, including even damaged memory cards.

recover damaged video files
recover damaged video files

Of course, it is impossible to say that this is a program for recovering video files. However, the scanning algorithms in it are such that you may not be surprised if the program detects files on the hard drive or removable device that you have long forgotten about. And, of course, the list of programs designed specifically for such purposes can be continued indefinitely.

Program for recovering damaged video files All Media Fixer Pro and similar

Now let's look at the restoration of the video material. Recovery of damaged video files is performed using special utilities. The simplest, fastest and most functional program is All Media Fixer Pro.

This application, unlike many similar ones, can work with any type of multimedia, including graphics and sound, although you can argue about audio here. However, this program restores damaged video files based on its own algorithms and uses an automated restoration system, so there is no need to change the global settings. Enoughselect the desired file and press the special analysis button.

recover deleted video files
recover deleted video files

At the end of the process, you can do two things: either try to restore damaged fragments (Fix button), or simply remove them from the file (Remove button). No action - Ignore button.

In principle, other applications allow you to recover video files in approximately the same way, however, they differ somewhat in the number of perceived formats. Among the most popular and powerful are the following:

  • VirtualDubMod;
  • DivFix++;
  • VideoFixer;
  • Video Repair Tool;
  • ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair;
  • HD Video Repair Utility and more

Result of testing recovered files

Finally, video file recovery is complete. What do the test results show? In most cases, no program was able to completely restore the quality while maintaining the original format (this applies to both deleted and damaged files). Windows Media Player does not play most files.

program to recover deleted video files
program to recover deleted video files

Restoring deleted objects is best done by R. Saver (Recuva is no match for it). As for the restoration, it is rather difficult to single out the best program here, besides, not all of them work with damaged media, and some of them even freeze during operation. Nevertheless, the parallel use of utilities can be a way out.both types.

What should I use to restore audio tracks?

And one more thing that many simply forget about. None of the above programs can boast of sound quality. Therefore, for audio processing, it is better to turn to professional and semi-professional packages.

program for recovering corrupted video files
program for recovering corrupted video files

Such well-known software products as Adobe Audition of all versions (the former Cool Edit Pro program), Sony Sound Forge, ACID Pro and many others are perfect for this. Only in them can you achieve the perfect sound quality of the tracks. To open almost all applications use the import function or download the contents of video files through the line Open As….

Instead of afterword

It remains to be added that, despite the use of the most advanced technologies for video restoration, the conclusion suggests itself disappointing. If the situation with the restoration of deleted files is still all right, then with the restoration everything is much worse. This is understandable, because improving a video digitized from a regular VHS tape or copied from a scratched optical disc is sometimes almost impossible, and deleting problematic fragments is too primitive. So, you will have to choose tools to perform certain actions on your own, or better, combine several utilities.

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