What to write about yourself on Instagram: examples, recommendations

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What to write about yourself on Instagram: examples, recommendations
What to write about yourself on Instagram: examples, recommendations

The number of users of the social network "Instagram" is growing rapidly. According to statistics, every minute more than 50,000 new photos appear in the application, as well as two new users. Instagram is constantly updated, developers expand the functionality of the network as far as possible. At the same time, competition among experienced users who want to promote their blog and achieve success in the commercial sphere, or maintain a personal account to draw attention to their person, is also growing.

New accounts appear so often that the competition becomes prohibitive, and the old methods will no longer be able to promote the page, of course, if you are not doing business. To capture the attention of subscribers, you need to work on your page, make it attractive to readers. Beautiful professional photos and videos are not so important: first of all, potential subscribers pay attention to the profile. A beautifully written profile will take you one step closer to success. This article will talk abouthow interesting it is to present yourself and your account so that it becomes popular.

blogger profile
blogger profile

Where to start

Even before creating an account, you should clearly outline the goal and decide what direction your blog will be, whether such content is interesting to readers. In any case, you must clearly understand that creating a blog requires a lot of time and effort.

If you are in business or you have some kind of grandiose project, in the "Instagram" account you will need to focus on the company's image, show your company from the best side. People who are trying to create their own brand will be different. The same applies to those who are still looking for projects and currently plan to deal exclusively with advertising.

travel page
travel page

Creating a memorable name for your account

If you are a representative of a company, you can use the brand name as the name of the Instagram profile, but the length of the nickname should not exceed 30 characters.

Special attention should be paid to the avatar. The photo should be memorable, eye-catching, but at the same time related to your activity.

freelance account
freelance account

What to write in the profile header

The header is a description of your page. The success of the blog depends on how interesting the description will be. It is necessary to use 150 characters so that "passers by" become interested and become your subscribers. If you are doingsales, you can write in your profile that there are huge discounts in your store now, it is also advisable to actively use hashtags, write a description, brand name, other resources where your store is mentioned, and most importantly, do not forget to leave contacts for feedback. You can use emoticons that fit the meaning, this will help to attract the reader's attention.

What to write about yourself on Instagram (an example will be given below)? Do not write text in two or more languages at once. For example, if your audience is English-speaking, you should only write in that language. A good sense of humor is welcome. If you know how to joke in a language other than yours, subscribers will respect you even more. Honesty is the basis of trust. The information must be true. Deception is easily revealed, but it is difficult to restore the trust of readers.

marketing consultant
marketing consultant

A brief introduction to myself

What to write in the profile of a blogger?

  • First, introduce yourself by name. This will help to establish a trusting relationship with the reader.
  • Write what you do, indicate interests. It can be travel, and even crochet.
  • If you have your own channel on Youtube or somewhere else, be sure to leave a link. This will not only attract the attention of new followers, but also help regular subscribers to always be aware of your activities.
  • If you are a person of art - a designer, artist, sculptor, you can actively use keywords like "portrait", "design" and others. Be sure to include a headerprofile link to a third-party site where your projects are published. This will fully allow subscribers to appreciate your talent.

What to write about yourself on Instagram? An example for a person planning to blog: "Irina, photographer. I write about my love for photography and nature. I capture happy moments. I get inspired here and now."

designer account
designer account

Recently, a lot of confectioners have appeared on the vastness of Instagram, who make cakes of stunning beauty and then sell their creations on the page on the social network. If you are also good at baking and decide to make money on it, in addition to the thematic avatar, you should place your contact details and the exact address so that buyers who live in the same city with you can find you.

Not everyone has time to go home to the pastry chef or shop for a cake, so home delivery is highly appreciated. Indicate that you can deliver pastries to any part of your city and be sure to add a phone number. What to write about yourself on Instagram? An example for culinary experts might look like this: "Janna, confectioner. Sharing thoughts and recipes. Making sweets to order. Only natural ingredients."

Picture Design

Owners of a company or store can place their brand logo on the pictures, advertising of new products, various promotions is welcome, but within reasonable limits. If you travel regularly and your page is littered with pictures from different parts of the world, it would be right to share your emotions with subscribers,experiences, thoughts after another trip.

A comment can be as simple as: "It's so beautiful here, I want to take you with me", the subscribers will instantly feel better, and they will look forward to the next photo reports.

animal lover profile
animal lover profile


Now you know what to write about yourself on Instagram. We have given examples above. The social network "Instagram" is a great opportunity to promote your goods and services. Here you can find everything from baby diapers to bags and clothes from famous brands. The presentation is very important, how you fill out your profile, whether your posts will be interesting to readers. A blogger must develop as a person, write interesting texts. Posts should be special, attract attention. It is important to fully reveal yourself, gain the trust of the audience. It is difficult to fit your biography and field of activity in two or three sentences, but the success of your account will depend on them.

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