Top 5 Free IP Changer Software

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Top 5 Free IP Changer Software
Top 5 Free IP Changer Software

What should be the program to change IP? It is clear that it should hide the address of the computer and your location. But anonymity is not the most important thing. The application should be convenient, without intrusive advertising, preferably free. We offer a list of the best software for surfing in incognito mode.

Cyber Ghost

One of the most reliable programs for changing the IP of a computer. Cyber Ghost has over 15 million users and servers in 30 countries. The application masterfully encrypts traffic. If you enable the service, attackers will not be able to track your personal data.

The free version has all the basic features. The program is easy and quick to install, does not require you to enter a phone number or mother's maiden name. Enough password and login. But there are certain limitations. VPN can only be used from one device and must be reconnected every three hours.

Feature of the program - creative and masterfully designed interface. After launch, the user is prompted to indicate what he intends to do on the Internet - watching online videos, surfing or downloading files. According to the choice made, the application itselfwill set the VPN parameters to optimize the connection.

program to change ip
program to change ip


An equally popular program for changing IP with a brand name in the form of a Canadian bear. The animal is present almost everywhere. On the map, screensavers, always in funny poses or doing ridiculous activities. Thanks to the efforts of designers, working with the application causes positive emotions. And sometimes a smile.

The developers have thought through to the smallest detail even the installation process. At each stage of installation, the bear cleans the fur or washes its paws. But the original animation is far from the only advantage of the application. TunnelBear has its own domain name server, provides automatic Wi-Fi security and does not impose any speed limits.

IP address changer is available in mobile and desktop versions. After installation, the user is provided with 500 free megabytes per month and one megabyte for each tweet. The only drawback is the lack of any functions other than on/off

change ip address program
change ip address program

This is a reliable Malaysian computer IP changer that has been providing VPN services since 2011. The application works on all operating systems, including mobile platforms. In the free plan, the user is provided with up to 2 GB of secure Internet connection every month. servers are located in the Netherlands, Singapore and Canada.

Privacy is a top priority for developers. After changing the IP address, the program does notsaves browser history or passwords. Users can be sure that their personal data will not fall into the hands of third parties. The company uses Google Analytics on the website. But in an official statement, the agency stressed that Google is only allowed to collect part of the IP address.

computer ip changer
computer ip changer


This is new to the world of virtual private networks. Therefore, to attract users, the service offers as much as 10 GB of free traffic. Like TunnelBear, Windscribe rewards Twitter posts with an additional 5 GB. The developers also included an ad blocker and P2P support in the free package.

To change IP, the program offers a choice of eight countries. But in the future the company plans to increase the number of servers. The disadvantage of the software is the lack of a version for the Android operating system. The app can only be installed on Windows, Mac and iOS.

The reason to start using Windscribe is to protect your privacy. When connecting, the service captures only the username (OpenVPN), the connection time and the amount of data transferred. Three minutes after the session is terminated, all information is erased.

The company does not use Google Analytics, but only Piwik's own web analytics. Registration is available without specifying an email address, but in this case, the user receives not 10 GB, but only 2. The security protection policy also applies to former customers. Windscribe truncates inactive accounts, but writing to the servicesupport, you can ask to completely delete all data.

change computer ip address program
change computer ip address program


One of the fastest programs for changing IP, which confirms the very name of the service. From English Speedify is translated as "acceleration". For maximum performance, the service uses all available connections and combines a broadband Ethernet connection with mobile 3G or 4G.

To change the IP address, the program allows you to connect to 30 servers in 20 countries around the world. The application can be used on 5 different devices. In the first month after registration, the user receives 4 GB and 1 GB for each subsequent month. Therefore, the free tariff is only suitable for surfing or working with mail, but at turbo speed.

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