Programs for communication like "Skype" for phone and computer

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Programs for communication like "Skype" for phone and computer
Programs for communication like "Skype" for phone and computer

"Skype" is a program for communication with people anywhere in the world. Supports video calls, mobile IP telephony and instant messaging. The first version appeared in 2003, and over 14 years of operation, Skype has gained more than 600 million registered users. But the growing popularity of VoIP technology has led to the emergence of applications and programs for communication like Skype. Many of them are much simpler, faster and more functional than Skype.

Why Viber and not Skype

In the world of communication and communications services, Skype has been a leader for more than 10 years. That was right before Microsoft decided to buy the company. Now users are complaining about an increase in the number of failures, instability, high traffic and the appearance of intrusive advertising. Skype also sins by spontaneously going offline, followed by a reboot, which stretches for 10-15 minutes.

skype communication software
skype communication software

ThanksWith an abundance of instant messengers and IP-telephony services on the market, owners of PCs and portable devices can choose a program for communication like Skype. The first contender as a Skype alternative is Viber. The app works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms via 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

It is also a program for communicating like "Skype" on a computer. After installation and launch, it must be synchronized with the phone via a QR or SMS code. All data and contacts will be automatically transferred to your PC account.

Popularity and features of the application

The number of Viber users in May 2017 exceeded the 100 million milestone. And soon the developers promise to conquer the budget platforms S40 for Symbian "Nokia" and Bada for Samsung. Such a step will add another 1.5 million who want to appreciate the delights of Viber.

App features:

  • provides free calls and chats between users;
  • include games;
  • public chat rooms;
  • calls to mobiles and landlines;
  • available on most platforms, including Mac and Linux.

Viber is shareware. No need to pay for download and installation. The program is freely available on the official website, Google Apps and iOS App Store. You do not need to pay for calls and correspondence with Viber users. Only when making calls to unregistered numbers - Viber Out - you will have to give money.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts started in 2013year as a symbiosis of the Google Talk messenger and the Google+ social network. It is a Skype-type chatting program for Android, Apple products and PC. Like all products of the company, using Hangouts is simple and convenient.

programs for communication such as skype on a computer
programs for communication such as skype on a computer

In some smartphones, Hangouts is installed automatically and, together with other Google products, is a regular tool. If you have a valid account, just launch the application and log into your account. The program itself will transfer and synchronize contacts from the phone book and Google mail.

For installation on a Windows PC, Google Hangouts is installed as a plugin or extension on the Chromium engine. Web communications are carried out in real time using WebRTC technology. Calls are made right in the browser window without the use of extra tools.

Based on Google's Hangouts service, it created a program for communicating like Skype on TV. With a Chromebox, microphone, camera, screen, and monitor, the user creates a meeting room. Hangouts technology also allows video conferencing for up to 30 participants.


Free Skype-type chatting software for Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android platforms. A distinctive feature is high quality video calls. The app supports group chats for up to 12 people. To add a user to a conversation, just send him a link.

programs for communication like skype ontelephone
programs for communication like skype ontelephone

OoVoo has already gained more than 80 million users. It enjoys its popularity among young people due to the ability to record video conversations and broadcast the screen to chat participants. The app also supports instant messaging, calls to landlines and web calls to non-ooVoo registered users.

Program for communication like "Skype" without the maniacally captious confirmation of accounts and creating profiles. The address of the conference room is entered into the browser line, and the user immediately joins the conversation. You don't need to download or install anything. Similarly, works on mobile devices via links.

skype chat apps for android
skype chat apps for android

The plugin was developed by Scandinavian startups for browsers with WebRTC support, which ensures image quality and clarity. How it differs from similar Skype services:

  • Video conferencing through can be broadcast on your blog or web page. Enough in the tag
';document.body.append(div_video);} function video_close(){document.getElementById('video-youtube-open').remove();}

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