When connecting VPN error 619: causes and solutions

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When connecting VPN error 619: causes and solutions
When connecting VPN error 619: causes and solutions

The use of high-speed Internet connections based on PPPoE and VPN technologies has recently become more and more popular and in demand among a huge number of users. However, when creating or using this type of connection, you may encounter a sudden appearance of VPN error 619. In the case of a PPPoE connection, a failure 691 also appears. Let's look at the main causes of such situations and some simple methods to fix failures in just a couple of minutes.

VPN error 619: what does it mean?

The reason for the failure is quite simple. When using VPN for PC, the system cannot connect and closes the port in use.

VPN error 619 when connecting
VPN error 619 when connecting

What is the saddest thing is that this happens automatically after a certain time of waiting for a response from the remote server. Reconnecting after a hard restart of the computer or even a system rollback tothe previous state usually does not work, and the VPN error 619 appears again and again when connecting to the VPN. Why is this happening?

Causes of failure

As the reasons for the appearance of the error, most experts usually identify two main problems. The main reason is often cited as the incorrect setting of the security system, which is precisely what is involved when establishing a connection through a VPN. For a PC, another characteristic reason can be called the disabling of services responsible for the functioning of the system's built-in firewall (firewall). And here you need to give some explanation about what is happening. Some users believe that the firewall is deactivated automatically when a regular antivirus is installed on the system. This is not the case, since disabling only affects the "Defender", and the firewall settings can be disabled either by the user himself, or "fly off" due to third-party influences (for example, the same viruses). If we consider the accompanying error number 691, then there are obvious problems with the device drivers that provide communication. We will try to give some tips to correct the current situation.

How to fix VPN connection error 619 on Windows 7 and above?

Troubleshooting Let's start with the simplest solution, which is to set the correct settings regarding the security system. Since access to the VPN network is always carried out only using a password, the primary attention should be paid just to its parameters. To do this, you need to view the list of available connections.(ncpa.cpl), select your high-speed connection, through the RMB menu, go to the properties item and move to the security tab.

Properly configuring security settings
Properly configuring security settings

In the security settings, you should use the standard setting, specifying the use of a secure password. In addition to everything, you should uncheck the mandatory data encryption option, since the description of this parameter indicates that if a mandatory requirement is set, a shutdown will occur. Upon completion of all actions, you need to save the changes and try to connect to the network again.

Activate the Windows Firewall service

Another common cause of Windows VPN Error 619 is a disabled firewall state.

Enable Firewall in Windows Configuration
Enable Firewall in Windows Configuration

You can enable it in the easiest way through the system configuration section (msconfig), where you need to go to the services tab and check the box for the corresponding applet.

Additional firewall activation method

True, sometimes it happens that in this way the service for some reason does not turn on (although it should) or turns on, but after a while it deactivates again, and the VPN error 619 pops up again. The reason for this is the disabled start parameters of the service itself.

Enabling the firewall in the services section
Enabling the firewall in the services section

In this situation, you need to call the services section (services.msc), find the firewall there, double-click to open editing options, set the start type to automaticstart, and then click the start button of the service itself. Restarting the PC is not required. Similar actions can be performed both in the registry and in group policies, but such methods look somewhat more complicated, so the above simple method will be enough for ordinary users.

Checking hardware drivers

Finally, one more additional solution, which is to diagnose network equipment. VPN error 619 is only indirectly related to device drivers, but when using PPPoE-based connections, the situation changes dramatically. As it is already clear, it is better to protect yourself from possible failures in the future and check the relevance of the modem or network adapter drivers used in the process of establishing a connection via VPN, and if conflicts or other possible failures are detected, reinstall or update the control software. It is best, of course, to download drivers only from the official resource of the network equipment manufacturer, however, to simplify the steps, you can entrust such tasks to special programs (for example, Driver Booster, Slim Drivers or DriverPack Solution Online). However, to date, no program has been created in the world that could provide a full-fledged search or would contain drivers for absolutely all devices.

Identifiers for finding hardware drivers
Identifiers for finding hardware drivers

If you are using non-standard equipment, for which drivers are rather problematic, you must use the VEN and DEV identifiers, which can be determined in"Device Manager" by searching the Internet for the driver that most closely matches the hardware. If you don't find one, you can also install compatible control software.

Antivirus problems

Finally, sometimes the connection itself can be automatically blocked by installed anti-virus programs. Often the problem occurs when using the free Avast package. To make sure this is true, try disabling the protection for a while and check if the connection will be established.

Completely disable antivirus protection
Completely disable antivirus protection

Besides, pay attention to the fact that many (if not all) antiviruses also contain their own independent firewalls, which can cause conflicts with the operating system's built-in firewall. Therefore, when disabling the main protection in the antivirus, it is recommended to deactivate the firewall as well. If the problem turns out to be in the protection tools, change the installed anti-virus program, add the connection or firewall services you are using to the appropriate exception lists.

What to do if all else fails?

If we assume that none of the above proposed methods gave a result (which looks extremely doubtful), you can act in the most drastic way. First, simply delete the connection in use using the standard Windows tools, and then re-create it by setting all the necessary parameters. Please note that very often a banal inattention of the user, who simplyforgets to top up. This is not advertised in the error message, but it can be the main reason.

What could be wrong with the ISP?

And the last thing. Quite often, the problem occurs on the side of the provider or operator. In particular, when a connection is made not to IP, but to MAC addresses, the described failures can also occur. In this situation, it is best to contact the support team, find out what the problem is and whether it can be fixed. It is quite possible that you will be given the opportunity to connect to the network not from one, but from several devices at once.

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