Programs for design: names and description

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Programs for design: names and description
Programs for design: names and description

In our article we will consider programs for designing various objects. We will pay special attention to the description of the functionality of each. This information will be useful to novice designers and designers.

Interior Design-3D

This design software is recognized as one of the best among such utilities. It has high speed performance and a fairly user-friendly interface. In this utility, you can create the desired interior design. The program has a whole catalog of different finishing materials.

This is a professional interior design software with a modern Russian interface. The utility allows you to scale and change layouts. Directly from the program itself, you can easily send projects to print. There are built-in hints and an incredibly large set of tools that are used to adjust items.

design software
design software

Autodesk 3ds Max

Consider another 3D house design program. This utility has a large set of tools, so a specialist can easilydesign a shopping center or residential building. You can also create animated models in the program. The disadvantages of the software product are high cost, complex interface and high system requirements for installation.


This is a utility that is suitable for quick design. Even a beginner can understand the interface of the program. In this utility, you can easily redevelop the apartment, choosing the right furniture and decor items. Also in the program you can design facades, visualize interiors.

house design software
house design software

The utility provides:

  • viewing the results in volumetric form without entering into the project;
  • option to save the finished project in graphic format;
  • Russian interface;
  • convenient display of statistical information about the work performed;
  • option to print the project;
  • function of auto binding of objects;
  • a simple set of tools that allows you to design not only apartments, but also houses, land plots, etc.


There is another popular program for designing houses. It's called Archicad. This utility is convenient and functional. With its help, you can easily create three-dimensional models of houses, buildings. It does not matter what material will be taken as the basis. Like all such programs, this one also has its pros and cons. Let's start with the good.

Product Benefits:

  1. Simple and clear interface. FROMeven beginners can use the utility.
  2. It is possible to create projects in different groups.
  3. Uses a lot of information to visually connect with the user.
  4. It is possible to design not only simple structures, but also buildings with complex shapes, openings, etc.
  5. Automated document preparation system.
  6. It is possible to fix the height of the top face. This makes it easy to control the position of the openings.
  7. You can customize the set of pen and color to create drawings.

Disadvantages include:

  1. High cost.
  2. Errors occurring when transmitting information when working online.
  3. Tutorial information (mainly presented in video files).
archicad program
archicad program

Google SketchUp

Sufficiently reliable program for designing simple three-dimensional objects. The utility has a lot of advantages. But its main advantage is the almost complete absence of windows with preliminary settings. That is, each characteristic is set using the keyboard in the parameter control field, which is located in the lower right corner.

Another interesting feature is the Push/Pull tool. Thanks to him, you can "push" the plane to the side. It is convenient to create additional side walls as it moves. You can also move the plane along a given curve using the Follow Me tool.

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