CDA format - opening and converting to other file types

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CDA format - opening and converting to other file types
CDA format - opening and converting to other file types

Before the computer began to be used as the only equipment for playing music files, a special format CDA - Compact disc Digital Audio was created to listen to laser discs on players, radio tape recorders, audio players and other similar technical devices. It allowed the equipment to easily find the desired track and play it.


Unlike the more familiar MP3 and WAV formats, a CDA file is not a collection of bit-encoded musical information, but only a link to an audio track that is on a CD. Thus, during playback, any playing device, including a personal computer, simply opens the CD package and finds the required track. Being in fact only a link, the CDA file format has a small weight, which does not reach even one kilobit.

How to play

If there is a CD in the drive, the computer will easily find and open music tracks that have the CDA format. For these purposes, you should use a variety of programs that can be downloaded absolutely free of charge, as well as standard players of the operating system. If the computer does not play the format specifiedsoftware, you need to additionally install audio codecs that will help the device recognize and read the file.

cda format
cda format

To play this format, depending on different operating systems, you may need different programs.

For Windows OS:

  • iTunes;
  • Real Networks Player;
  • Video LAN media player;
  • Windows Media Player;
  • Winamp Media Player;
  • J. River Media Center.

For Mac OS:

  • Apple iTunes;
  • Real Networks Player;
  • Video LAN media player.

For Linux OS:

Video LAN VLC media player

However, there is no point in copying these files, because they are just shortcuts, and they will not be played without a media. The music track stops playing immediately after ejecting the CD from the optical drive.

cda file format
cda file format

In order to save data on your computer, you should use a special program such as CD Ripper, Exact Audio Copy, etc. This software can convert files to the more familiar MP3, WAV, WMA, etc. formats. Such programs are small in size and a fairly simple interface that even an inexperienced user can figure out.

Creating a virtual image

In order to get high quality music files without compression, which is used when converting to MP3 and WAV formats, you should create a virtual laser disc image. This can be done usingspecial programs such as Alcohol 120%, Nero, DAEMON Tools, etc. This software creates an exact copy of a laser disc and can run it directly on a computer at any time without the need for a storage medium. To do this, run the program with a laser disc inserted into the optical drive, select the required option and follow the instructions. Before launching music tracks, you need to make sure that the created image is placed in a virtual drive.

How to make CDA format

Changing the data type is easy. To convert music files to CDA format using a computer, you need to use the same emulator programs mentioned above. They will copy the data and place it as needed directly on a blank CD. After that, the laser media can be used in players, music centers and other similar equipment that does not always read popular computer audio formats. This is especially true for older models of technical devices.

how to make cda format
how to make cda format

CDA format is a special type of music files that can be played using a variety of playback devices. In order to copy the necessary data directly to a PC, you need to use special programs that will convert the information or create its virtual image.

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