Programs for "Macbook": an overview of useful and necessary programs

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Programs for "Macbook": an overview of useful and necessary programs
Programs for "Macbook": an overview of useful and necessary programs

"Macbook" is considered a useful enough work device to perform not too costly (in terms of resources) tasks. Most often it is used either for working with text, or editing video materials, or for not too "heavy" programming. This article will tell you what programs can be installed on your MacBook at the first start, as well as how to do it.

Installation process

It is worth starting the material with this, so that the user does not waste time looking for a description of this process. There are two ways to perform the procedure here. They are presented below.

Working with.dmg format

To install programs on your Macbook, you must use this type of software. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Download the.dmg format installer from the internet.
  • Double-click on it with the right mouse button. The process of mounting the disk image will start.
  • Next, the application is necessarydrag it to a folder called "Programs".
  • The copy process will start. You need to wait for it to finish.
  • After that, you need to unmount the disk image. The corresponding button is located to the right of the name.
  • Now you can delete the macbook program.dmg file.

Using a brand store

Apple store logo
Apple store logo

This is the easiest way to install various software on your macbook. The principle of operation is as follows:

  • go through the process of creating a personal account;
  • start AppStore;
  • find the entertainment or office software you need;
  • open the information section and click on the buy button.

Now you can move on to the list of useful utilities.


BetterTouchTool logo
BetterTouchTool logo

This software is required to expand the functionality of the touch mouse and trackpad. With it, you can register additional keyboard shortcuts and gestures using multiple fingers and bind the necessary commands to them. It is also possible to customize the work with windows. It is worth noting that this is a fairly useful program for the Macbook. It's also completely free.

However, there is one big drawback. This application is quite complex. It will take a long time to figure it out. Alternatively, you can use Magnet, which costs 75 rubles.


One of the bestprograms for Macbook. Its main task is to remove obsolete files from the device that clog space. Thus, the optimization process is carried out. Another useful feature is the launch of some system processes. Thanks to this, "Macbook" will work much faster and with fewer problems.

CleanMyMac also gives the user the ability to perform a clean removal of unnecessary applications, without using the recycle bin and throwing unnecessary files around the system.


Useful office program for "Macbook", which allows you to automatically change the keyboard layout, in case of writing text in the wrong language. And the text that has already been typed will be converted to the required form. The utility allows you to perform a number of useful settings that will simplify the work of typing. Among them:

  • choose a combination to switch layouts;
  • run software at system startup;
  • setting special situations in which the layout should not be switched;
  • select supported languages.


TeamViewer logo
TeamViewer logo

One of the most useful programs for Macbook and other operating systems. It allows users to remotely access (subject to providing data) to another device and perform various manipulations with files and software.

It will be extremely useful for beginners who do not know much about "Macbooks". ATIf a question arises, it will be enough to provide another user with a password and ID (which change once a day). And then he can show you how to perform the necessary procedure.


This program for "Macbook" is a local torrent client. Its benefits are:

  • ease of use;
  • simple, clear and at the same time very informative interface;
  • compactness.

An alternative to it will be a fairly well-known utility ╬ťTorrent.

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver logo
The Unarchiver logo

Without this program for "Macbook" it becomes quite hard to work. This software is a universal alternative to WinRar popular on the Microsoft Windows operating system. The utility works with formats such as:

  • ZIP;
  • RAR;
  • CAB;
  • EXE;
  • MSI;
  • PKD;
  • XMS;
  • SAR;
  • NSA and others.

Inside there is a rather convenient function that allows you to send the archive to the trash immediately after unpacking it.

VLC player

Extremely convenient and pleasant to use player for a particular operating system. The program does not require the installation of many different additional codecs and is able to play videos directly from the Internet. Great for watching long YouTube videos.

The utility has a large set of functions, settings and options.

KasperskyInternet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security company logo
Kaspersky Internet Security company logo

Compliance with the basic rules of safe surfing on the Internet is not able to protect you from various viruses that penetrate the device along with various software. This has become especially relevant now, during the period of popularization of cryptocurrency mining. Some programs have been "planted" with a special code called a "miner", which uses the power of your computer to extract the resource mentioned above.

To increase your own security on the World Wide Web, you should use the notorious "Kaspersky anti-virus". The license for this software will cost you RUB 1,200 for 12 months.

The program can neutralize malware, provide protection from webcam surveillance, and block browser search history.

However, recently its popularity has been declining due to the fact that checked files have become infected, and viruses are introduced into the system completely unnoticed (tested in practice).


Is an alternative to the standard program for "Macbook" Spotlight. It can be used if, for some reason, the preset option is not suitable for work.

Among the functions of the free analogue are present:

  • doing quick calculations;
  • search for the required file on the Web;
  • finding any image or text that has been copied before.

It is also worth noting that this software has a self-learning function. And after a short period of time, it will give priority to those search results that match the preferences of the user.

Dr. Cleaner

A minimalistic version of the Dr. cleaner
A minimalistic version of the Dr. cleaner

Another program for Macbook from the optimization section. It is perfect when you need to remove various unnecessary or inconspicuous elements from the device disk. It also clears the computer's cache, temporary files, and everything left after uninstalling any programs or applications.


This utility allows you to carry out quality management of all applications installed on your device. The functionality of the program includes such features as:

  • time to place and remove app shortcuts in the menu;
  • hide programs that need to run but you don't want to see in your workspace, and more.

The first four weeks are free.


A peculiar alternative to the Microsoft office package. It is a set of programs for working with texts and tables. There is also a utility for creating presentations. In general, there is everything you need to complete standard tasks or implement simple projects in your studies.

On new computer models (released after 2013) this set is installed free of charge. But on older devices, you will have to pay 1,500 rubles for eachprogram from the package.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro logo
Final Cut Pro logo

The editor is popular among those whose job is to edit or edit video clips. It is very expensive - 23,000 rubles. (because it is an Apple product), however, a fairly large functionality and a high level of ease of use are worth it.

If you have the financial ability, but you are in doubt about choosing an editor for your video, then you can use the trial mode for 30 days.

You can use iMovie as a free alternative. It comes with new computers, but has significantly less functionality.

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