Best bookmark manager review

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Best bookmark manager review
Best bookmark manager review

With the increase in the number of web browsers, the number of bookmarks in them also grows. Probably, everyone faced the problem of sorting saved pages. Bookmark managers can easily handle this.

What for?

Do you often encounter confusion in your browser? We spend a lot of time on the Internet. All the time you have to deal with cool articles, useful material and working resources. In order not to lose it, we “throw” everything into bookmarks. So we end up with tons of saved pages that even bookmark managers can't seem to handle.

bookmark managers
bookmark managers

But sorting confusion is not so bad. It happens that the web browser crashes or there are problems with the operating system. In addition to just cool and interesting services, we may lose pages with information that is important to us.

In general, to prevent this from happening, many synchronize their browser. It takes a little time. It is enough to register and work with the program. This is also beneficial if you use, for example, Opera not only on a PC, but also on a smartphone and tablet. Naturally, surfing the Internet with a gadgetalso accompanied by saving pages. To keep them all in one place, you can link devices together and synchronize data. This will allow you to view bookmarks from a smartphone that has been saved to a PC, and vice versa.


As mentioned, the number of browsers is growing rapidly. But the most popular is still Google Chrome. At the same time, this web browser is considered young compared to the rest, since it began its work in 2006.

The famous Internet Explorer has long lost its primacy. In addition, with the release of Windows 10, it was renamed Microsoft Edge. Due to constant errors, “crashes”, “crashes” and other problems, no one needs it. The developer even went so far as to not allow Windows 10 users to change their default browser at first.

Another no less popular service is Opera. Many underestimate it, although it is very convenient to use. Works since 1996. This year, its market share figures fell again and reached 3%. With respect to the same Google Chrome, this is a disastrous fall, since the latter, despite the decline, still accounts for 54% of the entire market share.

firefox bookmark manager
firefox bookmark manager

Mozilla Firefox is also a famous web browser. Appeared in 2004. This year, it fell short of 15% of the market share. It is the second most popular freeware.


Of course, each of the aforementioned browsers has its own bookmark archive. It can be synchronized so as not to lose. ButStill, the bookmark manager is considered a more comfortable tool for this business. Depending on the interface and functionality, you can visually view and manage saved pages in it.

It's not easy to review bookmark managers. There are a huge number of them now. Moreover, some are represented by independent programs, some - in the form of extensions or plug-ins.

We will review:

  • Universal
  • Bookmark Manager.
  • V7 Bookmarks.
  • Linkman.
  • Bookmarks Organizer.
  • Bookmark OS.

This list goes on and on, but here are the most popular bookmark managers for all browsers.

It's worth saying right away that this application has a fairly familiar set of functions. The service exports and imports bookmarks, allows you to add and delete them, share them on social networks, etc. But the tool has several features that allow us to claim that we have the best bookmark manager.

bookmark manager for all browsers
bookmark manager for all browsers

We are talking about cross-browser compatibility and synchronization. Wherever you are, whatever device you use, whatever browser you connect, you will always find an archive with your saved pages. All the necessary data "arrive" to the user from the cloud instantly. developer thought about the user and his preferences. Therefore, plug-ins for various web browsers are more than enough. To make the process of use pass quickly, it is enoughinstall the tool in the desired browser and register.

In addition to cool and useful features, there is also joy for the visuals. You can switch to visual bookmarks, form them into groups by topic. This way you get a clear organized structure and logic. To all this, there are also design themes.

Bookmark Manager

This is a bookmark manager for Chrome. It was released back in 2014. A very handy tool for those who are tired of the dull bookmarks of this browser.

The manager is an extension that is easy to install and easy to use. Once the extension becomes part of Chrome, an asterisk will appear in the toolbar. Now, when you need to save an interesting article, you can click on it.

After adding, a preview and description of the site is available to the user. Here you can specify the place where to save the bookmark.

V7 Bookmarks

This is a bookmark manager for Opera. Available for download as an extension. Finding it is easy. You need to click on the "Menu" in the browser, then go to the "Extensions" section. There, in the search, enter this name and click the big green “Install” button.

best bookmark manager
best bookmark manager

This manager is pretty easy to use. However, it has many features. Can move one or more objects. Exports the tree of saved pages to an HTML file. Performs a quick search for the desired site. Handles standard requirements for similar tools: copy, delete, add, modify, export and import.


This is a standalone utility that can work with many popular browsers, including: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera. This tool does not look as bright as, say, the Chrome version, but it is very functional and useful.

The manager saves, organizes, checks and makes notes on the right resources. To make the work efficient, a database is involved.

Bookmarks Organizer

This is Firefox's bookmark manager. The tool can be installed directly from the browser itself. It is presented here as an addition.

bookmark manager for chrome
bookmark manager for chrome

The interface is simple. If you are looking for a bright and memorable tool, this is better not to use. But if you need a practical assistant, then Bookmarks Organizer is perfect. It is simple, not pretentious, understandable and useful.

Bookmark OS

The last thing worth mentioning is another manager for the Google Chrome web browser. The entire structure of the saved pages is clearly organized. The service interface is nice. There is also a visual component. For example, a bookmark can be displayed as a screenshot of the site itself.

Saved pages are easy to search, add, delete, move, send and do whatever you want. You can group them by labels or folders. The manager's algorithms are configured in such a way that it independently offers you the desired folder based on previously made saves.

bookmark managers overview
bookmark managers overview


Managerbookmarks - a useful service that will help you deal with the confusion of the working panel of your web browser. It organizes work quickly and uses pages efficiently.

The choice of instrument is very large. The only problem is that you get lost in the variety and beauty of these extensions.

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