We treat the Vkontakte virus

We treat the Vkontakte virus
We treat the Vkontakte virus

Today, a terrible virus is roaming the Internet, blocking access to the Vkontakte.ru website. The symptoms of the appearance of this computer disease are the same for everyone. When you try to enter the site, your page does not open, supposedly the site administration offers you to register in the system using SMS activation. The “administration” explains this measure as a forced action to combat spam mailings. And there are users who naively believe these statements and send SMS, hoping to receive an access code, but this access is still not there. But as soon as you enter your own phone number, you will receive an SMS asking you to send a response. Don't do this.

Vkontakte viruses
Vkontakte viruses

This trick is the intention of the scammers. Reply SMS will be paid, and you will lose some amount of money that is on your phone account. In such a brazen way, scammers manage to earn a living.

Dear users, remember, the administration of Vkontakte.ru will never ask you to send SMS to restore your account! Well, if they blocked the account for spam, then it's forever. This whole story is aboutthat your computer has been infected by the Vkontakte virus.

Vkontakte viruses
Vkontakte viruses

So, roll up your sleeves, look for the pest in the computer. Look closely at the address of the site from which SMS activation is required, and you will see that this is the address of a copy of the Vkontakte.ru site, and not the real one.

As a rule, you need to look for a Vkontakte virus by opening the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file, where it replaces the vkontakte.ru or vkontakte.com address with another one. When you get to the hosts file, open it with a regular text editor and delete all lines if they mention the Vkontakte site. Be sure to save your changes. Please note that you need to open the hosts file, but in no case hosts.txt. Everything in it that hints at maliciousness, delete without regrets and save the result. This should work, and there is hope that the Vkontakte virus will be destroyed. By the way, DrWeb antivirus detects this problem and fixes it.

remove vkontakte virus
remove vkontakte virus

If, after the work done, you still cannot get to the Vkontakte website, and the hosts file is cleared by you, it follows that your computer is infected with some kind of hidden virus that you could not find. He, most likely, sat down in the system and can again restore deleted files. This situation leads to the fact that the Vkontakte virus can be eliminated only by treating the computer as a whole. This cannot be avoided.

You can try to remove the Vkontakte virus in the following way: click "Start ->Run", write "cmd" (without quotes). When the console window opens,write "route -f" and restart the computer.

If all our tricks have not led to anything and the hosts file is restored again, we make one more attempt, for which you need to use the "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" super program, which can be downloaded for free on the Internet. After installing it, be sure to update and scan your computer. Vkontakte viruses should be detected, and other problems will emerge along with them. Ruthlessly delete everything found.

We hope that such an unpleasant virus will not infect you anymore, and you will enjoy spending time on Vkontakte!

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