Proper software installation

Proper software installation
Proper software installation

Proper installation of software requires the presence of the installation file of the program, as well as knowledge of where and how to install the application. This presents considerable difficulties for novice users. Let's try to deal with everything in more detail.

However, let's not dramatize. With the installation of programs, problems do not arise so often, but with their removal … In a word, you should start from the other end. When installed correctly, the application creates its keys in the registry and places all its working files in a specially designated (or self-designated) directory. In addition, in most cases, file extensions that this program can work with are automatically bound.

software installation
software installation

So, dear "dummies": the correct installation of the software implies its correct removal. If you are used to going into “Program Files” and “deleting” a program you don’t need using the Delete button, then you can be called real vivisectors whodoing terrible things.

The fact is that with such a barbaric method of deletion, the OS itself simply “does not know” that some program has been deleted. What remains are associated file extension associations, tails in the system registry and “pieces” of an unlucky application scattered all over the hard drive. Of course, no one has canceled the fragmentation of the hard disk, which is rapidly increasing with this approach to administering your own computer.

program settings
program settings

However, the setting of programs is no less important. If suddenly you need "Photoshop", then think three times about whether you really need it so much? The fact is that with the right settings, the same Paint Net perfectly satisfies the needs of 97% of home users. Installing a huge, broken (do you often install licensed programs for several thousand dollars?) and complex program for the sake of mastering a couple of functions in it is simply stupid.

So what is the correct software installation? Well, it's easy. Firstly, it is better to put all system utilities and programs in the system partition (yes, the same C drive). There are more restrictions on access to folders of ordinary users, so the chance of "accidental" disappearance of program files will be less.

software installation and configuration
software installation and configuration

Favorite games by many need to be put on a separate hard drive (disk D, for example). So they not only will not take up space on the system partition, but can also be easily restored afterreinstalling the system with all its saves.

Let's move on. As we have already mentioned, high-quality installation and configuration of software implies its high-quality removal. This means that you should only uninstall the program using the Uninstall shortcut, which can be found in the application folder. So it will be qualitatively and "culturally" removed, without leaving any kind of "garbage" on your computer.

In a word, installing software is a simple, but quite responsible task, which all beginners should master.

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