Three ways to crop a PDF file

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Three ways to crop a PDF file
Three ways to crop a PDF file

The PDF format was created to organize text and graphics content into one continuous file with an easy-to-read look. This same file can be viewed in special programs for this, but this article will not be about them. Some users are wondering if it is possible to crop a PDF file, and going forward, we can say that it is possible.

Cutting methods

First, let's look at the options for cropping PDF files. So, programs for interacting with this format have already been mentioned, and this is just the first option. With their help, you can perform many actions, but it is worth knowing that not every software can crop. In the article, we will analyze the second option, how to crop a PDF file, namely, using online services. It's much easier and you don't have to install additional programs on your computer.

Method 1: Convertonlinefree

This service is perfect for when you need to split a document into two parts. Most importantly, they are easy to use. Let's go directly to the instructions:

  1. Go to the service.
  2. Go to the "Split PDF File" tab.
  3. Click on the "Choose File" button.
  4. In the "Explorer" window that appears, select the file you need.
  5. In the "Pages in file" field, specify how many pages you want to keep. Please note that the division only comes from the first one, you cannot select a range.
  6. Press the "Split" button.

The process of cutting off the "extra" will begin. Wait for it and download a new document.

Method 2: ILovePDF

You have already learned how to crop a PDF file using the Convertonlinefree service, but it has one significant drawback - it only crops from the beginning of the document. If you want to leave only the range you need, then it is recommended to use the ILovePDF service.

  1. Go to website.
  2. Click on the "Select PDF file" button. You can also download it from Google Drive or DropBox cloud storage by clicking on the corresponding icon a little to the right.
  3. In the menu that appears, specify the range of pages you want to keep in the file.
  4. Click "Split PDF".
how to crop pdf file
how to crop pdf file

Same as in the previous method, you need to wait for the document to be converted, then click on the appropriate button to download it to your computer.

Method 3: PDFMerge

And finally, let's talk about perhaps the most versatile online service for cropping PDF files - PDFMerge. Despite thisapplication, using it is quite simple and convenient:

is it possible to crop a pdf file
is it possible to crop a pdf file
  1. Open the service page in your browser.
  2. In the "File to split" column, select a method for uploading a PDF file to the site. You can click "My Computer" and point to a file on your drive. You can, as in the previous method, do this from cloud services.
  3. Specify the pages you want to cut.
  4. Enter titles for future documents.
  5. Make additional settings.
  6. Press the "Split" button.

After that, the conversion will take place and the new file will be automatically uploaded.

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