"An error occurred in the com.android.phone app", "com.android phone process stopped": how to fix?

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"An error occurred in the com.android.phone app", "com.android phone process stopped": how to fix?
"An error occurred in the com.android.phone app", "com.android phone process stopped": how to fix?

Why is everyone buying a mobile phone now? Of course, modern smartphones have a phenomenal set of features. With the help of the Android operating system, the phone can easily turn into a player, video player, game or, say, a powerful calculation tool using the right applications. However, the most basic function of any phone is the ability to make calls. But what if the error "An error occurred in the com.android.phone app" pops up and the phone stops ringing?

Primary function

an error occurred in the com android phone app
an error occurred in the com android phone app

The original function of any phone was one - to call. With the technology boom and the colossal development of the mobile industry, nothing has changed. Although this is not noticeable behind tons of applications for Android and rich functionality, calls and communication remain the main function of any phone. And with the loss of this functionthe phone automatically ceases to be a phone, but becomes a multimedia device with the functions of playing music and video, reading e-books, launching applications and games.

The fact that the function of making calls has stopped working is signaled by a window with the inscription "an error occurred in the com.android.phone application" when trying to open the phone book. There may be several reasons for this:

  • Crash in the "Phone" application or cache clutter;
  • Corruption of this application by a virus or by the user.

The first step is to simply restart your smartphone. It is possible that as a result of intensive use of many different programs and applications in a row or at the same time, the system function "Contacts" could fail. If that's just the problem, then a reboot should fix the problem. At the very least, this is the most elementary thing that can be done to fix the problem.

Reboot did nothing

com android phone process stopped
com android phone process stopped

If after a reboot, when you try to open the phone book, the error "the com.android.phone process has stopped" pops up again, so you need to figure out what the problem is and "treat" the phone. The first thing you might think about in this situation is that the Phone app is cluttered with cache and temporary files.

In this case, the problem is fixed quite simply: you need to clear the cache and delete temporary files. Open the smartphone settings, go to the section"Applications". Here you need to switch to the "All" tab and find the application called "Phone". We open it and see just below two buttons - "Clear cache" and "Erase data". Press both in turn. Also, it will not be superfluous to get rid of temporary files throughout the mobile device. Specialized utilities, such as Ccleaner or Clean Master, can help with this. After cleaning, restart the smartphone and try again.

The problem "there was an error in the com.android.phone app" still remains

stop process com android phone
stop process com android phone

If the previous method did not help, you should try something else. For example, cancel date and time synchronization with the Internet. Very often this method really helps. This is done as follows: go to Settings, find the "Date and time" section, in which you need to uncheck the box next to the "Network date and time" item. As before, we reboot the phone and try to go into contacts again. Hopefully the com.android.phone bug is gone this time (fly or any other brand of smartphone has finally brought back its paramount feature). If not, then we act like this.

Download the dialer app

If you can't restore your native dialer, you'll have to replace it with something. We go to Google Play, find a third-party application for calls, install it. Now you can call again.

If there is no Internet access, you can download the application onphone from a computer. It is done like this. First you need to download the apk file, i.e. installer "dialers" from some site with applications. However, you need to be extremely careful and do not download the utility with viruses. To do this, carefully read the description of the program and reviews. If there is even the slightest suspicion that the installer is unsafe, close this site and open another one (fortunately, there are plenty of them on the network). So, the installer is downloaded. Now there are two ways to go:

  • Just drop the.apk file to your phone via USB cable or any other way. Then open it on your phone and install it.
  • Install the InstallApk program on your computer. We connect the gadget to the PC, run this utility and download the "dialer" to the smartphone.

Now there is a dialer. However, this is a temporary solution. In addition, the phone.android.com process may still interfere with the normal use of the device. Therefore, it will be most useful to tidy up the standard Phone application.

Dramatic measures

Not only with the error "The com.android.phone process has stopped", but also a factory reset or backup saves you from all troubles. Backup is a function to restore the phone's system by returning to factory settings using an OS backup. This is done in the following way. Settings opens, where you can find the "Backup and reset" section. There is such a fad as "Reset to factory settings". Click on it and wait until the process is over.

processphone android com
processphone android com

The only downside of the reset is the complete removal of the user's personal data from the mobile device. That is, all contacts, passwords, Wi-Fi networks will be deleted. Therefore, in order to save this data, you need to synchronize with the Google system. It will also be very useful to back up contacts on a memory card or in the same account. When all important data is backed up, you can start the recovery process with a reset.

Also, if an error occurs in the com.android.phone application, flashing the operating system can solve the problem. True, this is the most extreme option, it is resorted to only when even a reset is not able to help. In addition, to do it, you need to have certain skills, otherwise you can only harm your mobile device.

Couple of tips

com android phone fly error
com android phone fly error

To stop the com.android.phone process from happening, you need to take good care of your phone. You should not download everything in a row, it is not known from where, otherwise you can pick up a virus that will disable the Phone application. Also, do not forget from time to time to clean your gadget from temporary files that clog the system and prevent it from working normally. It is also highly undesirable to run a large number of games and applications at the same time, as this can cause an overload of RAM, as a result of which "brakes" and malfunctions of some system applications may appear.

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