Basic setting of the browser "Opera"

Basic setting of the browser "Opera"
Basic setting of the browser "Opera"

To be able to view various Internet resources, you need a special program - a browser. There is a fairly large selection of similar solutions, sometimes quite significantly different from each other.

browser setting
browser setting

It is impossible to say which browser is the best, as each of them has a number of features that make it popular in certain circles of users. So, "Explorer" (Internet Explorer) from the company "Microsoft" is convenient because it is part of the Windows operating system; "Chrome" (Google Chrome) has the greatest compatibility with old and new standards; Firefox is notable for its low memory consumption, etc.

default browser setting
default browser setting

Experienced users know that browser settings must be completed before use - this will solve some issues before they arise. Today we will talk about the basic configuration of a very convenient browser - "Opera".

Setting up the Opera browser

There are two branchesdevelopment of this program, one of which ends with version 12.16, and the other is already represented by version 19.0. Let's consider the first one, made on the Presto engine, since the browser settings in subsequent versions are similar to Google Chrome. If the user is alone, then we recommend making a small change to the configuration file, thereby making Opera portable. This setting of the Opera browser will allow you to save all data when reinstalling the operating system and continue working immediately. Of course, the folder with the program should not be deleted. We believe that this is one of the most important points when setting up "for yourself." In the directory with the installed program, you need to find the operaprefs_default.ini file, open it in notepad and add the block


Multi User=0

Further browser settings are performed as follows. In a running program, you need to press the Ctrl + F12 combination and select which page to open at startup (if there are no special requirements, then specify the SpeedDial). In the "Advanced" tab, the "Downloads" item is of particular interest, where you need to specify the desired folder. Here, by unchecking the hiding types box and double-clicking on the desired extension, you can select the application that will be launched from the Opera. For example, it is so convenient to associate torrent files with a client program. In the next tab - "Programs" - the default browser is configured: by ticking the check box, you can tell the system to open all links using this application.

opera browser settings
opera browser settings

Remember everything…

The "History" tab allows you to set the cache size: the larger it is, the fewer requests the browser sends to frequently visited pages, since part of the once downloaded data is stored on the computer. When configuring, you should pay attention that if the number of addresses is more than 1000, failures may occur. On weak computers, the "Cache in memory" item should not be set too high: it is preferable to leave it in automatic mode. The "Security" tab is also of particular interest: here the user can enable or disable the protection algorithm against fraudulent Internet resources. It is not recommended to disable this feature. Here you can also select the browser refresh mode.


But by selecting "Extensions" in the main menu of the program, you can get to the page for selecting and downloading additional modules that expand the capabilities of the browser. We recommend not to ignore this opportunity, but to carefully study the list of suggestions and add the necessary modules to the program.

Reset to initial settings

Sometimes, for one reason or another, it becomes necessary to return all settings to their original form. To do this, delete the operaprefs.ini file. Its location can be determined by opening the "Help - About" item in the menu.

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