Passage of the first part of the game "Dorian Gray Syndrome"

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Passage of the first part of the game "Dorian Gray Syndrome"
Passage of the first part of the game "Dorian Gray Syndrome"

"The Edge of Consciousness. Dorian Gray Syndrome". This is the name of the game, released in 2011. The game is a quest genre, where at each level you need to solve different puzzles. This is the only way to reach the end and find out the final game. Many players have problems with the passage of "Dorian Gray Syndrome". In this article, you will learn what you need to do to complete the levels.

game dorian gray syndrome walkthrough
game dorian gray syndrome walkthrough


The first levels will tell you the beginning of the story of the game "Dorian Gray Syndrome", as well as teach you how to manage. As with all games of this genre, in the beginning everything is pretty easy. In the first room, you should take a guitar tuner and a billiard ball. Next, examine the left door, and enter the right one.

Mini guitar game

In the next room, you should examine the closed box. Next, find the guitar case andinstall there the item taken in the previous room. A mini-game will start. In it, you need to turn the pegs down until the tuner lights up green. To solve this problem, you should do everything in the following order: third right up 3 times, second right down 5 times, top right up 2 times, top left down 1 time, left in the middle up 4 times and the last turn down 3 times. Next, just pick up the key.

Hidden Object List Minigame

Next, use this key to open the cabinet and pick up the flashlight. Return to the previous room and enter the door on the left side.

It will be dark in this room, use the flashlight to find the switch and turn on the light. We click on the shelf with toys, it is located on the right side. You need to find all the items from the list. See the photo below.

Answer to the riddle
Answer to the riddle

After completing this mini-game, you will receive a gear. It must be used in the corridor, namely, installed in the far door. Next, you will enter the next room of the game "Dorian Gray Syndrome".

Password mini-game

Here we take a mop and an empty bucket. Next, enter the door on the right. There we take a screwdriver and read the medical history. This should be done in order to better understand the history of the game. We leave the room back and enter another door. Then turn right again.

Here we take a billiard ball. It is recommended to read an excerpt from the newspaper. Don't forget to bring a hairdryer. You need to find a safe in the room to start the mini-game. Helocated above the fireplace.

In this mini-game, you must enter a code that can be found in the protagonist's diary or in sound recordings.

Now just enter the code, and you will be given the next unique item - a mechanical eye. We return to the dressing room.

How to find the exit to the surface in the game "Dorian Gray Syndrome"

Here you need to use a hair dryer to examine the mannequin's head. If you yourself didn’t guess, then here’s the answer for you: just dry your head with a hairdryer, there will be scissors there. We take them and return to the corridor with a scorching tunnel.

In this room you will need the mechanical eye you found. It should be applied on a device that reads data from the eye. We enter the door that opens on the left side.

Here we read a note for understanding the game "Dorian Gray Syndrome". Next, take the solvent and one of the mosaic fragments. In total, there are 7 pieces scattered throughout the game. Now, using a screwdriver, unscrew the bolts on the panel and cut two wires with scissors. We pass into the room with the elevator. Here we take the handle from the radio and rise to the surface.

On the surface

We approach the well and take a shovel. Together with a shovel we go to the destroyed arch. She is in front.

dorian gray syndrome game
dorian gray syndrome game

In the next location we find the second fragment of the mosaic and the second handle from the radio. After that, we return to the technical room, in which the radio should be repaired. To do this, simply install the two found handles in place. You need to turn the knobs until the red light turns on.button. We take the key and return back to the well.

There we find the door to the right of the well and open it with the key. In the basement, we start a mini-game with a search for objects. For finding all the items you will be given a drive belt.

dorian gray syndrome game
dorian gray syndrome game

We pass forward and get into the location with the entrance to the garage. In order to open it, you should lubricate the cover with solvent. After the rust disappears, open the lid and install the newly found belt. A red button will appear. We press it and get into the garage. Then the second part of the game will begin.


The game "Dorian Gray Syndrome" is designed for an audience that wants to reason and think in games. That's why they invented this genre of games. You should first try to solve the riddles yourself, and only after that turn to the passage of the game "Dorian Gray Syndrome".

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