VKontakte history will help secure your profile

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VKontakte history will help secure your profile
VKontakte history will help secure your profile

Many users of the famous social network are wondering how to view the history of VKontakte. With this information, you can find out from which devices and at what time your account was online. If anyone other than you is seen visiting a personal account, you should change your password immediately. So, in order for the history of VKontakte to be available to you, you should go to the profile settings. Then you need to click on the button that allows viewing the activity.

Hack protection

vkontakte history
vkontakte history

History "VKontakte" stores information such as access type, country, time and IP address. Let's consider this data in detail. The type of access is the type of device from which your profile was visited. Options for such devices can be mobile phones, a browser, or a site that was used to authorize VK.

VKontakte activity history will help you recognize fraud if you access your profile from only one device. If you have such suspicions, pay attention to the columns "Time" and "Country". If you definitely couldn’t log in during the specified period, then the pagehacked, and all personal information can become public and be used for the mercenary purposes of attackers.

For clarification, look at the country and IP address. By this parameter, you can accurately determine from which region the account was used. But sometimes the history of VKontakte activity may not determine the hacking of the profile. IP addresses are either static or dynamic. With the first type, everything is extremely simple - it is permanent. With dynamic, the situation is more serious. It can change when the user turns off the computer or when leaving the Internet. However, if your address is updated depending on the device from which you directly access the Internet, this is a normal situation.

If you suspect that someone other than you is using your account, click "End all sessions". When you see an inscription indicating that this operation has been completed, you can relax. Now, in order to enter your profile, you will have to go through the authorization process again. After that, it is recommended to change the password to a more complex one. Also, for additional insurance, change the secret combination in the mailbox to which the account is linked. This will help if you suddenly forgot to click on the "Logout" button on a friend's computer or in an Internet cafe.

Remove everything unnecessary

vkontakte activity history
vkontakte activity history

There are two types of VKontakte history clearing:

- Deletion directly on the social network site in your profile.- Deletion of the general browser history, which is recommended to be performed periodically inwithout fail.

We will tell you separately about how to delete the VKontakte history. Let's take a closer look at the process of clearing cache memory in a particular browser. This is especially important if you log into your social network account from a work computer. It is often forbidden to visit such sites in offices, and you may have problems with management. The cache stores all the pages that you view on the Internet. If this information accumulates a lot, the browser starts to work more slowly, hang up. Therefore, it must be removed regularly. So, let's look at this process for different browsers.

Internet Explorer

how to view vkontakte history
how to view vkontakte history

Open the journal, which displays an archive of visits to various sites, including the history of VKontakte. This can be done using the "Favorites" button. It is located in the upper left corner of the window. It is in this place that all visits are displayed. By clicking on the "Service" button, you can delete this information. It is important to remember that if you clear the history, most likely, when you continue to use social networks and other sites, you will need to re-enter logins and passwords.

Opera Browser

Going to the "Tools" tab, select the settings item. By clicking on it, in the window that appears, click "Delete History". For the convenience of this procedure, you can configure the automatic cleaning of cache memory. Then you will not have to repeat this manipulation every time.

Clear cache in Mozilla Firefox

how to delete vkontakte history
how to delete vkontakte history

You should click on "Tools", then on "Settings and Privacy". In the "Personal data" column, click "Clear now". All VKontakte history related to your visits will be deleted, as well as information about browsing other sites.

These simple ways will help you use the VK service correctly. By deleting all information in time, you will be able to visit sites anonymously. Recall once again that when clearing the cache memory of any browser, all passwords and logins on the sites will be deleted. You will have to re-enter them. However, some browsers provide a setting to clear history, in which site passwords are saved. Pay special attention to this option. And, if necessary, be sure to use it. Many experts in the field of social networks recommend writing down the username and password in a separate notebook, to which outsiders do not have access.

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