Bookmarks in Mozilla. How to recover from failures?

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Bookmarks in Mozilla. How to recover from failures?
Bookmarks in Mozilla. How to recover from failures?

The Mozilla Firefox web browser is one of the best browsers for modern computers. It's fast, reliable, and not as gluttonous as Chrome in terms of RAM. In addition, the developers of this miracle completely abandoned the leaky and terribly outdated Adobe Flash Player plug-in, which also adds interest to the program. However, even this all-round positive browser is not immune to failures. And most often, with such unplanned crashes, the user's bookmarks, which he carefully saved up for months, suffer. The weakest point is the bookmarks in Mozilla. How to restore them in a couple of clicks? We'll talk about that.

A little about the browser

Mozilla Firefox uses a Chromium-based engine. However, unlike the same "Chrome", it is characterized by less consumption of RAM. With what it is connected - it is not known. The browser supports all kinds of add-ons and extensions. Among the most popular are AdBlock ad blockers and its alternatives. Default web browserno flash player. However, the user can install it himself. At one's own risk. Also a very interesting thing is the bookmarks bar in Mozilla. It is much more functional than the similar one in Chrome.

how to recover bookmarks in mozilla
how to recover bookmarks in mozilla

It should be noted that the Mozilla browser is the second most popular. In the first place is the notorious "Chrome". However, in the segment of Linux-like operating systems, this particular browser is number one. Linuxoids clearly know a lot about safe surfing. Be that as it may, even Firefox is prone to crashes. And you need to know how to restore your information if something happens. In the meantime, let's see how to add a bookmark in Mozilla. This is also very useful information.

Add bookmarks

Some novice users get a little lost when they see the updated Firefox interface. Yes, and old users can not always understand what is where. The redesign brought a lot of new things to the browser. So, how to add a bookmark in Mozilla? It is very easy to do this. All you have to do is type in the site you want in the address bar. When the desired page is fully loaded, you will need to click on the asterisk in the address bar. All. Bookmark added. You can see for yourself - there is nothing supernaturally complicated in this.

how to bookmark in mozilla
how to bookmark in mozilla

However, adding a bookmark is not so bad. Finding it later is the main problem. And here the new design of "Firefox" will show itself in all its glory. In oldversions were simple. But here you need to open the menu, go to the "Library" item, select the "Bookmarks" sub-item, and only there, in the "Recently added" section, you can find the desired item. Agree, that's another quest. For a more comfortable search for bookmarks, it is better to add frequently used ones to the panel. It will be easier. And now consider the question of how to save bookmarks in Mozilla.

Save bookmarks

There are several ways to perform this operation: make a backup (backup copy) or save as an HTML file. Let's consider both options. So, first we need to open the bookmark management tool. To do this, go to the menu, select the "Library" item, the "Bookmarks" sub-item and look for the text "Show all bookmarks" at the bottom of the menu. We need him - we click on him. A window will appear in which you can manage these items. How to save bookmarks in Mozilla using this tool? Yes, very simple. Go to the "Import and backup" item and select the "Create a backup copy" sub-item. Then choose a location to save the file. By the way, the file will have a purely "Mozilla" extension. It will not work with another browser.

how to save bookmarks in mozilla
how to save bookmarks in mozilla

If you just want to change your web browser and you need to transfer bookmarks, then you need to save them in some universal format. Firefox has this option too. Already familiar to us, we go to the dispatcherbookmarks. Only with its help you can create a backup copy. We select the already familiar item "Import and backup copies" and click the sub-item "Export bookmarks to HTML file". Select the desired directory and click on the "Save" button. After performing all these actions, the bookmarks will be saved as a universal HTML file that any web browser can open. Even as buggy as "Internet Explorer" from "Microsoft". Such are they, methods of saving any bookmark in Mozilla. How to recover information? The answer to the question will be in the next section.

bookmarks bar in mozilla
bookmarks bar in mozilla

Restoring from backup

So let's assume that you have successfully backed up your bookmarks. But then the browser crashed (this often happens on Windows) and everything disappeared. That is, not all, but only bookmarks in Mozilla. How to restore them? Very simple. We follow the familiar path to the bookmark manager, then select "Import and backups" and click on the item "Restore backup from" - "Select file". Select our bookmark backup and press the OK button. All. Your bookmarks have been restored.

how to get back bookmarks in mozilla
how to get back bookmarks in mozilla

If the user did not create a backup

You can tell that this method only works if you have a bookmark backup file. But no! How to restore bookmarks in Mozilla without a backup? Browser developers have taken care ofcareless users. Firefox creates a backup copy of the user's bookmarks every day. A backup is also created after adding new bookmarks. Therefore, you can restore content even without the notorious separate file. Just in the "Import and backups" item, select the "Restore backup from" sub-item and select the desired date and time.


So, we've looked at bookmarks in Mozilla. How to restore them, we now also know. The most valuable thing about this browser is that you can restore them even if the user did not create a backup copy. And now who's to say that "Mozilla" is not number 1?

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