How to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number: instructions, methods and options

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How to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number: instructions, methods and options
How to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number: instructions, methods and options

Odnoklassniki (OK) is a popular social network used by millions of citizens from different countries. To register on the service, you must provide short information about yourself and a mobile phone number. As a rule, it is to him that the user account is attached. This is a more convenient way in case the user has forgotten their registration data and cannot access the page.

On the phone
On the phone

It is believed that recovery via e-mail is not so reliable, since such e-mail boxes are hacked too often today. When access is restored through the phone, a short password is sent to the mobile, which allows you to get into your account. But what if the mobile device is lost or the SIM card is no longer active. How to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number and is it even possible?

About service

This social network has wide functionality. Users can view each other's profiles, exchangemessages and post your photos. In addition, Odnoklassniki has the ability to play with friends and install various entertainment applications. You can join interest groups.

Since user correspondence may contain personal information, and photos are posted on the page, the administration of the service made sure that users are always protected from hacking. In addition, some even send through correspondence the data of their bank cards and accounts. If such information falls into the hands of an ill-wisher, then he can create many problems for which the service itself will have to be held responsible.

That is why it is possible to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number and mail, but you need to be prepared that this will be a long process. After all, you will have to convince the moderators that it is the owner of the account, and not the scammer, who is trying to gain access to it.

Situations in which recovery is needed

Sometimes users not only lose their password and login from their account, but voluntarily delete the page. Some suffer from the actions of scammers who hack into profiles and change registration data to them.

Service features
Service features

Since this social network has been operating for many years, some simply forget that they have already registered on it. As a result, when they try to create a new profile, they receive information that they may be the owners of the old accounts. Of course, everyone will want to regain access to their first page. But there isthe probability that during this time the phone number has already changed several times.

Sign in
Sign in

How can I restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number

This method is for those who have registered on the service for a very long time. At that time, the binding was carried out by mail, since not everyone had the opportunity to purchase a mobile device. If this is the case, then it is necessary to perform only a few manipulations. First of all, you need to go to the service and select the button responsible for password recovery. After that, you must specify the mail and wait until the letter arrives at it. It will contain a link, by clicking on which the user will be taken to a new page where he can come up with a new password.

This is the easiest way to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number. But there are situations when access to mail is also lost. In this case, the problem gets worse.

How to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number and email

In this case, you have to go the longest way. To do this, first of all, you will have to contact the site support service. Fortunately, the administration responds promptly and willingly helps to get out of a difficult situation. However, before that, you should carefully study the "Help" section. It can be found at the bottom of the page. This section provides the most frequently asked questions and their solutions.

Help OK
Help OK

Also, information on how to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number is presented on the forums inwithin the site. There, people share similar problems and suggest useful solutions to each other. It is better to study all this, because after knowing how many manipulations will need to be done, it may be decided to register a new profile, and not try to restore a long-lost account.

If you still decide to return the previous page, then you should choose feedback and write a letter asking how to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number. You can immediately ask to return access, but, most likely, this will not work so quickly. As a rule, this procedure is more serious.

Contacting support
Contacting support

Action algorithm

To restore a profile in Odnoklassniki without a phone number, you will need to fill out a special form. A link to it or the document itself will be sent by the service administrator. The questionnaire indicates:

  • Login from the old account. If the user does not remember exactly, then you need to specify at least approximate data. You can also list several options at once.
  • Personal data. Full name, age and other information must be the same as on the lost page.
  • The place of residence that was indicated during registration. Typically, this is the country and city.
  • Approximate date the profile was created. The closer to the truth, the better.
  • Link to the profile itself. Finding her is very easy. It is enough to write your first and last name in the search engine and find the page you are looking for in the search results.
  • Approximate date when the page was last seenvisited.
  • The period when the user last made adjustments to his profile (for example, changed his photo or added information about himself).
  • List of paid services that the account owner last used or connected via a social network. Additionally, you can specify the payment method and other features that may be useful.
  • Data on spouses, children and other relatives. Perhaps their pages also indicate that they are related to the user or in other ways.
  • Whether gifts were sent from the page to other users.
  • Who was the last correspondence with.
  • What groups the user was in, etc.

It is better to provide the most detailed data. All this will help you quickly recover your Odnoklassniki password without a phone number.

After some time, the application will be considered, and the administrator will ask the user to send a picture. Do not be afraid, this is standard procedure.

Photo Features

Asking through feedback how to restore deleted Odnoklassniki without a phone number, you need to be prepared for this requirement. During the dialogue with the administrator, he will ask you to take a picture and send it to him. The photo must be taken according to several requirements. First you need to open a correspondence with a service representative on the computer, sit down so that both the face and the PC monitor fall into the frame, and take a good quality picture. Text on the screen should be legible.

Service logo
Service logo

Additionally, the administrator may ask you to send a scan of your passport. As a rule, recovery occurs after this.

What problems might arise

The main difficulty is that some users provide false data about themselves at the time of registration on the service. In this case, the moderator of the service may have doubts that the person is really the owner of the account that he is trying to restore.

Today, such problems are solved due to the fact that the new user must also attach a copy of his passport. This will avoid such situations. This method is only being integrated into various services so far. But this is a necessity that will allow eliminating so many so-called fake pages in the future.

The second problem is that some people use pictures of animals, movie stars and more as avatars. If at the same time the user does not have any albums with his photos, then it will be impossible to identify the person. In this situation, it is impossible to prove your case. And the administration of the social network can be understood. What if a person sends their pictures and information about themselves, but is actually trying to access someone else's account?

If the page has been deleted

If we talk about instructions on how to restore Odnoklassniki without a phone number in this case, then it does not exist. The fact is that according to the policy of the service, they do not store user data if they themselves wish to delete their profiles. Respectively,there is simply nothing to restore, since the necessary files have also been deleted on the servers.

Account deleting
Account deleting

At the same time, accounts are finally deleted pretty quickly. Therefore, it is worth thinking several times before deleting yourself from the social network in this way. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort on recovery.

In closing

It's worth storing your passwords from social networks securely so that you don't have to suffer with recovery later. It is best to have a notebook and enter the necessary information by hand. It is not safe to store passwords on your computer, as they can be accessed by scammers. If there is no choice and you need a phone, then you can try to restore the old or lost SIM through a mobile phone salon. But, most likely, the number is already in use by another person.

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