Best cloud storage: rating

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Best cloud storage: rating
Best cloud storage: rating

According to statistics, people are increasingly ceasing to keep their files on PCs and other devices, giving preference to the so-called cloud storage. It is understandable, because in this way you can not only free up space on your hard drive, but also not worry about the safety of data if something happens to your computer.

Due to such a hype, the number of "clouds" is growing day by day, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose really high-quality services from all this variety. However, this article will help you make the right choice. Here you will find a cloud storage rating, which presents all more or less worthy resources. Moreover, the services are arranged in ascending order of their volume, so you can evaluate them by this criterion as well.


This cloud storage is one of the oldest of its kind. Whenthe concept of "cloud" was not even used in computer terminology yet, Dropbox was already working with might and main. Thanks to such a vast experience, the developers - the creators of the service were able to perfectly set up its work, as well as take care of ease of use.

Dropbox cloud storage
Dropbox cloud storage

Alas, but this is where the pluses of Dropbox end. For registering in this cloud storage of files, you will receive only 2 GB for free, which is very small compared to the nearest, even not so famous competitors. However, the available volume can always be increased by inviting friends via a referral link and sharing information about the service on social networks. In addition, no one bothers you to buy additional gigabytes for money.

Another disadvantage of Dropbox is the slow upload/download speed. This is especially critical if you regularly work with large amounts of information. It is recommended to use this cloud storage for photos, music, documents and other small files.


For registration in this service you will immediately be given 5 GB of free space. Of course, this is not such an impressive amount, but not 2 GB, as is the case with Dropbox. Moreover, by inviting your friends through a referral link, you can increase your disk space up to 25 GB for free. The rest, alas, is only for money.

Cubby is developed and supported by LogMeIn. This is not the last company specializing in the creation of all kinds of network products for business. Simply put, youyou don't have to worry about the fact that one day the Cubby cloud storage will close and your data will be irretrievably lost.

By the way, earlier registration on this service was not available to all users. The fact is that those wishing to join the project had to first receive an invitation from people who already use Cubby. Then, due to the emergence of a large number of competitors, the administration revised its policy and allowed everyone to use the service.


IDrive cloud storage provides 5 GB of free space. At the same time, the developers of the service promise to ensure maximum safety of your files even if they are deleted from the local computer.

Cloud storage iDrive
Cloud storage iDrive

Separately, it is worth noting the IDrive Express service. Its essence lies in the fact that the administration undertakes to physically restore the disk on which your data was stored, if the medium is damaged in any way.

If desired, the amount of free space available in IDrive can be increased up to 2 TB. True, such a pleasure will cost you more than 50 dollars. Not a very good solution, especially considering that there are free cloud storage with a large amount.


Not everyone knows, but this service from Microsoft was created back in 2007. True, then it was known as SkyDrive, and it received its current name only in 2014. All OneDrive users get 5 GB for free, but if you upgrade to 50 GB, you'll have topay 72 rubles a month. Plus, you'll get a 1TB bonus for purchasing Microsoft Office.

Of course, the main advantage of OneDrive cloud storage is its integration into the Windows 10 operating system. Thanks to this, you can quickly upload files from your computer to the "cloud" without having to install additional software.

Also, OneDrive service will be appreciated by owners of smartphones based on Windows OS. In this case, you can synchronize the storage on your phone and computer so that you can access the files you need at any time and from anywhere.


MediaFire cloud storage available for free is 10 GB. This resource was primarily created for storing media files (videos, pictures, music, etc.), therefore, according to the administration, it is optimized for working with them.

MediaFire cloud storage
MediaFire cloud storage

The advantage of the service is the availability of separate programs for computers and mobile devices. However, this can also be counted as a minus, since the version of the download manager for PC does not work quite correctly and users have to work with files through the project website.

Another negative thing about MediaFire is the abundance of ads. While using the service, you will continually stumble upon ads popping up from all corners, and other delights flashing before your eyes.

Yandex. Disk

Domestic project, which is a cloud storage with a user-friendly interface and fast speed. To register for the serviceit is enough to create an email on the Yandex website, after which you will get access to a remote disk with a capacity of 10 GB. There is also a referral program, thanks to which you can receive 512 additional MB for each invited user, up to a maximum of 10 GB in total.

In addition, the administration of the Yandex company periodically holds contests from partners, by participating in which you can get hold of additional gigabytes of available space. The conditions of such promotions are constantly changing, so do not forget to follow the news.

An additional advantage to Yandex. Disk is the ability to integrate the service into programs from the Microsoft Office package. In addition, you can synchronize the storage with a digital camera and a smartphone, and even get 32 GB of storage for this (however, only for 6 months).


This file storage service is considered one of the most popular in the world. According to the site Alexa, he was ranked 82nd in the list of the most visited Internet resources. However, after mid-2017, 4shared's popularity waned somewhat due to the emergence of many worthy competitors.

Cloud storage 4shared
Cloud storage 4shared

By registering on the project website, you will immediately receive 10 GB of disk space. Then, after confirming your email, you will be credited with an additional 5 GB. Unfortunately, this is where the ways to get hold of free storage space end.

The 4shared interface is very reminiscent ofstandard "Explorer", familiar to all users of the Windows operating system. Thanks to this feature, even a person who decides to use it for the first time will be able to understand all the intricacies of resource management.

Also note that according to the rules of the service, you must conduct at least some operations with your account at least once every 180 days. Otherwise, all your information stored on the 4shared resource may be permanently deleted.

Google Drive

This service is rightfully considered one of the best cloud storages. What can I say, if its creator is Google, known for its thorough approach to all its projects.

Unsurprisingly, Google Drive is linked in one way or another to Gmail (email), Google Docs (online documents), Google Sheets (sheets) and so on. For example, if you create a document in Google Docs, it will automatically be placed in the cloud storage, where you can easily edit it without having to download it to your computer.

You get access to Google Drive immediately after creating a Gmail mail. The administration will allocate you 15 GB of free space for free. At the same time, Google holds a promotion every year, thanks to which you can expand the amount of storage. The essence of such events is quite simple: you agree to check the security of your account and receive free gigabytes for this.

It is also possible to sync Google Drive across multiple devices. So, you can easily upload files to the "cloud" from your computer, andthen, if necessary, download them to your smartphone or tablet.


Now it's time to move on to the heavyweights. The first large cloud storage that is free to use is called Hubic. Here, after going through a simple registration procedure, you will receive 25 GB of available disk space. Few? Then invite just five friends through a special link and immediately get another 2.5 terabytes. By the way, your referrals will also not be left without gifts. For following your referral link, they will receive 30 GB, so the offer is mutually beneficial.

Hubic cloud storage
Hubic cloud storage

Otherwise, Hubic is a quality service with a user-friendly interface. By the way, when you add a file to this storage, two more backup copies of it are automatically created. This reduces the chance that you will lose valuable information to a minimum.

File uploads are fast, support is fast, and security is top notch. The disadvantages include perhaps the lack of the Russian language, but this problem can be completely solved with the help of a translator.

Cloud Mail. Ru

Another cloud service from domestic developers, supported by the well-known company Mail. Ru. After signing up to create an email, you get 25 GB of storage. Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the amount of available disk space.

Earlier, Mail. Ru held promotions, thanks to which it was possible to acquire vaults on100 GB and even 1 TB. But now there are no more such events. However, it is possible that the administration will someday hold the same action, so do not miss your chance.

From the features of "Cloud Mail. Ru" we can highlight the integration into e-mail. So, for example, when you receive a letter with attachments, you can immediately upload files from it to the data warehouse. There is also a special version of the service for smartphones. This program automatically sends all photos from your device to the cloud storage if you have high-speed Internet.


This service provides all its users with 50 GB of disk space for free, and even more eminent competitors cannot boast of this. In addition, all files placed in the cloud storage are immediately encrypted. This means that even the administration of the resource will not be able to access your information without permission. However, if necessary, you can open certain files for your friends using special keys.

Cloud Storage Mega
Cloud Storage Mega

As you probably already understood, Mega developers are responsible for the security of their customers' information. So, having placed any files in this cloud storage, you can not worry about their safety. Plus, we can note the intuitive interface and fast speed.

Like many popular resources, Mega supports smartphones and tablets. The portable version of the service is in no way inferior to the desktop version, so feel free to use it.

Yunpan 360

And the title of the largest cloud storage goes to the Chinese service Yunpan 360. For registering in this project, you will receive 36 TB of disk space. Yes, it's really not a typo, the administration will give you 36 terabytes for free.

Here it is worth saying that it is for registration that you will be given 10 TB, but you will receive the remaining 26 TB by installing the application on your smartphone. If this is not enough for you, you can also invite your friends to the service and receive 512 MB for each of them. But that's not all! The administration holds a daily lottery, by participating in which you can win additional volume for your virtual storage.

Well, now about the shortcomings. The most significant of them is the lack of support for the Russian language. Or rather, there are no other languages \u200b\u200bbesides Chinese. Fortunately, folk craftsmen have already managed to concoct a Russian-language guide for registering and working with the project, so if you follow it completely, you will be able to use this wonderful service without any problems.

So which service to choose?

This review of cloud storage comes to an end. If you still can't make up your mind, try one of these helpful tips:

  • It is better to immediately decide how much information you are going to store in the "cloud". If you only need to upload photos or some other small files there, then you should not bother with complicated registration on services such as Yunpan 360.
  • It's also good to know if you want to install a companionprogram provided by the administration of the resource to your computer. If not, then you should pay attention to services with the ability to upload files through a browser. For example, Google Drive and Yandex. Disk meet these requirements.
  • If you do not need additional protection for your data, then you should choose a simpler storage. It is very strange to use the Mega service with encryption and other security measures in order to store photos of your cat.
Choice of cloud storage
Choice of cloud storage

And finally, no one bothers you to register in several cloud storages at once. This way you will not only increase the amount of disk space available to you, but also be able to separate all your files into separate categories and store them on different resources.

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