How to restore a page on Instagram: methods and recommendations

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How to restore a page on Instagram: methods and recommendations
How to restore a page on Instagram: methods and recommendations

Everyone who at least once deleted a profile or forgot the password with the login from their account, the question arose: how to restore the page on Instagram? There are several ways to solve this problem. Everything is not as scary as it might seem. How to get your profile back and not lose followers? This will be discussed in our article.

how to log in if you forgot your password
how to log in if you forgot your password

Restoring the profile using the phone

One of the most common ways to recover your Instagram account password is to enter a secret code from an SMS message. How to restore a page on Instagram via phone? This option is suitable when the mobile number is linked to the account. Here's what to do:

Open the page in the place where you need to enter your login and password. Click on "Help signing in".

Enter the phone number associated with your page and wait for SMS. You will receive a link in the message by clicking onwhich you can change the lost password. Just follow the link and come up with a new secret combination of letters and numbers. Using a phone number to restore a page on Instagram, as you can see, is very simple.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that sometimes SMS can end up in the spam folder. Check all messages and make sure the code has arrived. If you did not find it there, reset your account password and repeat the whole procedure from the beginning.

login methods
login methods

What to do if the page has been blocked

"Instagram", like any other social network, is actively fighting violators who send spam and other inappropriate content. If the administration believes that you do not comply with the requirements, it has every right to block your account. How to restore a page on Instagram if blocked? First you need to figure out why exactly you have restricted access. If the account was hacked or deleted earlier, then you will need to fill out an official form and send it to the administrator for consideration. How to restore a page on Instagram after being hacked and blocked? Consider further.

  1. Open the Instagram website and enter the Help section.
  2. Answer support questions. You will be asked whose page was hacked, whether you have access to the email box associated with your account. In case you cannot enter this box, please use any other box that is available.
  3. Enter the login of the blocked page.
  4. Enter the email address you provided whenregistration.
  5. You must specify what information your profile contains. If this is your personal blog, select the "This account contains my photos" option. If you don't know who entered your page and how, write “I don't know”.
blocking messages
blocking messages

Time limit

Instagram developers came up with two types of blocking: temporary and permanent. The first type is most often used. The program simply limits the user in actions. For example, for several hours or weeks, you can’t “like” and subscribe to other users. To avoid temporary blocking, the number of "likes" within 60 minutes should not exceed 65, and the number of subscribers - 60.

Eternal blocking

Administration has the right to "ban" a user without explanation and subsequently delete the page. Then the question arises: how to restore the page on Instagram in this case? This is not possible, it remains only to create a new profile. For what offenses can you get a "ban"?

  • Spam in comments and “Direct”.
  • Stealing other people's photos.
  • Trade in copies of well-known companies (clothes, shoes, etc.).
  • Using famous brand hashtags for commercial purposes.
  • Cheat followers with the help of bots (special applications).
  • Publishing pictures of erotic content.
  • Sharing other people's personal information (bank cards, ID, etc.).
  • Using the logoInstagram on your profile.

Usually a ban follows three temporary bans.

temporary blocking of the account
temporary blocking of the account

Recovering an account through a Facebook profile

Password and login can be returned if your Instagram is linked to Facebook. How to restore a page on Instagram through Facebook? Log in to Instagram. Find the "Forgot Password" button. After that, you will see various options for recovering your password. Select "Facebook" option. The service will automatically redirect you to the Facebook page and request authorization. In a special window, enter your Facebook login information. After that, the password on Instagram will be reset.

login via facebook
login via facebook

“Reanimate” the old page

If you have not used Instagram for a long time, you will most likely need confirmation via a phone number to reactivate your account. Although, when all the data is correct, there should be no problems. How to restore an old page on Instagram if you just haven’t visited it for a long time and didn’t break anything? Enter the correct username and password, no further action is required.

Appeal account deactivation

In the case when the login and password are correct, and the system does not let you in, moreover, a message appears on the screen informing you that the account has been disabled - the page may have been frozen. As you know, it is possible to restore a frozen page on Instagram by filing an appeal. Writeadministrators a detailed letter, intelligibly explain the essence of the problem in a polite manner. If the administration approves your application, you can continue using your account without any problems. In case of rejection, you will have to create a new profile.

If the account was stolen by intruders

Recently, cases of theft of Instagram pages have become more frequent. Fraudsters even extort money from the owner of the account and his followers. But even such stories almost always end well. First of all, contact the support service, tell us about your problem. The administration will send you an e-mail message, in response to which you will need to confirm your identity and that you are the owner of the stolen page. As soon as Instagram makes sure that all the information provided is true, you will receive another email with a notification that the account has been returned and you can change your password.

login problem
login problem

It is worth considering that the process is relatively long and complicated, and swindlers are unlikely to be punished. If you have a lot of followers and you value them, then follow the instructions above. If there are few publications or if the profile was created recently, it is better to register a new page.

account deactivation
account deactivation


As you can see, the profile, with the exception of some cases, is almost always recoverable. Do not commit illegal acts, if you use social networks to promote your products, do it legally. Be careful with appsaccount promotion. Having received thousands of “likes” and followers, you will draw attention to your person, but if this is done with the help of bots, the punishment in the form of a block cannot be avoided.

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