Scripting programming languages: tasks, features and benefits

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Scripting programming languages: tasks, features and benefits
Scripting programming languages: tasks, features and benefits

In 1950, the first programming language appeared - assembly language. Computers then were still unintelligent children compared to modern PCs. According to the laws of Darwinism, machines grew, gained intelligence and productivity. Programming languages have evolved along with them. From low-level, they have become high-level, object-oriented. Now we have scripting or scripting languages.

scripting languages
scripting languages

What are scripting languages

High-level programming languages for writing sequences of operations, or scripts, are called scripting, scripting, or interpreted languages. These include:

  • JavaScript;
  • ActionScript;
  • Perl;
  • Python;
  • Scala;
  • R;
  • Ruby;
  • PHP.

Programming languages like C, C or Pascal are used to create algorithms, procedures, new data. Scripting tools are designed to connect existing tools. This minimizes the amount of code.

To writethe simplest program Hello, World! assembler requires 14 lines of code. C++ will force you to write 8. Almost half as much, but still long. You will have to include the header file, libraries, specify the function, and then also compile. The same thing in Python fits into one phrase - print Hello, World!. Same result for less effort, no compilers involved.

Processing speed

With the rise of scripting languages, there is often speculation in the coding community about the imminent demise of C++. More and more dissatisfied grumble at the difficult syntax and the complexity of compilation. Defenders of procedural programming argue that Python code is nowhere near as fast as C. And Perl is a language for children, unsuitable for "real" programming. But this is a myth.

Computer performance is growing exponentially. About 10 years ago, for speed, you really needed code in a programming language. Computers are now powerful enough to process Java or Ruby scripts and applications in the same amount of time.

Who needs scripting languages and for what purpose

The expansion of the Internet has spawned a caste of "episodic programmers". These are webmasters, layout designers and owners of Internet resources for whom accessibility is important. They don't have time for years of diving into the basics of procedural programming. They write code on a case-by-case basis, they need a simple syntax for JavaScript scripting and front-end development. For server-side programming, both JS and PHP scripting language are suitable.

Classic OOPimmensely proud of code implementation inheritance. This is the main argument for the world domination of the PLO in the future, but also a significant drawback. When reusing a piece of code or a separate subclass, you cannot get rid of the influence and methods of its superclass. But it is possible with JavaScript. Scripting languages provide painless reuse by embedding individual components in the overall code.

php scripting language
php scripting language


According to the popularity barometer, JavaScript ranks first. Used for web programming, creating client applications and interactive work. JS interpreters are built into every self-respecting browser, and with the advent of Node, JavaScript has been used to program servers.

Today, JavaScript is a scripting language that is used on every website. Since it works directly in the browser, there is no need to download additional software, a text editor is enough. It is a flexible language with a simple syntax, so it is often recommended for beginner coders.


The popularity of this language is inexorably gaining momentum. Python is a high-level server-side scripting language for websites and mobile applications. It has a compact syntax and is easy to read and work with. Skeptics argue that Python is only suitable for working with the web, and it was created in order to spice up static HTML. But it's not.

scripting languages are
scripting languages are

Python isn't just about plug-ins and modules. It is used in gamesdevelopment. Frets On Fire, MMORPG EVE and Online Sims 4 (1 million copies sold) were created in Python. It is used by Instagram, Pinterest, Rdio, Google, Yahoo and even NASA. Python has a low entry threshold, it is quickly absorbed and remembered. You can learn it absolutely free on the interactive platforms of Codecademy, Udacity and Coursera services.


A server-side scripting language for dynamic websites and application development. Can be directly embedded in the original HTML document rather than in an external file. More than 200 million websites are built and run on PHP, including Digg, Facebook and WordPress, Joomla, Drupal platforms.

javascript scripting language
javascript scripting language

Today, the most popular scripting languages are JavaScript, Python, PHP. Gradually win the love of Ruby, Scala and R programmers.

  1. Ruby is a scripting language created in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Until 2004, no one heard about it, until the Ruby on Rails framework appeared. Now Ruby is confidently catching up with Python.
  2. Interest in Scala is on the rise. This is the functional language used by the Foursquare and Twitter servers. You can write both web and Android applications on it.
  3. R is a tool for collecting statistical data, working with graphics and a powerful scripting language. It is a collection of classic scripting functions, borrowed from Lisp and mathematics, with a set of subroutines for analysis.


Scripting languages are trending right now, and most analystsare of the opinion that they are the future. Python, Ruby, PHP allow you to write compact and concise code with the least number of errors. Simple and clear syntax allows anyone who wants to master them and start developing.

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