Why does my computer slow down? Basic Options

Why does my computer slow down? Basic Options
Why does my computer slow down? Basic Options

It happens that after a long use of the computer, it begins to brazenly freeze. This could be due to completely different reasons. He got too old, the stars didn't align properly, and so on. If the hardware is not very old, but it is still stupid, then only an unscrupulous and inattentive user is to blame. Friends very often ask why the computer slows down, so it was decided to write this article in order to eradicate this problem once and for all.

why does my computer slow down
why does my computer slow down

The easiest and most effective way is to call a professional. But, as a rule, this is a rather expensive service. This is especially noticeable in large cities. If you are not a fan of throwing money away, then you will have to do everything yourself.

First of all, you need to find out the reason why the computer is stupid. Most often, there is only one problem, but if measures are not taken in time, then there may be several. It is necessary to diagnose the computer, and this can be done using the Everest utility. Through this software, you need to check the temperature of the central processor. Most users do not pay due attention to this, andThe computer starts to overheat. If the program shows a temperature of more than 50 degrees, then it is worth checking the coolers (fans). Did they get dusty? Will have to clean up.

stupid computer
stupid computer

Pollution is one of the biggest reasons why your computer slows down. Before cleaning, turn off the power to the system unit and individual elements. And start taking out the trash. You can clean the computer with a vacuum cleaner, but in no case with a damp cloth!

Besides internal pollution, the problem may be that the registry is dirty. This happens when you install or remove something. You can remove unwanted objects using the CCleaner utility. The program is free and very simple. In general, with its help, you can do a lot. It removes unnecessary and obsolete objects, but don't worry, your personal files won't be lost. Only if you don't click on format hard drives. All in all, CCleaner is a “must have” program for everyone.

Why is my computer freezing? Because it doesn't have enough RAM. All software becomes heavier over time and requires more attention. Buying RAM slots is optional, especially if you have a laptop. It is enough to increase the paging file. You can do this along the path: "Control Panel" - "System" - "Advanced" - "Performance" - "Settings" - "Advanced" - "Virtual Memory" - "Change" - "Custom Size". Set the value to either what is written in the recommended one, or such thatwill exceed the specified value by 2 times, then click "Confirm".

It often happens that autorun is overloaded, and this is another reason why the computer slows down. You can clean it in the already notorious CCleaner program.

clean the computer
clean the computer

To avoid freezes, the system disk should contain only system files. That's why it's called that. This means that nothing else should be there. All your movies, music and other necessary files must be stored on another local drive. The only exceptions are programs and games that you install.

I hope now you will not have a question about why the computer slows down. Take care of it and don't install everything. And if your PC is more than 10 years old, then this is a reason to change hardware.

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