0xc0000005 (error): how to fix?

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0xc0000005 (error): how to fix?
0xc0000005 (error): how to fix?

Recently, many users of the Windows operating system have encountered a problem related to the failure of the software to open files of various extensions. The bottom line is that after rebooting or turning on any personal device under the guidance of a product from Microsoft, the system completely refuses to open files and at the same time displays a window with the code 0xc0000005. The error says that the "axis" fixed the wrong memory access. She is unable to proceed further.

0xc0000005 error
0xc0000005 error

Error 0хс0000005 is not critical

I would like to note right away that the error code 0xc0000005 is not critical and is not a reason to reinstall the software with all the ensuing consequences. There can be several reasons for this kind of conflict:

  • Problems with the registry.
  • Infection of the operating system with malware (viruses).
  • Faulty or incompatible RAM board.
  • Conflict with printer driver, video card or otherperipheral device with the system.
  • Using an outdated Symantec antivirus program.
  • Updating computer software.

It is the last item on the list that can cause a lot of trouble, and the lion's share of the entire article will be devoted to it. But first, let's look at all the options in order.

startup error 0xc0000005
startup error 0xc0000005

Registry issues

The notification window "error starting the application 0xc0000005" may indicatethat the registry of the operating system has some damage that needs to be fixed. This operation can be carried out in two ways, such as:

  • Manual cleaning and debugging of the registry. It consists in correcting all errors when starting, using or incorrectly deleting any kind of programs. This method is not recommended for inexperienced users, as it can lead to a complete crash of Windows.
  • Automatic registry cleaning. It is carried out using special software from third-party developers. It helps to painlessly eliminate all the flaws in the system and optimize the operation of the OS. One of the most common utilities of this class are Auslogics BoostSpeed or CCleaner.
error code 0xc0000005
error code 0xc0000005

Infection of the operating system with viruses

This is another factor that can trigger the "application error" message. 0хс0000005 means that the system has blocked the execution of a particular command, during which theuncharacteristic for standard programs access to memory. This can only mean that malicious code has entered the computer. The method of "treating" this kind of "disease" of the system is quite simple. It is necessary to test all logical drives of a personal device using the latest version of the antivirus. The most ideal option is to scan before booting the computer. It allows you to effectively deal with malicious code.

By the way, using an outdated version of Symantec's antivirus program can also result in "error 0xc0000005". How to fix? Everything is simply banal. If the SAVRT. SYS file is additionally indicated in the window, then in this case, simply update the antivirus program. And best of all, change it to a more widespread and reliable protection system.

application error 0xc0000005
application error 0xc0000005

Faulty or incompatible RAM card

This is not a very common cause of code 0xc0000005. An error can occur both when installing a new RAM module, and when using existing boards. In this case, diagnostics using the MemTest86 utility is recommended. In the event that the test results show the presence of errors in one of the modules, then it must be replaced. However, this does not mean that the RAM is completely out of order. Often a conflict can arise due to exceeding the limit of the capabilities of the motherboard or the incompatibility of the installed parts in terms of clock frequency.work.

error 0xc0000005 how to fix
error 0xc0000005 how to fix

Peripheral driver conflict with system

Often an error when starting an application (0xc0000005) also occurs when, after updating the operating system, the user tries to start working with those programs that use peripheral devices (printer, scanner). And even attempts to reinstall programs, device drivers, or even the entire system as a whole will not give the desired result. The problem is that the default installation package contains the same user profile, which is problematic. The only correct solution is to create a new user profile and continue using it.

If the startup error (0xc0000005) occurred after updating the video card driver or other built-in hardware, then in this case, you must roll back to the old version and immediately report the error to the product manufacturer.

error 0xc0000005 windows 7
error 0xc0000005 windows 7

KB2859537 in Windows Service Pack

Now we come to the main cause of all the troubles, which no one could even think of. Imagine a situation where, after turning on or restarting the computer, the message "error 0xc0000005" occurs. Windows 7 has just been updated! At first glance, this simply cannot be, but nevertheless the fact is recorded. This is the situation that overtakes the "happy owners" of the 64-bit "seven".

The catch is that it containsBulletin MS13-063 for this version of the product contains update KB2859537 to improve the he alth and security of Microsoft Windows. And although the creators of the software unanimously declare that this miracle is not a trick to find and block "pirated" copies, but still … There are no such problems on licensed versions of the software.

Let's start in order. To remove the problem directly in Windows, you need to do the following manipulations.

  1. Go to the "Start" menu.
  2. From there you need to go to the "Control Panel".
  3. Next, go to "Programs and Features".
  4. In the window that opens, find the item "View installed updates".

Now there is little left to do. You need to find the latest security updates in the list (KB2859537 or others after which the problems started) and remove them. After all of the above, restart your computer and, following the same path, make sure that all unnecessary updates have been removed.

Sometimes it turns out that it's so easy to uninstall the above-mentioned update does not come out, and after a reboot, the code 0xc0000005 still pops up. The error has not been fixed. Don't despair right away. There is another, more complicated, but still effective method - uninstalling the update using the command line. Here things are a little different.

  1. Go to the "Start" menu.
  2. Next, open all programs.
  3. In the menu that opens, find the "Standard" folder.
  4. Activateclick "Run".

In the window that appears, type the following command: wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2859537. Pay special attention to the spelling of this line. It must be exactly as specified here, that is, with spaces before the slash. When asked if the update was uninstalled correctly, answer in the affirmative. After completing this procedure, restart your computer and check the system.

Remove KB2859537 using the installation disc

As practice has shown, this update is "survivable", and it is not always so easy to get rid of it. Perhaps the most reliable way is to eliminate it using the distribution. To do this, you need to boot from the disk, open the command line and enter DISM /Image:X:\ /Get-Packages there, where X is the drive letter on which the system is installed.

Next, copy the entire filename that starts with Package_for_KB2859537.

After that, type the command DISM /Image:D:\ /Remove-Package /PackageName:, and paste the name you copied after the colon. Next, reboot the system in the normal working order, go in and check if the update is removed.

Advice to developers

It may happen that when testing a new program, a STATUS ACCESS VIOLATION 0xC0000005 exception occurs. The error may be that the application you are developing conflicts with the DEP service. In this case, it becomes necessary to run the application in the debugger and search for a piece of code thatcauses a conflict.

application error 0xc0000005
application error 0xc0000005

And finally

To avoid this kind of trouble, you should followsome tips:

  • Immediately after installing the operating system, disable automatic updates. Although not recommended, it is quite effective.
  • If you really need to remove one or more programs, then this process must be carried out according to all the rules. Files manually deleted from the computer do not mean that the application is completely uninstalled.
  • Regularly test your "iron assistant" for malware, run programs to clean and optimize the registry.

Following these simple recommendations will help to avoid the occurrence of the code 0xc0000005. The error simply won't occur.

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