Space Marine Orders, Warhammer 40000: list

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Space Marine Orders, Warhammer 40000: list
Space Marine Orders, Warhammer 40000: list

The Space Marine Chapters are the special military organizations of the human empire in the Warhammer universe. There are a huge number of them, and a special code has been created for them. Many of them remained unknown, while others immortalized their name in the world of constant galactic wars with the courage of their soldiers.

General information about orders

All fans of the Space Marine Orders should know that they are divided into codex and non-codex. The first category includes those groups that take on faith and blindly follow every point of the Astartes - the manual for all Legions (another name for organizations). When creating such a powerful military force, the emperor in the book introduced clear rules and created a structure of orders. The first category of organizations agreed with all the rules, and they are called code. The second accepted only a part of all the strict points, and therefore their name is non-code. Among the two species, there are legions that have earned themselves immortal glory by a huge number of feats.

order of space marines
order of space marines

Two famous codexesorganizations

Orders of Space Marines are interesting because among them there are no similar ones in terms of the principles of life and internal rules. The most famous of all the Legions are the Ultramarines, the highest level guardians of the code. Their observance of the rules goes almost to the point of religious worship, although they do have some sort of retreat in the form of a troop of veteran Space Marines. Their internal structure is reminiscent of ancient Greece, where there is freedom of speech and democracy. Rules are a means of life for them, and therefore they boldly go into battle to protect the territories of the empire.

The second no less famous legion in the list of Space Marine Chapters is the Imperial Fists. Members of this group are obsessed with discipline and character building. For them, any minor violation of the internal regulations is a reason for severe punishment with a special glove. This tool affects the pain receptors of the brain, and a person experiences incredible torment. According to the “fists”, every person must pass such tests, because only pain makes you stronger. For this reason, many volunteer to wear these gloves.

warhammer 40000 order of the space marines list
warhammer 40000 order of the space marines list

"Crows" and "Salamanders"

In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the list of Space Marine Chapters is incredibly long, but none of them can be compared in guerrilla warfare with the Raven Guard. This is a small legion, and its low popularity is due to mutations that sooner or later occur with each member of the squad. Their skin becomes incredibly pale, and their hair witheyes are completely black. All secret operations, sabotage wars on enemy territory are carried out by this order. Despite the pigmentation of the skin, they are excellent at camouflage and remain invisible in the right situation.

The Order of the "Salamander" is completely different from the ravens in its statute. They like direct combat, but only at long range. Their genetic code contains a slow reaction, and therefore they even make weapons personally for their fighters. Lizards respect fire and often use it in combat with thunder hammers and flamethrowers. Their differences are in the black skin of soldiers and humanism towards the common population. Civilians are scorned by other Chapters, but the Salamanders are aware of their need for protection in operations.

warhammer order of the space marines
warhammer order of the space marines

Angel Orders

All Space Marine Chapters have stories, but one of the most tragic stories is the Dark Angels. This order remained codex only on paper, because few people know about the existence of the secret organization “Death Wing” inside it. Its creation was due to a split during the galactic war and the Crusades. Many traitors have broken away from the organization and are hiding in the universe. Members of a secret group track them down and kill them. The presence of many secrets and secrets within the organization made all members of the Legion distrustful with signs of paranoia.

The Order of the "Red Angels" has also earned itself a bad reputation, which is associated with the problems of the genetic code. The soldiers of this organization love the aesthetic approach, but the influence of genes is beyond their mind. To create a new member of the legion, it is necessary to inject blood with a particle of panarch into it, which is stored in special tanks. On the battlefield, angels often succumb to two detrimental effects: Red Rage and Black Rage. The first, in the heat of battle, makes you lose control of yourself, and the second, with echoes of the past, brings the mind to the brink of madness.

order of space marines warhammer 40000
order of space marines warhammer 40000

Famous non-codex orders

In the Warhammer universe, Space Marine Chapters may have a strength of a thousand, as the code ascribes, but the Space Wolves have completely abandoned its rules. They have thirteen companies in their composition, each of which has up to four thousand fighters. This huge force is controlled by an old warrior named Logan Grimnar. For "wolves" the concepts of honor and valor are paramount. Their peculiarity of the gene code gives the bodies the features of animals. Thanks to them, they reject the effects of Chaos and have increased flair.

The second known non-Codex order is the Black Templars. These soldiers were formerly members of the Imperial Fists, but decided to abandon the rules of the order and continue their independent struggle against all enemies of the Imperium. They are masters of hand-to-hand combat and excel in any terrain. Their hunting in fleets of 5-6 thousand never stops. Constant movement is explained by the lack of a personal base. This armada is commanded by Grand Marshal Helbrecht.

list of orders of space marines
list of orders of space marines

Third category of orders

In the world of Warhammer 40,000 ordersSpace Marines may also have a controversial status. Among these, the most famous are the Relictors and the Legion of the Damned. The former received this status due to their craving for Chaos artifacts. When the Inquisition found out about this, the head of the legion was executed, and other members of the army were sent on a redemptive campaign. Later, this conflict only intensified, the order was excommunicated from the community and almost destroyed by the Gray Knights. The rest fled outside the empire.

The Legion of the Damned is the remnants of the Firehawks organization. They come to the aid of other Space Marines in the most difficult moments in the form of spirits. All this is due to the psychic impact mutations that occurred after the Warp Explosion. Most of the "hawks" then died or became mad, and the survivors acquired such abilities.

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