How to sync contacts from "Android" to "Android" without a PC?

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How to sync contacts from "Android" to "Android" without a PC?
How to sync contacts from "Android" to "Android" without a PC?

Modern phones are able to store a fairly large amount of information. These are music, games, photos and videos, various programs and personal data of the user. However, as practice shows, the most expensive for users is the phone book with phone numbers recorded in it. Very often, people grieve not because of the loss of a mobile device or erased progress in a toy, but because of phone numbers, especially now that it has become extremely easy to lose data. Therefore, each user simply must know how to synchronize contacts from "Android" to "Android".

how to sync contacts from android to android
how to sync contacts from android to android

This is important

A lot of people value their phone book? and losing it can be tantamount to death. After all, there are treasured combinations of dear and close people, work colleagues, business partners, distant relatives, friends, etc. And the fact that a good half of these phones can no longer be found, increases the value of the contact book at times.

What could be a threat?

how to sync contacts from android to android sony
how to sync contacts from android to android sony

Losing cherished contacts is quite easy, especially with the advent of smartphones, which can already compete with many computers. And the reasons for the loss may be as follows:

  • theft, loss or breakdown of a mobile device;
  • problems with the Android operating system, resulting in a flashing required;
  • blocking the smartphone by a virus program or by the user himself, as a result of which it is necessary to reset to factory settings;
  • phone problems due to system failure (for example, sometimes Sony Xperia smartphones start to reboot constantly when Bluetooth is turned on);
  • random formatting of mobile device data by the user (due to careless handling) and much more.

That's why you need to know how to synchronize contacts from Android to Android, as you can see that there are quite a few ways to lose all data from your phone. Also, these accidents can happen at any time, so don't be so presumptuous and think that you won't be affected.

How to sync contacts from "Android" to "Android"?

There are several ways to do this:

  • using a computer;
  • without the help of a computer.

Via PCSynchronization is not difficult. It will take a little: a USB cable (preferably native), the smartphone itself, a disk with drivers (if not, you can download it from the Internet), a computer and a synchronization utility. Utilities are both from official developers of mobile devices, and for all smartphones from independent developers. There is nothing difficult about this, so we won’t dwell on transferring data using a PC. Instead, let's take a closer look at how to transfer contacts from Android to Android without a PC.

Synchronize your contacts without using your computer in several ways:

  • through the phone book;
  • using your Google account.

Syncing with Google

how to sync contacts on android
how to sync contacts on android

Every "Android" smartphone user has a Google account. At least it should have, since without it it is impossible to enter the Play Market and, accordingly, install any game or application. If, for some reason, Google mail has not been created, then we run to the official website and quickly register and enter Google Play under the same account. It is simply necessary to do this, since you can synchronize contacts on Android using your Google mail account.

Further, the order of work is as follows: open the phone settings, look for the "Accounts and synchronization" item. Here you can see all accounts from all applications, including gmail. Go to it, find it in the list"Sync contacts" and click on this item. Everything, all phone numbers were successfully synchronized. How to synchronize contacts from "Android" to "Android" LG, for example, after that? On the new gadget (to which you need to transfer data), we also log in to the system under the same account and synchronize.

Transfer contacts

Each "Android" device can save a copy of the phone book. You can do this this way: open "Contacts", click on the options (or functions), and then select "Export", "Backup" or "Back up contacts" from the list of functions. By the way, this is a great way to transfer contacts from Android to Android without Google.

how to transfer contacts from android to android without pc
how to transfer contacts from android to android without pc

Now we choose where the phone book will be saved: on sim or memory card. If saving to a sim card, then mark the necessary phone numbers or select everything, after which we make the transfer. If we transfer it to an SD card, then the smartphone itself will indicate in which directory the file with numbers will be saved.

After saving the phones on the SIM card, you need to do such a thing as synchronizing contacts from "Android" to "Android" "Sony" (well, or a gadget of any other company). This is done in the simplest way: by rearranging the SIM card from one phone to another and importing the numbers. It is done in exactly the same way as export, so there should be no problems with this.

howsync contacts from android to android lg
howsync contacts from android to android lg

Export to SD-card slightly expands the possibilities of transferring the phone book, at least by the fact that this file will be on a flash drive and can be transferred in any convenient way:

  • rearrange the flash drive to another device;
  • by Bluetooht;
  • by email;
  • using cloud storage (Yandex. Disk, Cloud Mail, etc.);
  • using social networks, Skype and other means of communication;
  • and, of course, reset from one gadget to a PC, and from it to another smartphone.


In principle, these two ways of how to synchronize contacts from "Android" to "Android" will be enough to save your contacts from accidents. And if you call on everyone's favorite computer for help, then the number of ways to save the necessary phone numbers increases several times. But, as you can see, even without it, this can be done quite quickly and efficiently.

Increasing the life of your smartphone

how to transfer contacts from android to android without google
how to transfer contacts from android to android without google

As you know, 90% of the causes of computer breakdowns sit in front of the monitor. The situation is exactly the same with mobile devices. Most problems occur due to the fault of the user, with subsequent explanations of what happened "itself". To protect yourself from device breakdowns and problems with the operating system, you need to follow a few simple but extremely important recommendations:

  • Apps and games are bestdownload from Google Play and avoid unknown sources, as such utilities may contain viruses.
  • For the same reason, you should refrain from connecting your gadget to unknown computers.
  • Once you get root (superadministrator rights), you need to be extremely careful, as there is a possibility of seriously harming the system, because of which you will have to either reset to factory settings or reflash Android.
  • A backup copy of data, and contacts in particular, should always be and from time to time be saved to a newer one, so that at any time you can restore lost data and continue to live in peace.
  • You also need to be extremely careful with your device, as this is not the Nokia 3310, which will make a hole in the pavement if it falls. Most touch screens are fragile and a little drop will definitely hurt them.

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