Voice input - what is it?

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Voice input - what is it?
Voice input - what is it?

Man is constantly creating new ways to make his life more comfortable and convenient. This is manifested in everything - everyday life, life, work. One of the latest innovations has been voice input, which has become actively used by users around the world.

What is this?

Voice input is a kind of replacement for standard keyboard input. Data is received using the device's microphone, converted and displayed as plain text.

voice input
voice input

This technology is especially relevant for people with disabilities or those who constantly have to work with large amounts of text. As a rule, these are copywriters, writers, translators.

Tools for voice input

Special software is used to recognize speech and convert it to text. And among its leaders, one can note funds from the Internet giants Google and Yandex.


Google voice input is integrated into almost all of the company's products. This includes search, Google Chrome browser, Android operating system, Google Docs. This is very convenient - having learned how to use voice input in one technology, you can successfully apply it inother.


Voice input in this operating system is available out of the box in many versions. You can activate it through the settings menu "Language and keyboard" or "Language and input". After that, in almost all places where there is text input, whether it is typing SMS or a text editor, a microphone icon will appear. Clicking on it will start the recording process, after which the system will take some time to recognize and return the result.

It is worth noting that this functionality is available offline on some latest versions of Android. True, for this you will have to download a small archive for the desired language.

Another important point - if the user is not satisfied with regular voice input, you can always install a third-party one.

Google Chrome and Google Docs

Voice input on a computer is available using the Google Chrome browser. Just like in the Android OS, when you visit the Google website, you can see the microphone icon in the search bar. It allows you to record sound and search for the desired object on the network, without typing from the keyboard.

voice input on computer
voice input on computer

A more advanced version is used in the Google Docs online document service. In addition to typing, the functions of moving through it, formatting, changing tables are available here. In general, everything that can be done with the classic input means - keyboard or mouse.


"Yandex" does not have such a wide range of platforms, onwhich voice input could be used. Therefore, while it is presented in the products "Search", "Conversation" and "Translator". Also, navigators from "Yandex" are able to recognize speech and talk with the user.

google voice input
google voice input

"Search" can be found in "Yandex Browser". Here it is built in by default and acts similarly to Chrome. The technology is based on the company's own development, which is also available for commercial needs in the form of Speech. Kit. By connecting it to your project, you can use an unlimited number of requests for recognition. However, this service is paid.

Other products

In addition to the voice input tools from the Internet giants, there are other freelance developers actively developing and promoting the presented technology. Some are implemented as online services (for example, speechpad.ru, august4u.ru, bestfree.ru), and some are full-fledged applications that can be installed on a computer (speechka, realspeaker).

Despite the fact that free developers have a little less resources, their solutions work just as well. And sometimes they even use the Google API.

Advantages and disadvantages

Voice input on a computer has its own significant pros and cons:

  • It's definitely convenient. Hands can be free during operation, and the typing speed is also increased, and with it, productivity is growing.
  • In mobile versions of voice tools, you canwork with the device without looking up, for example, from driving.
  • In addition, voice input programs allow you to stop using the inconvenient miniature keyboard of the operating system, which undoubtedly affects the quality and speed of input.
voice input program
voice input program

Of the minuses, we can note the increased requirements for the quality of the microphone. It should be the most sensitive. And the recognition algorithm itself does not always work as we would like. Extraneous noise and interference can cause a failure, and, as a result, errors in the text. In any case, it will have to be edited after typing. So you need to dictate the text carefully and clearly. And this increases the dialing time.

In closing

Voice input technology is constantly improving. Increasingly, you can meet people who talk to their smartphone, watch or computer. Voice input is actively used in the design and manufacture of smart homes and other related solutions based on the interaction of devices with users.

Perhaps in the future, the technology will come to a more perfect form, when it starts to recognize speech with a high level of accuracy, regardless of noise and interference.

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