Kaspersky's disinfecting utility

Kaspersky's disinfecting utility
Kaspersky's disinfecting utility

Developed in the Kaspersky Lab, the Virus Removal Tool is considered one of the most effective tools for detecting and treating computer systems from malware, adware, worms, trojans, rootkits.

healing utility
healing utility

The healing utility has many advantages that make it popular in the user environment:

  1. The program is distributed free of charge and is freely available on the Internet.

  2. The healing utility has a clear interface and is easy to use.

  3. When using it, you do not need to remove the antivirus that is installed on the computer, since there are no conflicts between these programs.

  4. The utility is based on both signature and heuristic analysis, which allows you to find unknown viruses that are not in the signature databases.

  5. Infected files can be disinfected.

  6. If the infected system does not boot normally, the healing utility may beinstalled after booting into safe mode.

  7. After collecting information about the OS, the program creates scripts that can be used for manual treatment.

curing utility of kaspersky
curing utility of kaspersky

Along with its advantages, Kaspersky's disinfecting utility has a number of limitations. Firstly, it does not protect the system daily online, but scans and disinfects files only on demand, and is deleted after a single use.

Secondly, the program's databases are not updated, so for each next check and treatment of the system, you need to download a new version of the utility. In this case, the old version must be deleted.

Specialists of the laboratory, founded by Kaspersky, provide the curing utility without any additional service: they do not consult users if they have technical questions about its use. Help can only be obtained from the fan club forum.

In order to install the Virus Removal Tool, you need at least 80 Mb of hard disk space on your computer. Now you need to download the utility on the website of its developers, after selecting the language. The download link always offers the latest build of the program. When the download is completed, an executable file will appear, the name of which will contain the assembly version and the date of the relevance of the databases - this will be the date of the day of download.

Then you need to run the executable. After unpacking from the archive, the curing utility will be installed and launched after a while. In the window that appears, you must agree to the terms of the contract,check the box and then click "Get Started".

kaspersky healing utility
kaspersky healing utility

In the next window, you will be prompted to check the system for viruses by clicking "Start scan". By default, only critical sections will be scanned, which is recommended for the first run.

When the check of critical areas is over, you can proceed to the study of the entire hard disk, for which you need to open the scan settings window by clicking on the "Gear" icon. In the "Scan area" column, check the boxes next to all disks, and in the "Security" section, you can leave nothing changed.

By default, when a virus is detected, a window appears in which you need to specify what action to perform. With a large amount of information on the hard disk, the check will take a long time. To make it easier for yourself, in the "Actions" section, check the box "Perform actions" and check the sub-items "Treatment" and "Delete if it is impossible to treat".

After setting all the settings, you should return to the "Automatic check" section and click "Run". The results of the check can always be found in the "Reports" column.

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