Mail programs for Windows: an overview

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Mail programs for Windows: an overview
Mail programs for Windows: an overview

The fact that we have to use e-mail almost every day is not discussed. In addition to the fact that email boxes are intended for their direct functions of receiving and sending letters, the mail address is very often used to confirm registrations on some sites or Internet services. Accordingly, each user needs to have quick access to their correspondence. But what email programs should you use? Further, it is proposed to consider several tools, after describing the functionality of which any user will be able to choose the most suitable application or service for themselves.

Mail programs for Windows: main varieties

So let's get started. First, let's look at what characteristics or customizable options this kind of application should have and what they are in general.

Email clients
Email clients

It is clear that the mainthe purpose of any such program or service on the Internet is to conveniently work with electronic correspondence. In addition, when choosing a mail program for Windows 7 or for any other modification of the system, one of the most important criteria is the presence in applications of the notification system, most often associated with incoming messages. As the simplest example, we can cite the well-known Mail. Ru Agent applet, which is both a messenger and a tool for working with the Internet mail service of the same name. When launched, the client checks mail and signals that mail has arrived in the mailbox (the program uses a blinking envelope in the system tray for this).

On the other hand, mail programs can be conditionally divided into stationary and portable applications, as well as Internet mail services. After all, in a sense, they are also software applets. And for all types of email programs, you should immediately take into account some restrictions set by developers. This applies to the maximum size of sent and received messages. Additionally, it is worth checking whether the application has the ability to quickly save a message not only on the incoming message server of the provider or third-party software developer, but also in cloud storage, if Internet mail services are preferred.

Setting up mailers built into Windows: basic steps

And to begin with, consider the tools that can be used inWindows systems without installing third-party programs. Apparently, many have already guessed that we are talking about the Outlook Express mail clients, which is built into the software shell of Windows systems below the eighth, the Outlook application and the Mail client (sometimes Windows Live Mail). Previously, the first two programs recognized and configured mailboxes only for those addresses that corresponded to the provider's server. It was impossible to use boxes of mail services like Gmail, Yandex or Mail. Ru. Over time, applications have become much more powerful, and now you can connect to any mail server.

As for the basic settings, all procedures come down to correctly specifying the types of servers for incoming (POP3 IMAP, HTTP) and outgoing messages (SMTP), as well as selecting the necessary ports, the numbers of which correspond to the services used (usually 110 and 25).

Let's take a look at the basic settings in Windows Live Mail. If this software product is not on your system, you can download it directly from Windows Live. We note right away that the options used are the same for all applications and can be used for installation in third-party utilities.

So, first we need to add a registration record. As a rule, when you launch any application, the “Wizard” automatically starts, allowing you to set the necessary parameters extremely quickly and simply.

creating a registration in Windows Live Mail
creating a registration in Windows Live Mail

First of all, enter the email address and password to the box. The example shows the Yandex service(email programs, as already mentioned, now work with Internet mail services without problems).

Setting up message servers
Setting up message servers

The next step is to enter the server addresses and the required ports, as shown in the image above. It is worth noting that their numbers are standard for all services (with rare exceptions). When setup is complete, an incoming welcome message usually appears in the mail. As additional options, you can set options for saving copies of letters on the server in order to be able to view accidentally deleted correspondence.

Internet mail services

As far as Internet services are concerned, it is not necessary to use Windows programs or third party clients. Actually, each such service offers owners of registered mailboxes to download special utilities for quick access (take the same "Mail. Ru Agent").

Using these applications makes client setup even easier, since the user only needs to provide an email address, and all other options will be set automatically.

Most Popular Email Clients

Now let's take a look at the most popular email programs that occupy the top lines in the ratings. There are quite a lot of such applications developed today, and it is impossible to describe them all simply physically. Therefore, let's focus on the five most frequently downloaded utilities:

  • Opera Mail;
  • Mozilla Thunderbird;
  • eM Client;
  • SeaMonkey;
  • The Bat!.

Opera Mail

This email client is an integral part of the Internet browser of the same name and shows fairly good test results.

Opera Mail program
Opera Mail program

In setting it is quite simple, it has special anti-spam functions, custom filters for distributing incoming messages by subject, allows you to configure for several mailboxes, significantly saves traffic and shows a fairly high speed. The disadvantages include only the addition of advertising information at the end of the letter and problems with registering some types of accounts. But overall, the program looks pretty good.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Among email programs, this application is perhaps one of the best. First of all, in this client, it should be noted a reliable system of protection against spam and third-party interference, ease of settings, which should please ordinary users, support for multiple mailboxes, user-friendly interface, support for working with Windows clients, personalization when setting up visual effects and themes, the presence structured address book, spell checking and full HTML support.

Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird

It is worth noting separately that the received messages in different mailboxes can be configured so that all of them will be stored in one folder. The disadvantages include overzealous defense, which can sometimes create problems with speedreceiving or opening incoming mail. But in general, there are no complaints about the operation of the application.

eM Client

When it comes to email programs for Windows 10 and lower systems, you can't ignore this app.

eM Client program
eM Client program

The program has almost the same capabilities as the above clients, and allows you to use not only mail, but also view news with the activation of the RSS feed, but also connect additional modules for synchronization with accounts of popular messengers like Jabber, IRC, ICQ, QIP etc.

True, it's somewhat disappointing that the completely free version of the program has a limit on connected mailboxes - only two.


This application can be called one of the most stable in operation. The main advantage of this applet is that it is not necessary to install it on your hard drive - you just need to download the portable version, perform the initial setup and use it as a regular application.

SeaMonkey program
SeaMonkey program

Distinctive features of this program are: the presence of advanced tools for developers (DOM, JavaScript), as well as a built-in Internet browser, which, however, is not always recognized by Windows systems as the default one.

The Bat

Finally, we have our most popular client. Despite the fact that the program is paid, the overwhelming majority of users give preference to it.

ProgramThe Bat!
ProgramThe Bat!

Not to mention the main features, which are practically no different from previous programs, it is worth noting the security system that uses SSL / TLS encryption, which allows you to save correspondence not in the cloud on a remote server, but directly on your computer's hard drive.

App for making envelopes

Finally, a few words about the Postal Envelopes program. For the most part, it is designed to quickly create envelopes with automatic filling of all required fields based on templates and in full compliance with accepted rules and standards. Of course, the application does not deal with e-mailing, but it allows you to prepare correspondence for sending, so to speak, in the classical way through post offices. A huge plus of this application is the ability to record sent letters, for which the application has a special toolkit. In addition, this software package allows you to import information data from XLS and CSV formats with automatic address recognition.

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