What is Orbitum: reviews, specifications, additional features

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What is Orbitum: reviews, specifications, additional features
What is Orbitum: reviews, specifications, additional features

Each release of a new browser is of interest to some users, while others, on the contrary, feel pessimistic or even rejection. Indeed, at the moment there are more than 30 types and modifications. And they are designed to perform the same tasks. So why create new ones? What exactly do honest competitors want to achieve with their product?

Speed and extra functionality

Yes, no matter what, speed is always the top priority. Fast surfing directly affects all the actions performed by users on the Internet. It's one thing when a click immediately opens the selected site or page, and another thing is a very slow download, sometimes turning into an endless one. Do not forget about the set of individual browser functions that help you perform certain tasks.

orbitum reviews
orbitum reviews

When creating their product, the developers took into account important requirements and wishes. So, in 2013, the Orbitum browser was released. Reviews were not long in coming. Users were pleasantly surprised by the speed of work, as well as the implementation of useful innovations and additions, which will be discussed now.

New Orbitum Browser

It is impossible to say 100% that Orbitum is made as a separate product, because it is still created on the basis of "Google Chrome", or rather on its engine. But this only emphasizes the quality of the new browser, as users appreciate the work of Chrome in their reviews. Orbitum also superficially resembles its parent. Perhaps this is where their relationship ends. Now let's move on to some nice additional features.

What's new?

Of course, everyone who likes to spend their time in social networks and chats without being distracted from surfing will appreciate Orbitum in their reviews. Thanks to the built-in support for such a function as multichat, you can track your correspondence without going to the sites. Each new message will be accompanied by a sound signal, which can be turned off as unnecessary if desired. Further, continuing the theme of social networks, VKontakte users will certainly like the fact that now it is possible to design their page individually. There are many ready-made themes to choose from, but if none of them suit your taste, then you should try creating your own.

orbitum browser reviews
orbitum browser reviews

A nice feature is also the built-in audio player and radio. Now you can collect tracks from different social networks, create your own playlists and enjoy music withoutleaving the current page.

Next - download torrents. Thanks to the built-in client, you can download files directly in your browser without installing additional programs on your PC.

Not the last function is the safety of surfing and the protection of your personal information. The developers took into account this important fact, which users asked about in their reviews. Orbitum offers to create your own account. After activating it and setting a password, no outsider will be able to see your mail or the history of open pages. Also, the browser will warn you about going to a malicious site using built-in protection.

Those who want to install their favorite extensions and add-ons from the Chrome Web Store can continue to do so, as Orbitum has full support for this option.

And finally

From now on, you can follow the news of your favorite social networks and surf the Internet using the Orbitum browser not only from a computer or laptop. Now you can do all this from your mobile, as there is a version for android devices.

new orbitum browser
new orbitum browser

Speed, functionality, convenience, beauty - this is Orbitum. As you can conclude from the article, the reviews about Orbitum are positive enough to at least install it and check everything yourself. However, remember that you only need to download the installer from the official site.

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