Warhammer universe: what to play?

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Warhammer universe: what to play?
Warhammer universe: what to play?

Video games based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe have been released for many years, but none of them has managed to gain much popularity. What is the reason? As often happens with such projects (created on the basis of something cult and large-scale), only a small part manages to demonstrate playability, an interesting story, or maximum proximity to the setting.

At the same time, the situation is actually not so deplorable, and every fan of the Warhammer universe will be able to find a game to their liking. The main thing is to understand existing projects.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

The "Dawn of War" trilogy is rightfully considered the best representative of Warhammer's real-time strategy games. The plot of the first part (which was released in 2004) revolves around the confrontation between the Blood Ravens and the orcs who settled on the planet Tartarus. The game received three story additions with new races and units.

Universe "Warhammer": what to play?
Universe "Warhammer": what to play?

In five yearsfans got a sequel - "Dawn of War-2". The story continues to focus on the Blood Ravens, who this time arrive at Meridian to clean up the mess. Players now have the ability to travel between multiple planets and experience an entirely new race of tyranids.

The final part of the Dawn of War trilogy was released quite recently, in 2017. Traditionally, the game has a story campaign consisting of 17 tasks. The main innovation of the trilogy was that this time "Dawn of War" could be played on behalf of three different parties to the conflict: the side of the Space Marines, the side of the Orks and the side of the Eldar.

Space Hulk: Deathwing

A fun co-op adventure based on the hit board game Space Hulk. The game, unlike the original setting, presents a rather narrowly focused scenario: the player controls a squad of space marine veterans, the so-called terminators (you can identify them by the tactical armor of the dreadnought), who need to clear the ancient spaceship from the invasion of the ferocious Genestealers.

Universe "Warhammer 40000"
Universe "Warhammer 40000"

From a visual point of view, Deathwing came out great, fans of the Warhammer universe will also like the atmosphere of the game. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the gameplay component of the project. The pace turned out to be measured and very monotonous, while neither the tree with unique abilities, nor the availablearmor and weapon modifications.

Space Marine

The next game in the Warhammer universe is a 3rd person action game about the Space Marines. The player will have to join the Ultramarines to fight such powerful forces as the orcs and the adepts of Chaos. In battles, there is an alternation of long-range and lower battles, each of which is unique and effective in its own way. Also among the advantages of Space Marine are very convenient controls and the presence of a good combo system.

An important part of the gameplay is devoted to upgrading the hero and changing combat styles. Space Marine has everything you need for a good and exciting action: a diverse arsenal of weapons, various upgrades and armor, as well as many individual combat and defensive skills.

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach

Games in the universe "Warhammer"
Games in the universe "Warhammer"

According to many fans of the Warhammer universe, Sanctus Reach is one of the most successful attempts to adapt the iconic board game for personal computers. Players can spend time immediately following several exciting story campaigns that incorporate the best features of the original. The environment and combat figures are made in a pleasant "tabletop" design. The gameplay includes an interesting pumping of units with a complete change of weapons. In addition, Sanctus Reach will please all fans of turn-based strategies with complex tactical options and, of course, the ability to play in multiplayer.

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