How to make a video out of a presentation: 4 ways with detailed instructions

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How to make a video out of a presentation: 4 ways with detailed instructions
How to make a video out of a presentation: 4 ways with detailed instructions

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation is a great addition to an oral presentation in front of an audience. But sometimes there are problems with its use. For example, the demo computer does not have this program. The way out of this situation is to convert to video. This article will tell you how to make a video out of how to make a video out of a presentation.

How to convert?

There are 4 ways to convert ppt or pptx files to MP4 and AVI:

  • Using the standard converter built into Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and later.
  • Third-party converters like Movavi PPT to Video Converter.
  • Conversion using online services.
  • Recording video displayed on the screen.

These methods of how to make a video out of a presentation are shareware, since applications for methods 2 and 4 cannot fully work without purchasing a license.

Method number 1. Using the built-in converter

To use this feature, you must have PowerPoint 2010 or newer installed as it is not available in the 2003 and 2007 editions. The algorithm for converting a presentation to video using the built-in converter is as follows:

  • Open a finished presentation or save the latest changes to the current one.
  • Press the "File" button and select the "Save &Send" sub-item in its menu.
  • In the next menu, change the resolution of the generated video.
  • After changing it, click on the "Create Video" button and select a folder on your hard drive to save.
first method algorithm
first method algorithm

Note: the duration of the conversion directly depends on the computing capabilities of the computer.

This is the way to make a video from a PowerPoint 2010 presentation.

Method 2. Convert with Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter

This application allows you to quickly convert your presentation to video in 3 main video formats: MP4, AVI, WMV. Such programs allow you to make a video from a presentation in PowerPoint 2007, as is often required.

Using this program is quite simple:

In the first tab, you can configure the places where the program "takes" the presentation file from and where it saves the finished video

offline converter 1
offline converter 1

The second tab allows you to change the resolution of the new videoand slide order. For the latter, there are 3 settings: manually, automatically using the converter and using the parameters of the presentation file

offline converter 2
offline converter 2

The third tab includes sound recording from a microphone. This allows you to turn your presentation into a video with music, as is sometimes required

offline converter 3
offline converter 3

The fourth tab allows you to change the video format or select one of the default settings for a particular device. iPod or iPhone, for example

offline converter 4
offline converter 4

Press the "Convert" button and do not close the new window that opens. It records the presentation along with all the transitions

conversion process
conversion process

Wait for the file conversion to finish

Note: the program is paid (1500 rubles), but you can use it for free for 7 days. But in the center of all created files there will be a red inscription Trial Version.

Method number 3. Using online conversion

In addition to stationary converters, you can use free online conversion services. One of them is called It allows you to convert many formats from one to another, not only PPT to MP4.

Used like this:

On the main page of the service, select the desired output file format from the drop-down list in the Video Converter block and click Go

online converter 1
online converter 1
  • On the new page, the path to the file is indicatedpresentations.
  • In the Optional settings block, nothing can be changed if any item is selected from the first list. Otherwise, each line must be filled with values.
online converter 2
online converter 2

Under the block with options, click on the Convert button and wait for the conversion to finish

The download of the converted file will start automatically.

online converter 3
online converter 3

Method number 4. Screen capture with Bandicam

This application allows you to record everything that happens on the monitor screen. It needs to be configured before use:

In the main program window, in the second tab, in the "Main" subsection, specify the folder where the video file will be saved. It should be on a hard disk partition with ample free space

bandicam setting 2
bandicam setting 2
  • In the "Video" subsection, a hot key is set to start/stop recording. The default is F12.
  • In the second subblock, change the video file settings using the "Templates" button. In the menu called by it, select PowerPoint.
bandicam setting 1
bandicam setting 1

After setting up the recorder, you can start recording video from your presentation. To do this you need:

  • Open the presentation and run it in full screen mode using the F5 key. To avoid clicking the mouse, you can set PowerPoint to automatically move presentation elements while recording.
  • Start recording in Bandicam and wait for the show to end.
  • Stop recording when presentation ends.
  • Check the contents of the created file.

This is the fourth way to make a video from a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Note: the application records all the sound played in the system, so you do not need to apply additional sound effects if they are in the presentation file.

The considered methods of how to make a video out of a presentation are simple enough for them to be performed by an ordinary computer user.

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