Screen resolution. Debriefing

Screen resolution. Debriefing
Screen resolution. Debriefing
screen resolution
screen resolution

Screen resolution is the most common characteristic of any operating system, which every user of personal (and not only) computers is probably familiar with. This characteristic indicates the size of the image displayed on the screen of the device relative to the actual size of its projection part. Moreover, the image is measured in pixels - dots on the screen that can take on almost any color.

But don't think that it depends only on this parameter. Yes, it is undeniably important, but even more important is the technology with which the kinescope was produced. For example, if you look at the dimensions of Soviet-style TVs and compare them with the size of a monitor, you can assume that such a "unit" has impressive parameters. However, the screen resolution of Soviet televisions is small - only 240 x 320 pixels (vertical, horizontal). Needless to say, it is simply impossible to work on such a "monitor"?

program to changescreen resolution
program to changescreen resolution

Another no less important aspect of displaying high quality images on the screen is the capabilities of the video card. For some reason, almost all users think that this device is suitable only for games, but the screen resolution almost directly depends on the amount of video memory. Of course, this issue does not arise with modern video card models, but if you look into the past, you can notice many cases when the power of this card was not enough even to play a video or view photos normally.

Speaking of games. In most cases, manufacturers of gaming programs are of little interest in the parameters of the processor. But what they are chasing is the performance of the video card. After all, a high screen resolution makes the game more colorful, and the game world and characters are more detailed and look like real heroes. Therefore, if someone decides to play one of the latest games, and it at least "slows down", then you should not run to the store and buy a new processor, you should lower the video settings or simply replace the video card.

A similar guarantee applies to the manufacturers of the monitors themselves. Today, more and more video material and game programs are released in the so-called "widescreen" format, when the width of the frame is many times greater than its height, and it is not possible to change it. To bring the image on the screen to a convenient form, a special program is usually used to change the screen resolution. It is possible that the producers of bothproducts entered into an agreement (or entered into a conspiracy - as you like) and increase sales of their material in such a not entirely honest way.

ubuntu screen resolution
ubuntu screen resolution

There is also such a thing as a screen resolution that is optimal for working at a computer. As it turned out, not every size of the picture is comfortable for the eyes. For example, if for old monitors the optimal resolution was 1024 x 768 or even 800 x 600, then on modern devices you can immediately notice a complete lack of comfort.

Usually, modern operating systems (starting with Windows XP) set the optimal screen resolution themselves, but if this does not happen, then this procedure can be easily done by yourself. It is enough just to right-click on a place on the desktop that is free from shortcuts, select properties, the "parameters" tab and move the slider to the desired value. In Windows 7, this is easier: by pressing the right mouse button, you need to select the menu item of the same name.

Users of the Ubuntu operating system will not have much trouble with the screen resolution: the default values are fine. All graphics are built in such a way that they look optimal on any hardware.

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