How to view a closed page on Instagram: instructions and recommendations

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How to view a closed page on Instagram: instructions and recommendations
How to view a closed page on Instagram: instructions and recommendations

So, you are interested in someone's Instagram profile. Maybe it's your first girlfriend or a new face that you just can't forget. It can be your new love at first sight or curiosity towards new acquaintances. Living in the era of social media, everyone loves to take beautiful photos in interesting places to communicate with friends and followers. You must have these social accounts too, including the popular Instagram. But how to see a closed page on Instagram?

instagram login page
instagram login page

Instagram has become the most famous social network, where millions of people are active thanks to attractive photos. But sometimes it’s frustrating that you can’t view the posts of a particular user. Some set up privacy in their account so that other people cannot see their content. Thus, no one can view certain photos of a person if they do not allow it.

If you can't view other people'spublications - this means that this user does not share photos with you and has a private account. Without a doubt, it can be very frustrating if you cannot access the pictures of the person you are interested in. How to enter a closed page on Instagram?

Types of Instagram accounts

After Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has become the favorite choice of many among social networks. There are two types of accounts on Instagram. One is for the public and the other is for private use.

In the public version, everyone can follow you and see your content. So it's pretty easy to find a person on the web and just follow them to see all the photos or activities.

Is it possible to close a public page on Instagram? To do this, you will have to change the settings and make your account private. To do this, you need to click on the "Edit profile" link, then enable the "Publications closed" option and then confirm your choice.

how to access a private page on instagram
how to access a private page on instagram

How to open a closed page on Instagram? This is done by visiting the same settings. Only in this case, turn off "Publications closed" and save the changes.

In contrast, private accounts have a few strict settings where only selected people can view the profile. Such accounts can only be viewed if the user approves the subscriber's request.

However, there are other ways to access this content. Howsee a closed page on Instagram? There are several ways to do this.

How to view private Instagram profiles?

If you want to learn how to view a private page on Instagram, check out the instructions below. There are several ways to do this. Explore each one and make your choice.

Ask the person directly

One of the easiest ways to view private pages on Instagram is to ask the person directly. Follow the basic steps below to contact the user.

If you want to follow someone or want to see that person's private photos, it's best to send a follow request. If the user has a private account, they may receive a notification that someone wants to send a message or subscribe.

view private pages on instagram
view private pages on instagram

You can also send a private message to let us know your wishes and intentions. Sometimes, if the user doesn't mind chatting with you, or if they're interested in following you, they'll approve the request or maybe follow your page. Make sure your profile is decent and impressive so that the person doesn't find reasons to reject your request.

Be sincere and real to make the user feel safe. Sometimes face-to-face interactions work. Most likely, the user will approve your request, and you will be allowed to view their photos.

Create fake ID

If youintend to browse someone's private Instagram, then creating a fake account can be a good alternative. Of course, this is unethical, but it can be a way out of the situation.

Follow the steps below to create an account that you can use to view someone's private Instagram profile. Create a fake Instagram account with a photo of a girl.

is it possible to close a public page on instagram
is it possible to close a public page on instagram

Why should the profile be female? If you want to look at the private account of a female Instagram account, then it is best to create a dummy page on behalf of the girl. Men's profiles can usually be viewed easily as most men do not save privacy settings. On the other hand, browsing women's accounts is much more difficult.

How to do it best?

After entering the Instagram page you just created, try to make it as realistic as possible. Upload real photos that match women's interests. Displaying a girl's profile photo and an attractive real biography will create chances for approval of the request to subscribers.

You can also make the account private so that the selected user wants to approve your request. Try to win his trust by all means!

entrance to private page
entrance to private page

When you are done with all the settings and basic downloads, send a subscription request to the selected person and withlook forward to an answer. If the subscription is not approved, you can also send a private message on behalf of the female account owner.

Try tools to open Instagram profile

How to view a closed page on Instagram? The last option for visiting private social media profiles is to try profile viewing tools. It should be noted right away that this can be risky.

There are a number of online tools through which you can easily view private Instagram accounts. But experts say that this is not recommended. Most of these websites are fraudulent and may misuse your personal information. These tools can be used to view hidden photos of some accounts.

how to open a private page on instagram
how to open a private page on instagram

How to use these services?

Follow a few simple steps to complete your task. How to view a closed page on Instagram in this way:

  • Go to the online Instagram profile view application (for example,,, or
  • When you visit any of these sites, you will be prompted to enter your Instagram username. After that, choose whether you want to download his photos or view them online. The choice is yours.

This method is a bit risky and may require some of your personal information. Therefore not recommendedindicate data on these sites, especially the password. After completing the basic steps, you will be redirected to your personal account, where, after logging into the Instagram page, you can download content or view it online.

TheTruthSpy service

TheTruthSpy is a well-known application designed to monitor device activity. It allows you to see the user's internal Instagram account history. To use it, you will need to download it to the device of the person you are interested in.

how to see private page on instagram
how to see private page on instagram

This is a secure method because you don't have to use unknown sites or share your information. In addition, you can view photos and even chats of a user on Instagram when a person uses this social network. When a user opens their account and shares something, you will receive a notification.

Because this service will require a download on the account owner's phone or tablet, this task is not always feasible. Therefore, the application is most often used for parental control.

It not only monitors the Instagram account, but also other activities. You will be fully aware of the person's actions in all social networks where he has an account. Not only that, you can find out when he uses accounts, how often he shares a post, who he texts and chats with, and much more. The service can even track a person's location for you to let you knowwhere he is.


All of the above ways to view a private page on Instagram can be used to view personal profiles or individual photos in them. Of course, it is best to limit yourself to the first, as this is the most suitable form. It is better to ask someone to give you access than to resort to unethical and immoral methods.

But if you couldn't resist, choose the second option. In most cases, the use of special services is not recommended. It can cause a lot of trouble.

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