How to create an invisible symbol

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How to create an invisible symbol
How to create an invisible symbol

Mostly, a person enters social networks to unwind and forget about the hardships that accompany him at every turn. Each person has their own hobbies and ideas about beauty. So, one of the manifestations of creativity is the whole pictures in the comments, on the walls, etc., which use invisible symbols. We will talk about them in this article.

invisible character
invisible character

Is it difficult to draw with symbols

Modern youth prefers to realize themselves in social networks, proving something to someone, or drawing graffiti on the walls and competing, who did better and who should learn. Many of the users at the same time assume that from the various characters that are present on a regular keyboard, you can draw mini-pictures, but they are not enough at all.

Maybe this kind of image seems quite silly, but this kind of art is highly appreciated. Why? The answer is simple and clear, if, of course, you try it yourself. Try in a blank notepad of symbols that can be written,holding Shift to draw at least something, at least a little man. For many people, this will not work, because the process of creating such a picture is very difficult, since you have to choose many options for characters to make the picture seem complete.

In some cases it is required to create an empty space. For example, when you need to depict two legs, or when creating a pyramid, you need a transparent symbol. Today we will tell you all about the symbols called invisible, as well as how to create them on VKontakte.

Invisible symbols of VKontakte

The social network "VKontakte" is quite popular, which is due to the simplicity in sending messages, as well as a fairly simple interface that is understandable to almost everyone.

Have you ever seen someone in the comments use all sorts of pictures created with symbols? All this thanks to "Unicode", which supports many different fonts, it is supported by "VKontakte". But still, how to create a space between characters, while removing the usual space? Everything is very simple. You can see the clue in the photo in our article.

invisible characters
invisible characters

Using invisible symbols greatly simplifies this task. On the one hand, they exist and occupy some place in space, but on the other hand, they cannot be seen.

Few people know that in addition to the usual symbols, others can be called. To do this, just hold down the "ALT" key and press a few numbers on the additional keyboard - "NumPad". We offerand instructions on how to write an invisible character in messages:

  • Go to the dialogue or comment.
  • Click on the message field.
  • Hold down the "ALT" button and press "255" in sequence on the additional keyboard.
invisible symbols vkontakte
invisible symbols vkontakte

This method works on all computers using the Windows operating system. Don't be afraid to experiment and try different keyboard shortcuts. A brief table is given above, but these are not at all all the invisible characters that can be written on VKontakte.


We hope you understand how to create invisible characters. It should be noted that when you combine the ALT button and an additional keyboard, you can get a fairly large selection of them, which, by the way, is not available in the usual layout.

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