Error 927 in the "Play Market" - what is it?

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Error 927 in the "Play Market" - what is it?
Error 927 in the "Play Market" - what is it?

Sometimes it happens that Google Play for some reason does not allow you to install some application. This may be due to error 927 in the Play Market. What is it and how to fix it? There are several ways.

What causes error 927?

Over time, each user of a device based on the Android operating system is faced with the fact that during the installation of the next application, an error 927 occurs in the Play Market, after which the installation immediately stops.

error 927 in play store
error 927 in play store

Moreover, this error is repeated again and again, not only when re-downloading only this program, but also any other. There may be several reasons for this:

  1. Cluttering the Play Market with various caches and temporary files that interfere with normal installation.
  2. App store failed or not fully updated.
  3. The Google Play app or some of its components has been damaged or deleted.
  4. Google account issues.
  5. Internet problem.

Despite the fact that there are many reasons for the malfunction and they all differ slightly, fixthey are simple enough. Let's start with the simplest and most effective way.

Clear the cache

First, let's check the simplest and most easily fixable version - error 927 in Play Store due to cache. The fact is that during the installation of many applications and as a result of their work, a large number of temporary files and cache appear, which not only occupy internal memory, but also interfere with the normal operation of the device and individual applications, such as Google Play. And this is the most common reason why error 927 occurs in the Play Store. What does it mean - it's time to clean your smartphone.

Service utilities like Clean Master or Ccleaner won't help. Therefore, we do the following: open "Settings", look for the "Applications" section. There, open the "All" tab and sort by size (this will make it easier to search). We find the Google Play Store application, click on it. In the settings panel, select "Clear data" and "Clear cache".

error 927 in play store what is it
error 927 in play store what is it

The same procedure must be done with the utilities "Google Services Framework", "Google Play services" and "Downloads".

Usually this helps in most cases. If there are no results, then move on.

Removing updates

The App Store itself is updated from time to time. And if this process is somehow interfered with, it may not install the necessary update data, as a result of which error 927 may occur in the Market. To fix this, you need to delete these update files. At the same timefree up a lot of space.

We follow the same already familiar scheme: "Settings", then "Applications", go to the Play Market and click "Delete updates" on the top right.

error 927 in the play store what does it mean
error 927 in the play store what does it mean

Now go to Google Play. Do not be surprised that he has changed a lot, he is more than able to install applications. Find what you need and download. If nothing again, there may be a problem with the account.

It is also worth considering that all settings have been reset in the app store, so if automatic updates of utilities have been disabled in its settings for a long time, the phone will be "covered" with a wave of updates. Therefore, at first it is better to disable this function if it interferes.

Google Play damaged

It is now very fashionable to get super administrator rights (or root rights) on your Android devices. But getting them is one thing, but using them is quite another. Many people get them in order to remove or disable a dozen unnecessary standard applications, and along with unnecessary ones they “demolish” Google files or the operating system.

If these important components are simply disabled, you need to enable them. If they are deleted and the app store is affected, you can try to update it or delete it completely, and then download it again through a computer or in.apk format. You can also download some analogue of the "Market" (fortunately, the Internet is full of them). If the situation is generally deplorable, you need to roll back (reset to factory settings). But before thatall data will need to be backed up as all information will be deleted.

It is worth remembering that, having received root-rights, you must always be ready to make a backup or flashing. After all, if you accidentally delete an important file or dig deeper into the developer settings, you can cause considerable damage to the operating system.

Delete account

Very often, error 927 in the Play Store and other failures occur due to problems with your Google account. This is solved simply: you need to delete this account from memory and log into it again.

Go to "Settings" again, but this time to the "Accounts and sync" section. We find the Google account there and delete it.

error 927 in the market
error 927 in the market

After that, open the Play Market, enter the data again and try to download the application. If it didn't work out, you can try to delete your account again and log in under some other one (ask someone or create a new one).

Maybe the problem is elsewhere

If none of this helped and the error 927 in the "Play Market" remained, perhaps the problem is something else. It is worth checking the Internet connection, as it may be that there is simply no Internet. If the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, there may be problems with the router or there is a network connection, but there is no Internet.

If a Firewall or antivirus is installed on the phone, it is possible that they are blocking the application from Google. To do this, you need to disable them or remove them altogether, and then tryinstall the app again.

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