Cleaning your computer: an overview of programs

Cleaning your computer: an overview of programs
Cleaning your computer: an overview of programs

Computer cleaning is not just an operation to remove garbage, but also an important process in which the system is freed from unnecessary files. Previously, when computers had little hard disk space, such actions were only needed to create free space. Now, when hard drives have characteristics where values exceed 1 terabyte, cleaning garbage from a computer is necessary for security purposes. At the same time, such “cleaning” must be done constantly, and better - with a certain frequency.

computer cleaning
computer cleaning


Many users are wondering: "Why is it necessary to clear the computer's memory?" And he is quite logical. After all, such garbage takes up little space on the disk, and with the condition that the hard disk has more than 500 gigabytes of memory, such an operation is considered meaningless in this regard. But here the problem lies elsewhere. When the computer hasmany different programs, they leave their traces that are not erased even when the application itself is deleted. You can notice their location only if you look into the system folders or registry files. With a large accumulation of such traces, it becomes difficult for the operating system to navigate when searching. And some programs may leave not entirely positive files that can harm your computer. In any case, these files will probably never be needed again. And so they need to be removed. Cleaning your computer of this garbage will help the system to perform all processes faster. And next we will look at several applications to perform this operation.

computer cleaning software
computer cleaning software

Standard remedy

Why download and install third-party utilities if there is a standard computer cleaning program. It starts when the memory on the PC hard drive is close to zero. But you can open it yourself at any time. It is enabled through the "Start" panel and is located in the "Standard Programs" section. The advantages of such a standard utility include 100 percent efficiency and no harm to the computer. But, unfortunately, the developers did not pay attention to the settings, so the list of control options is minimized.


This application is probably the most famous computer junk cleaner. It allows you to work with registry files, browser caches, settings of other utilities, and much more. At the same time, the program interface is designed in a simple way for the Therefore, even an inexperienced person will be able to perform all the actions on their own. In extreme cases, there is a help, which explains everything in detail. The advantages of this program, which are not in the standard application, include the presence of more settings and advanced functionality. A handy feature is background deletion. In this case, computer cleaning occurs in automatic mode, where you yourself set the schedule for all actions. The pluses include the presence of a search for errors in the system registry. This function does not delete, but looks for possible violations in the system. Just before this process, it is recommended that you first create a backup restore point.

computer junk cleaner
computer junk cleaner


If your PC is running slow or your hard drive is wasting memory, cleaning your computer may help. Once again, it is worth recalling that this process must be performed not once, but at some intervals. And third-party programs save you from unnecessary trouble thanks to the background mode.

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