How to add to a group in Odnoklassniki: step by step instructions, tips and tricks

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How to add to a group in Odnoklassniki: step by step instructions, tips and tricks
How to add to a group in Odnoklassniki: step by step instructions, tips and tricks

It happens that you have created a new group and do not know at all how to further promote it so that it attracts the attention of a large number of users. The most important thing is interesting content and a large number of participants. How to add to a group in Odnoklassniki and how to make it interesting for all invitees?

how to add a photo to a group in classmates
how to add a photo to a group in classmates

Firstly, it is very important to make the community page visually attractive. Use the appropriate design option to your taste. To do this, click on the link in the upper right part of the page, different style options will be provided there. Choose, taking into account the specifics of the created group.

Let's say the direction of the new group is humor. Then you need to choose the option that suits this category. For example, you can opt for cute cartoon monkeys. Choose the option you like and click the icon"Install". Evaluate the result, if not satisfied - repeat the procedure.

To increase the number of participants, you need to choose the most interesting material that will appeal to a large number of users. How to add interesting content to a group in Odnoklassniki?

add members to classmates group
add members to classmates group

Creating photo albums

First of all, we make a new album and add images to it. How to add a photo to a group in Odnoklassniki? Do the following:

  • click on "Create Album" and select "Photo Album";
  • enter the name of the new album and select the fields: "Show at the beginning of the list of albums" and "Allow only the administration (that is, you) to upload photos";
  • save the result.

To allow group members to add new images, checkboxes are not required.

Next, new photos are being uploaded. To add a photo, you should select the "Add photo" button, the selected images are uploaded from your computer. Each image can be accompanied by an inscription, useful information. If there are no ideas about this, leave the image without a caption and move on to adding the next one.

Mass community invite

After filling the community with interesting material, you need to start inviting participants. How to add people to a group in Odnoklassniki? The easiest option is to add your friends to the new group. To do this, click "Invite to group", this buttonvisible under the logo on the main page. After that, a window will appear, and you can send invitations to your friends. Choose who you would like to invite and click the "Invite" button at the bottom of the page.

how to add a video to a group in classmates
how to add a video to a group in classmates

How to add non-friends to a group in Odnoklassniki? The main way is to search for groups with similar topics and add potential members from them. How to do it right:

  1. In the search box (upper left side of the page) type, for example, the phrase: "Quotes of great people."
  2. In the pop-up window you need to select: "Show all results" - and a list of possible groups that match this query will appear. It is better to choose the one with the largest number of participants.
  3. You need to go to the group and select the "Participants" section. Select any member, when you hover over it, a pop-up window should appear in which you just need to click the "Invite to group" button. Repeat this when adding other members. This way you can add members to the group in Odnoklassniki.

Adding specific members

How to add certain members to a group in Odnoklassniki? To add a person to the group who is not in your friends list, you need to go to the page of the desired user, under the main photo, click on the "other actions" item, click on the "Invite to group" button. Then select the group to which you want to add this user and confirm your choice by clicking on the "Invite" item.

How do I send a group invite to a specific friend?

Alternatively, you can add friends to the group in Odnoklassniki one by one. To send an invitation to a user, you need:

  • go to the section where the list of your friends is located (on the right side of the page);
  • choose the friend you want to invite and go to his page;
  • select the "More actions" button, in the menu that appears, click on "Invite to group";
  • it remains to select the desired group and confirm your decision by clicking on "Invite".

Please be aware that group admins can prevent group members from sending invitations. Therefore, you can enable this option to deal with inviting new community members yourself. In addition, users themselves can prevent sending them invitations to add them to groups.

How to send group invitations to several friends at once?

How to add many users to a group at once in Odnoklassniki? To send invitations to several friends at once, you need:

  • under the main photo of the selected group, select the link "Invite friends";
  • mark the required users from the proposed list or select the "Select all" function;
  • click on the "Invite" button to confirm the choice.

Be careful not to get banned from your profile. There is a ban on a large number of similar actions for a certain period of time that a user can perform.

add peoplein a group in classmates
add peoplein a group in classmates

What to do after filling the community?

Now it is important to devote enough time to the group: to add useful and interesting information so that the attracted users remain in it. The process of uploading images is detailed above. You can also use videos.

How to add a video to a group in Odnoklassniki? This is not difficult. Find the Video tab located on the right side of the page and click on it. In the window that opens, upload the video from your computer, then specify its title and description.

To succeed in promoting a group on the Odnoklassniki social network, even without knowledge of the subject, you must first make it public. Proper publicity settings encourage the audience to enter the community. To do this, go to the settings and perform the following actions: for a group united by communication by thematic interests, you should allow participants to create topics and albums with the ability to upload photos and videos.

To avoid inappropriate content, please check posts before posting. Disable comments for those users who have not yet signed up.

In the future, choose one or two of the most active participants as your assistants. How to add a moderator to a group in Odnoklassniki? Go to community settings and find the "Administration" tab. In the menu that opens, select the user you need and enable the right to manage the group for him.

how to add friends to a group in classmates
how to add friends to a group in classmates

It is necessary to attract the audience with interesting information and motivate subscribers to make repeated visits to the page and site to make purchases. Post new content periodically.

Attract followers

The above are instructions on how to add subscribers to a group in Odnoklassniki. The easiest way to do this is by sending invitations. Go to "Participants" and click "Invite". There is a limit in Odnoklassniki - up to 30 invitations per day. But this is not the most efficient way. A much better effect can be achieved by improving the quality of content.

Increasing group awareness with quality content

Helpful and timely content is the best way to attract people and motivate them to follow you. These can be useful life hacks, concise guides, expert opinions and ratings, comparisons and reviews of various goods and services.

Do not forget about the timeliness of publications. You should regularly upgrade the content and do not forget about the quality of publications, making them interesting, original and unique. During the day, the highest activity occurs from 13:00 to 16:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00 in the evening. Publish messages at this time, it will be the best solution. Don't try to disguise ads as useful messages. People will get used to it and stop reading them in the feed.

how to add subscribers to classmates group
how to add subscribers to classmates group

Visibility and visualization of posts will attract the attention of users, and most likely the information will be remembered. So please complete your, infographics, photos. When compiling announcements for articles, be sure to activate the link to it, and the image from the article will be attached automatically.

Alternatively, add a separate picture. To do this, select "Create a new topic", then "Add photo". Here you upload a photo and substitute an information block, a link to the material and other content and publish it. Pictures with 640 x 480 pix format look the most impressive in news feeds.

On the benefits of hashtags

Thanks to hashtags, users find the necessary publications faster. This is convenient, they allow you to focus on the published material. Entering a hashtag is easy. To do this, expand the publications and find "Keywords". Then we write the keywords in the form of hashtags and click "Finish".

Increasing the activity of subscribers

To activate subscribers, it is best to create polls. This should be done at least once or twice a week.

To do this, open a new topic and click on the button to create a poll. Specify a question and offer several answers. Then post the post, you can also pin it to the top of the feed. It is obvious that the current topics of the surveys will cause the greatest interest. Don't forget that the topics of the survey should match your profile.

Connect with other communities

Make friends with administrators and owners of similar and popular groups. If you can build communication with people in a similar, but not competing group, thispositively influence the result. Alternatively, communities based on geographic or similar categories: when offering children's shoes, pay attention to the pages with children's products. By making friends, you will help each other in promotion. For example, you publish your ad with a repost of a friend group, and in return, he posts your posts / ads. Search for suitable communities through the search. Then look at the information about the group and take the contacts of administrators and owners from there.

how to add a moderator to a classmates group
how to add a moderator to a classmates group

Third party communities may also be suitable for posting promo posts. Of course, free mutual PR is its most profitable form. As for promotional posts, as a rule, they are paid, and then factors such as subject matter, the number of community subscribers, as well as competition between advertisers can affect the cost.

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