Why can't I follow on Instagram? All possible reasons

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Why can't I follow on Instagram? All possible reasons
Why can't I follow on Instagram? All possible reasons

We subscribe to people with a specific goal: to find friends, to learn something new for ourselves, like-minded people of the same interests. And sometimes it is very strange to see that the Instagram system does not allow you to follow the profile you are interested in. This error occurs quite often, no one is immune from this trouble. Let's analyze the main reasons why Instagram does not allow people to follow.

Unable to subscribe

More and more social network users are facing this error. This problem is being discussed in many forums, and the participants in the discussion are trying to find a way out of this situation. So why doesn't Instagram let you follow other users? The most popular reasons for failed following will be listed below.

page blocking
page blocking

Main reasons

Many users make their pages private. The motives may be different: some protect their personal lives from prying eyes, others blog only for a certain circle of subscribers. You can subscribe to such an account, but first you need to wait for the page owner to approve your application. If he approves it, you will immediately be among the subscribers. If the application was not accepted, you will not be able to see what the owner of the closed page shares with his readers.

some bloggers close their account
some bloggers close their account

Some active users are wondering: "Why can't I follow a person I'm interested in on Instagram?" Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that you have exceeded the subscription limit. Recently, the administration of the social network has been actively fighting spammers, as well as those who are trying with all their might to get more “likes”. If the daily subscription limit has been exceeded, the system will simply set a limit and you will not be able to subscribe to other accounts. No one knows exactly how long the punishment will last: activity can be limited for several hours, or for a longer period, up to blocking the page. Therefore, you should be careful when using various programs to get likes, or better yet, completely forget about their existence.

network error
network error

There are those who ask: "I can not subscribe to Instagram, why did this happen?" Perhaps the owner of the page has blacklisted you. In this case, you will not even be able toits general information, you will see absolutely nothing.

"I can't subscribe to Instagram, for some reason it gives an error" is also one of the most common problems. This may have happened due to an unstable internet connection. If you are unable to connect to the network, contact your ISP for help, or wait for a while when the Internet speed becomes higher. Then you can once again try to subscribe to the profile you are interested in.

what does the error look like
what does the error look like

If you can't follow the account from your smartphone, try repeating the process on your computer. In any browser, log into the Instagram network using your username and password. Then find the desired page and click on "Subscribe". If the action completed successfully, it is most likely time to update the mobile application. Check if the mobile version of your Instagram is out of date and download a new one if necessary. The error should disappear.

If the desired page does not appear in subscriptions for a long time

It happens that you successfully follow others, but a certain account never appears in the list of followers. Why is this happening? The problem is relevant for private accounts. If you submit a request to view such a page and the page owner rejects it, you will have to resubmit the request. And all this time you will not be able to see this person in your "favorites" list.

As you can see, answers to the question "why can't I subscribe to"Instagram", a lot, and it is impossible to say unequivocally why the restriction was extended to you.

What to do when you want to unsubscribe, but it doesn't work

At a time when many people want to follow other accounts and get frustrated if the attempt fails, there are those who have the desire to unfollow. Perhaps the person has ceased to be interesting, or the interests of the follower have changed, and he wants to find a blog with a different topic. An attempt to unsubscribe is also not always successful. Here are just some of the reasons the system won't let you do this:

  • There was an error in the Instagram app itself.
  • Internet connection is unstable. Check your internet settings.
  • Daily or hourly limit exceeded - If you unfollow others too actively, you may be subject to a limit. It usually works within a few hours.


Experts say that blogging will become one of the most prestigious and highly paid professions in the future. After all, no computer is capable of expressing thoughts as clearly as a person does. In addition, anyone is interested in reading stories about successful people, learning something new from them, and maybe even finding a part of themselves. It is for this purpose that users of social networks, and specifically Instagram, follow each other.

Now you shouldn't have questions like "why can't I follow people I'm interested in on Instagram". There is a way out of this situation.

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