DriverPack Solution review. Driver Pack Solution

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DriverPack Solution review. Driver Pack Solution
DriverPack Solution review. Driver Pack Solution

Not all users know what the DriverPack Solution software package is. Feedback about him can often be both positive and negative. This is due, first of all, to the fact that many entry-level users simply do not know how to use it. Let's take a look at DriverPack Solution 13 and 12 in a little more detail and start from a comparison of several major versions.

What is Driver Pack Solution

Few people know that the package is quite difficult to use. The same Windows installation distribution kit like Zver DVD does not always contain the necessary drivers for the devices available in the system.

driverpack solution review
driverpack solution review

In fact, DriverPack Solution 7, which was once developed, although it was a more or less workable version, the developers abandoned it. This was due to several shortcomings, which were fixed in the 10th version. Take at least DriverPack Solution 12. There ismany changes not only in terms of support for the most modern devices, but also the corresponding software, which will be discussed a little later.

Why this package is needed

Today the most relevant is DriverPack Solution 14. Reviews about it speak for themselves. The fact is that this software product contains the maximum number of drivers for all devices.

Of course, you can try the Windows verification options, but this method may lead to absolutely nothing. At best, the system will display a message stating that the driver was not found in the root directory, and it will need to be installed from a disk or from a specified location using the "Browse …" button.

This is not always the correct method. If you use the same free DriverPack Solution, you can be sure that it will work. Here it is worth paying attention to the package itself. Depending on versions, DriverPack Solution may have some major differences between versions.

Automatic driver installation

Let's consider the general principles of the DriverPack Solution program. A review about it may not be the most flattering, from the point of view of the user, however, not everyone understands what the application itself is based on.

driverpack solution 13
driverpack solution 13

Let's start with the fact that when you first start after installation, the application scans the system and automatically searches for hardware or virtual devices, for which, in fact, you need to install the necessary drivers. Take at least DriverPack Solution 14. Reviews about this applicationthey say that scanning the system for the presence of components is quite fast, and the program itself supports more than 820 thousand drivers of different versions.

After the first process is completed, you will be prompted to install the necessary drivers for the found devices from your own data archive.

driverpack solution 12
driverpack solution 12

Obviously, when installing the application, you will first have to burn it to a two-layer DVD-ROM (after all, the volume is more than 9 GB), and then install the databases on the hard drive.

The process of driver verification and installation itself will take about 5 minutes, no more. However, here you need to be careful. The fact is that not all versions of DriverPack Solution support certain types of virtual devices. For example, these can be MIDI keyboards or virtual drivers like Guitar Rig or Kore 2. They are installed only when you start the installation of the programs themselves. So you should not expect something supernatural from the same DriverPack Solution 13 package.

Moreover, some specific devices may not be detected during the scanning process. In this case, manual installation is required.

Manual installation

If this situation occurs, you can use the standard methods by going to the "Control Panel" and selecting "Device Manager" there. As it usually happens, components with incorrectly installed drivers or no drivers at all will be marked in yellow. Right-click on the device will come in handy, followed by selecting the "Properties" menu, where you will have to usecommand "Install …", and then specify at least the root folder in which the database of the same DriverPack Solution 12 (or any other version) is located.

driverpack solution 14 reviews
driverpack solution 14 reviews

If a suitable driver is not found, you will have to use the original disc that came with the device itself. But this doesn't happen often. It is worth noting here that, regarding the DriverPack Solution, the review of any user suggests that the database of drivers in almost any version is so extensive that you can find almost everything.

However, as you can see, you will have to create a system restore point. You can do this either from the program itself, or using the standard Windows tools in the Control Panel.


Speaking of the main advantages of the DriverPack Solution application, it is worth noting the explicit automation of driver installation, which is user-oriented with minimal PC knowledge. Neither the process of installing the software package itself, nor the installation of drivers, as a rule, causes problems for anyone.

Moreover, the application, when restarted or automatically started along with Windows, can automatically detect not only its own updates, but also "updates" of already installed drivers. This feature is very convenient in the sense that it allows you to update the device driver without using third-party utilities such as Driver Updater. The application itself refers to the official source, more precisely to the manufacturer's website, after which it offers to install the appropriate update.


As for the shortcomings, there are almost none. The only things that may cause some problems for inexperienced users are the issues of writing to an optical disc (if the data needs to be saved for later use) or specifying where the databases are saved. When recording, be sure to use dual-layer DVD media (not double-sided).

driverpack solution
driverpack solution

Otherwise, nothing will work. Burning can be done using programs such as Nero Burning ROM, UltraISO, Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools, etc. In principle, the procedure is standard.


For the DriverPack Solution software package, a review on the same official forum may contain quite incorrect information. It's just those who don't know how to use this type of programs and write what they couldn't do, what didn't work out. In fact, a person versed in installing drivers can easily cope with all versions. After all, you can just go to the settings and update the application to the latest version. Which version to use is another matter.

Regarding the comparison of versions of the program, it is only worth noting here that newer modifications and releases simply support an additional number of drivers from different manufacturers. The very principle of the program remains unchanged until now.

Install or not?

The issue of installation is resolved only in favor of the installation. Well, where else can you find such a collection of drivers for all occasions? Here only among the versions you can find a distribution kit for installation onhard drive and online version. The latter is different in that the PC is scanned for uninstalled drivers or updates while connected to the Internet. First, the application scans its own database, and only then turns to the manufacturer's website if some component is not found.

In principle, manufacturers are clearly interested in promoting this software product. And the updates that are created constantly refer to this particular package. Another thing is that Microsoft does not include it in the main distribution, and you have to install it manually. But I think this is not a problem, especially since the program itself, along with the databases, is free.

Using a hard drive

As for the hard disk, many people do not want to store a data volume of about 9 GB. Although if you figure it out, with modern media with space in terabytes, you don’t have to worry about this. In addition, even if the system crashes, the drivers will be installed automatically after recovery. You won't even need to insert an information disc.

free driverpack solution
free driverpack solution

Moreover, the image of the hard drive itself "weighs" much more than the original databases of the DriverPack Solution program (meaning the created image or data backup, if included).

Problems with antiviruses

Sometimes unforeseen situations may arise when the anti-virus software installed on a computer terminal or laptop can, to put it mildly, “spit”, believing that induring the installation of the next driver or “update”, unwanted content is installed. Of course, it all depends on the antivirus.

driverpack solution versions
driverpack solution versions

On the other hand, this problem is solved quite simply. In the lower panel in the System Tray, by right-clicking on the anti-virus icon, you can call up the context menu, where the command for temporarily disabling protection will be indicated. For example, in NOD Smart Security, the minimum time is 10 minutes, after which the protection will turn on again automatically. But even this time is enough for the main application to work.


In general, only the basic concepts and nuances regarding the operation of the DriverPack Solution software product were given here. If you dig deeper, there are still a lot of things that relate to the so-called "fine" tuning of the system. But it should be noted that such functions will be more useful to "advanced" users. But as a standard tool for an inexperienced user, this package is best suited. After all, it is understandable why to climb the Internet in search of "firewood" if you can install all this in a few minutes from a "screw" or from a DVD? That is why I would like to note that this package is one of the best today. Perhaps no one has "surpassed" him yet.

Well, as for the intricacies of installation and use, then each user must figure it out for himself. True, in theory, no user of any level of training should have any difficulties. By the way, even the factory settings cannot be changedrecommended, because the entire DriverPack Solution system is focused specifically on full automatism in work. Well, where to store the basic information, everyone decides for himself. In principle, the best storage option is not even on a DVD, but on a flash drive or a removable USB hard drive, since such devices are not subject to physical impact in terms of mechanical damage such as scratches, fingerprints, etc., after which it will simply be impossible to read the information.

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