What does "Plugin not supported" mean, how to fix this error

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What does "Plugin not supported" mean, how to fix this error
What does "Plugin not supported" mean, how to fix this error

When working in any software, the user may encounter some problems. some of them are not serious and are solved simply and quickly, others, on the contrary, require quite a lot of time and knowledge from the user to solve. However, in any case, it will be difficult for an ordinary user to understand all the intricacies of a computer. This article will show you how to fix the "Plugin not supported" error that occurs when you try to play some media content on the site.

What to do, how to fight, isn't it dangerous?

Every active Internet user has had a problem at least once when a plugin is not supported on the computer. It is necessary, for example, to go to some site to watch a video or a movie, but instead of a beautiful picture with the author's logo and the content itself, a terrible image with an exclamation mark pops up.

Inexperienced users are always scared. Just themfirst you need to figure out what “Plugin is not supported” means and why this happens.


what does it mean the plugin is not supported on PC
what does it mean the plugin is not supported on PC

Plugin is an extension that allows the program to use more sophisticated functionality. It is independent of the application and can be updated automatically. But the program without it may lose a number of additional options. The spam filter in Mail.ru is also a plugin.

Any plug-in can be found on the Internet. And any version and from different developers. For ready-made solutions (plugins - add-ons in browsers), all plug-ins / add-ons can be found on the official websites or in the "Add-ons", "Tools" section.

Causes of the error

How do I understand what "Plugin is not supported" means? Everything is very simple, the image does not appear if the plug-ins do not work properly. It is replaced by a window with a puzzle piece or another similar image.

which means the plugin is not supported
which means the plugin is not supported

What does "Plugin not supported" mean? Even easier. Your old hardware does not support the new plugin (browser is too old, hardware does not allow it, etc.), or, on the contrary, the plugin is too old to work with your programs. There are also bugs in the code. They usually occur when switching to another operating system.

When the question arises, which means - the plugin is not supported, you immediately want to know the answer as soon as possible. But since there can be many reasons for a problem, there are as many solutions to this problem.


Having de alt with the reasons, you can go directly to the instructions to fix the problem. Three options for correcting the error are proposed for your consideration.

  1. Update your browser. Perhaps trite, but reinstalling or replacing the browser can both solve the problem with the plugin, and, conversely, aggravate it. However, it also happens that you cannot or do not want to install another browser or another version of the program. The reason for this is the functionality in the old one, which is more convenient. In such cases, you can easily leave one browser to work, and the other for those applications that do not work with the outdated plugin.
  2. The plugin itself can also become unstable with an outdated Java client. It happens that the plug-in will work for some time, but later the next problems associated with the program processing of information will begin. With such a failure, you need to download the necessary update package. But it's best to download it only from the official site, as cybercriminals like to "sew" viruses into the program shell.
  3. Updating Flash Player. As a rule, users of social networks or fans of watching movies online face the problem of a non-working plug-in. The basis for the normal operation of both in the browser is the Flash Player plugin. Installing it is easy. The browser itself will tell you the need and even direct you to the official website of the developer.
the plugin is not supported on the computer
the plugin is not supported on the computer

But you need to carefully monitor the installer, because along with the "FlashPlayer” can also install other software. To prevent downloading/installing it, read the terms and conditions carefully.


That is, any failure related to the incorrect display of information in the browser means that the plugin is not supported. Or the system itself can notify the user about this with a special message.

There can be many plugins, you need to choose only the one you need to work with.

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