How to backup Windows 7 without third-party programs

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How to backup Windows 7 without third-party programs
How to backup Windows 7 without third-party programs

Few Windows 7 users know about such a very useful feature as creating a backup copy of the installed operating system. What is it and how to backup Windows 7, we will analyze here and now.

What is this function?

Backup is a function of the operating system, which, using archiving tools, can create a backup copy of user information and the OS as a whole. There are a lot of benefits from it, since with its help you can make an image of the OS, thanks to which you can then restore the damaged OS. This will be a real lifeline in the event that the restore point is not created, and it is impossible to roll back. Of course, it is also desirable to make a restore point in case the operating system is damaged, but there are different situations in which the good old rollback will not help. For example, when the system does not start, and the disk on which Windows 7 is written is not at hand.

Why not rollback?

Unlike a rollback (the restore function is different), which simply returns the system to a previously saved state, a backup issaves user settings and the image of Windows 7 as a whole. The benefits of this are huge. For example, by reinstalling Windows 7, you will be able to restore all user data that was erased during the reinstall process.

how to back up windows 7
how to back up windows 7

And in case the operating system fails, it can always be returned to its normal state using a backup copy, in addition, drivers, programs and personal data (saves and profiles in games, etc.) will also be restored.)

How do I back up Windows 7?

Creating a copy of the OS is carried out by a fairly large number of utilities. In addition, Windows 7 has enough functionality for this. Before backing up Windows 7, you need to do the following steps.

We go to the "Start" menu, where in "All Programs" we look for the folder "Maintenance". In it we find and click on the item "Backup and Restore". There are also a couple of alternative ways to open this function:

  • open "Start", enter "Backup and Restore" in the search box and go when it appears;
  • go to the control panel, where the "Backup and Restore" section immediately catches your eye.
how to back up windows 7
how to back up windows 7

It doesn't matter which opening method is chosen, the main thing is that the window with this service is open. There you can use three functions:

  • set up backupcopy;
  • create OS image;
  • create a disk designed to return to a normal system state.

Let's start with how to back up Windows 7, then look at the other two functions.


To do this, in the "Backup and restore" window, click on the hyperlink highlighted in blue "Set up backup". The backup settings window appears. At this stage, you will have to wait a bit. Patience will be rewarded by the appearance of a window called "Archiving settings", where you will be prompted to choose where to save the copy. Of course, a backup can be created on drive D, for example. But if all the data from the hard drive is deleted or damaged, then there will be no sense in the backup copy. Therefore, it is best to store a backup on an external hard drive. In addition, if you connect an external hard drive, the system will offer nothing more than to backup the Windows 7 system to it. When the choice is made, move on using the "Next" button.

how to back up windows 7
how to back up windows 7

In the next window, you need to choose whether to leave the choice of files for archiving Windows or choose for yourself what data will be archived (individual files, folders, disks). By the way, this function can help on how to backup Windows 7 drivers.

If there is no trust in the operating system, and it was decided to distribute the data manually, in the window that appears, be sure to click "Include system imagedisks: (C) "so that you can restore a failed system using a backup, as well as mark the necessary data with birds. Traditionally, click on" Next. Before making a backup of Windows 7, we check that all settings are correct. After - " Save and run".

Creating an OS image

how to back up windows 7 drivers
how to back up windows 7 drivers

This time we click on "Create an image" instead of such a thing as how to backup a Windows 7 disk. In this case, an image is created that includes the disks necessary for normal operation of the OS. We are in the window for choosing where to save the future image. It is best to prefer a portable (that is, external) hard drive, since the image can weigh several tens or even hundreds of gigabytes. Next, select the disks from which the image will be created. In the next window, we check again the disks that will be in the image, and then click "Archive".

Creating a recovery disk

This is done in the same place, instead of such an item as how to backup Windows 7, only it is located next to the image creation button. True, this step is not necessary for those who have Windows 7 on the disk, and who can use it to return the system to normal. For those who do not have such a disk, it is useful to go through this procedure, since in case of serious damage to the OS, there will be something to restore it from.

You will need a blank DVD or CD for this as the recovery files will be approximately 150 MB in size. Click in the window"Backup and Restore" item "Create a system disk". We insert the disk into the drive, select it from the list and click on the "Create disk" button. We wait until the process of creating a disk comes to an end, after which we remove the disk.

how to back up disk windows 7
how to back up disk windows 7

Now this disk can be used in case the operating system will die for a long time, and it will be impossible to enter it even from safe mode.

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