How to root Android 2.2.2?

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How to root Android 2.2.2?
How to root Android 2.2.2?

Almost everyone has a smartphone. And half of them are Android devices. And, probably, almost everyone has heard about magical root rights, which give the right to do whatever they want on their mobile device. In this article, you will learn how to get root rights on Android and why they are remarkable. You just need to scroll the mouse wheel down a little and read everything carefully.

Why do I need root rights on Android 2.2.2?

Root rights are nothing more than super administrator rights. And this means that all doors are open to the user and all functions are available. That is, you can manage protected applications and operating system components. Many may wonder why do this, because the phone works well anyway.

But one has only to open the list of applications and scroll through a bit, as it turns out that there are a lot of unnecessary programs that are unlikely to ever be used. This is a search on the Internet, and a standard browser, and news with the weather, and demo games; multiple navigators. Not only do they occupy the internal memory of the device, they are also not weakload the operational one, since many of them work in the background. You can't just delete them: it's the developer's prerogative. Therefore, to get rid of everything superfluous, you need to get root rights on Android 2.2.2 (and higher).

However, do not run headlong and get developer status to remove unnecessary utilities. After all, you need to know what you can get rid of, and what is strictly forbidden to touch. Otherwise, you can accidentally remove an important system component or service, such as a keyboard, a microphone driver, or part of the OS, which may cause it to fail. Therefore, it is worth considering and weighing everything before becoming a super administrator and “demolishing” some unknown utility. But if the decision has already been made and there is no way back, then you need to know how to do it.

What to do?

Despite some risks, rooting Android 2.2.2 (and above) is not very difficult. Several programs will help with this. First you need to do some preparations, namely: set up the phone. Go to "Settings" "System" (or "Functions for developers") and check the box next to "Debugging via USB".

root rights on android 2 2 2
root rights on android 2 2 2

In addition, you need to prepare a USB cable, preferably a native one. Immediately before starting the procedure, you need to charge the phone at least 90-100%. Having done these simple manipulations, you can get root rights on Android 2.2.2.


This is a special utility designed to get developer status. It is installedon computer. The installation process is within a couple of clicks, so there should not be any special problems. It has a very clear and pleasant interface.

android 2 2 2 root rights
android 2 2 2 root rights

Download this program to your computer, then install it. We connect the phone to the PC via USB. When the PC has recognized the device, run the program. In it, click on Unroot and select the device. After that, you can start getting root rights on Android 2.2.2. You can watch the process at the bottom of the screen. The utility will offer to install a certain program, and if it is not needed, you should refuse it.

When the process is completed, you should restart your phone and evaluate the new features.


The answer to the question of how to get root rights on Android can be this utility. You don't have to worry about the version of the operating system, as it can give full access to Android devices from 2.1 to 4.0. By the way, it also gets along well with different computer operating systems, be it Windows, Linux or Mac. However, if your PC is running Windows XP, you will need to update Net Framework to version 2.0.

Install the program. We connect the phone or tablet via USB to the computer and run it. In the program, press the Root button and wait for everything to end.

how to root on android
how to root on android

After a short time, a window should appear notifying you of the successful completion of the procedure.


This utility is slightly different from the ones above, as getting root rights on Android2.2 can be used without connecting to a PC. All you need is to install it on your gadget. The only problem is that this application is not in the Play Market, so you will need to download it from the Internet as an apk file. Then dump it on the tablet and install. During installation, you will need to confirm that the application is from an unknown source.

Start the application, select "Install Superuser". Next, select the version of the superuser. The Aragorn version is the most suitable.

how to root on android 2 2
how to root on android 2 2

But if it doesn't fit, you can try others. If the process is successful, a window with the result will be displayed on the screen. We reboot the phone, use it. The convenience of this application: at any time, you can easily return everything back by pressing Unroot.


Another application for a gadget that can give a user on Android 2.2.2 root rights. Like the previous one, it is also not in the "Market", so you need to look for the apk file on other sites for "Android" applications. Install and run.

android 2 2 2 root rights
android 2 2 2 root rights

Press Root, then wait for the process to complete and reboot.

Via preboot system

There is another way to root Android 2.2.2 (and higher). You can do this by installing something like the pre-boot Custon Recovery system. To be clear, this is something like MS-DOS for a computer. You can install it through the ROM Manager application, which can bedownload from the Play Market completely free.

how to root an android device
how to root an android device

Download this utility, run it and select Install or update recovery. Select a phone model from the list or create new settings, and then select the version. We go back a step and click "Download in Recovery Mode". The device will reboot, after which the emulator will be available.

Plus this application compared to others in more opportunities:

  • gadget database management and backup;
  • download firmware to "Android";
  • create partitions on the memory card for the paging file or applications;
  • working with system permissions.

What's next?

We know how to root an Android device. Now that the superuser functions have been obtained, something needs to be done, they were not received in vain.

First you need to get rid of annoying and absolutely unnecessary programs and applications that are protected by developer rights. To do this, you need a file manager with the ability to use root rights on Android 2.2.2. "ES Explorer" is ideal for this. We go into it, find it in the folder /system//app.

ES Explorer
ES Explorer

There you can see a bunch of different applications. Everything is simple here - we mark unnecessary ones and delete them. However, you need to be extremely careful, otherwise you can lose applications or add-ons that are very important for the operating system, without which it will not work. Therefore, you need to removewhich with 100% certainty will not be needed.

If you still want to get rid of unnecessary things in order to unload the RAM, but it's scary to delete, you can simply turn off the excess. To do this is as easy as shelling pears: go to "Settings" / / "Applications" / / "All" and "Arrange by size". We click on an unnecessary system program (for example, "Search the Internet" or "Weather and News") and mark "Disable" in the upper right corner. The app will remain on the tablet, but will no longer work until it is turned back on.

Disable App
Disable App

Also, some service apps such as Battery Doctor or Clean Master can manage system apps while using superuser rights.


With root access to Android 2.2.2, you can do a lot more than just uninstall unnecessary programs. With their help, you can:

  • clear apps from ads;
  • overclock the processor;
  • increase battery life;
  • change icons, menus, desktop, etc.;
  • manage firmware and even create a new one and more.

However, to do this, one cannot do without special knowledge and skills. Therefore, if there is no absolute certainty of success, and the OS restore point has not been created, it is better not to go there, otherwise you can lose the operating system.

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