Overview of Dolby Advanced Audio v2

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Overview of Dolby Advanced Audio v2
Overview of Dolby Advanced Audio v2

In everyday life, the computer has increasingly become the focus of our attention, and no matter what we do - watch videos, listen to music or just play games - one of the main requirements for us is sound. Even the most demanding user can appreciate the work of Dolby Advanced Audio v2, as it transforms the usual sound of content into brighter, clearer and more spacious. Let's take a look at what makes the sound so exceptional.

Program features

dolby advanced audio
dolby advanced audio

Dolby Advanced Audio was originally tied to Lenovo laptops, delivering good sound from the built-in speakers and enhancing the clarity of connected headphones. Over time, a second version of the program appeared, which can be used on all platforms and which is already optimized for stationary PCs. The program's decoder converts the sound, making it surround. From two-channel stereo it turns out5.1 format, and if the system is already configured and working with 5.1, then Dolby Advanced Audio converts it to 7.1. For your specific PC model, the program's filtering system optimizes sound performance so that even at maximum volume, no distortion will be heard in the sound.

Nice Features

dolby advanced audio v2
dolby advanced audio v2

It should be noted that the simple operation of Dolby Advanced Audio will be clear to all users. Together with the basic sound mode settings, you can fine-tune the equalizer and thus have complete control over the sound of your PC. Also, any changes you make in Dolby Advanced Audio v2 will be stored in separate profiles that you can easily switch between.


In conclusion, we can say the following: you just have to try to listen to old hackneyed songs, watch films whose sound is familiar for a long time, but with the Advanced Audio program, and then it will immediately become clear how it works, because they will sound like -new.

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