How to find out who "liked" a person on Instagram. Proven Methods

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How to find out who "liked" a person on Instagram. Proven Methods
How to find out who "liked" a person on Instagram. Proven Methods

Everyone who is trying to start the path of a blogger or has already achieved some success in this field, hopes that the content that he shares with readers will not be left without attention. The main indicator of page popularity is “likes”. “Thumbs up” is also used when they want to attract the attention of potential subscribers.

Many users of the social network are curious to know who their friends and relatives show signs of attention. So, how do you know who a person "liked" on Instagram? Everything is not as complicated as it seems at first glance.

Where can I see "likes"?

The Instagram social network is constantly improving. Developers improve the functionality of the application, fix bugs. Due to numerous requests from users, the option to view "likes" statistics was introduced. You can also get acquainted with the activity indicators through the program installed on your smartphone, or in the browser version of Instagram. In addition, there are specialized online spies, withwhich easily track “likes” marks.

see who the person "likes"
see who the person "likes"

To find out who a person "likes" on Instagram via phone, you must do the following:

  • go to "Actions";
  • open the "Subscriptions" section;
  • select a profile of one of your friends.

After that, a page with the information you need will open. If you want to follow the statistics of a user that you are not following, you first need to follow this person. After that, in the “actions-subscriptions” menu, you will see whose posts this user approves. If you're wondering who "liked" the bottom of a particular picture or video, do the following:

  • click on the desired photo;
  • click on the Like icon.

A list of users who liked this picture should appear.

How to find out who "liked" a person on Instagram through a computer? It is also very easy to do this. It is enough to go to the page of one of the subscribers, then click on the icon with a heart. Then you will see all those who "liked" your "follower".

How to track activity using spy services

In pursuit of “likes”, more and more Instagram users want to track activity both in their own and in other people's accounts. Developers have begun to pay more attention to creating online spies that will allow you to see “likes”, while people do not have to subscribe. ServicesThere are both paid and free tracking services. Perhaps the most popular is “Zengram”.

service "Zengram"
service "Zengram"

You don't need to register on the service. If you are on the site for the first time, the system will give you a chance to “scan” any Instagram account you are interested in for free. You will see all the "likes" and publications that the user liked. Then you will have to pay for the service. How to see what a person “likes” on Instagram? Scanning a page is a short process, it only takes a few minutes. When completed, you will see:

  • link to the user's page with all the "likes" from him;
  • number of liked posts;
  • marks given by this person.

Those who have already tried this service were satisfied. In their opinion, the spy displays statistics very accurately and its main advantage is that there is no need to register on it, in addition, trial analysis is absolutely free.

How to see your own "likes" left by other users

The owners of pages with a large number of subscribers often forget who they like, because it is impossible to keep all this information in your head, and there is no need in principle. After all, it is very simple to see the “likes” left by other users. All you need is:

  • login to your page;
  • click on the ellipsis icon, which will take you to “Settings”;
  • in the "Account" menu, click on the "Posts Liked" option;
  • everyone will appearentries you marked earlier.

To see who liked your posts, just click on the heart icon at the bottom of the selected photo. You will be redirected to the section where users who "thumbs up" hang.

"liked posts" option
"liked posts" option

How to hide likes

How to see who a person “likes” on Instagram, we have already figured out. But what if the user does not want the publications they like to be visible to others? And although your followers will see posts marked with a heart even if the account is closed, you can still hide “likes”. You need to enable privacy settings. To do this, in the profile, switch the “Publications closed” option slider to the active position and simply confirm this step. Now other users will have to puzzle over the question of how to find out who the person “liked” on Instagram, and specifically you.

hide "likes"
hide "likes"

From now on, only those who you allow will be able to watch your “hearts” and publications. But the restrictions will not affect “old” subscribers, unless, of course, you move them.


We told you how to find out who a person “liked” on Instagram. After analyzing the statistics, you will not only understand what information other users like, but also see what your friends are interested in and who they follow.

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