How to tag a person on Instagram and comments?

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How to tag a person on Instagram and comments?
How to tag a person on Instagram and comments?

"Instragram" is a popular photo-sharing service. This article explains how you can tag a user in a photo or comment.

Instagram. Online photo album

Everyone has long heard the word Instagram ("Instagram"). But not everyone knows what it is and why this service is needed. Some have heard that this is due to photographs, but they cannot say anything specific. Let's start our "educational program" and finally find out what it is.

What is "Instagram"?

how to tag someone on instagram
how to tag someone on instagram

"Instagram" is a mobile application available for all modern mobile operating systems. It is intended for the exchange of freshly captured photos between members of the Instagram network. You can do whatever you want with photos. Add effects, edit and crop. Prior to version 3.5, users didn't know how to tag a person on Instagram. Because there was simply no such function.

In addition, on Instagram you can follow the updates of photos of stars and idols. And, of course, friends. One has only to press a button"Follow" on the profile of the person you are interested in, and you will see all his updates. In general, Instagram is a kind of version of Twitter. Only instead of text posts there are photos and videos with comments.

How to use Instagram?

First you need to download the official application for your mobile OS. Once launched, the app will prompt you to register. We agree and register. All is ready. Now you can use Instagram. Many beginners, when uploading photos, are wondering how to tag a person on Instagram. Recently, this has become possible. You need to press the button with three dots at the bottom of the photo and select "Add People".

To add a photo to Instagram, you need to press the square button and select the photo you want to upload. Here you can also select additional photo effects. Several dozen interesting effects will make your "photo" look fashionable. Here you can also find such functions as "Tag a person on Instagram", "My Friends" and others. In order for other users to find your photos, you need to put asign in the description and add a comment to the photo.

How to tag someone on Instagram in the comments?

To mark a person in Instagram comments, you need to put an @ sign in the comment and immediately after it enter the nickname of the person you need. After that, he willa message that it was tagged in the comments.


how to tag someone on instagram in the comments
how to tag someone on instagram in the comments

"Instagram" is a pretty interesting app. It was created specifically for those people who cannot imagine their life without photos. And it's good that there is finally a feature like "Tag a person on Instagram". She added even more fans to the application.

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