How information is transmitted

How information is transmitted
How information is transmitted
transmission of information
transmission of information

The transmission of information is one of the main factors in the existence of any form of life on Earth. Even the simplest organisms, when born, have basic instincts that help them survive. The transfer of information from the source to the receiver takes place in various ways. These include both sense organs, such as hearing, sight, touch, and various technical devices related to telecommunications.

The transfer of information takes place in the form of a message using a communication channel. The source data is encoded into a signal that is transmitted to the destination. The received data are processed by the receiver and turned into information. For example, a weather message is transmitted to the recipient (TV viewer) from the meteorological center using a communication channel (TV).

The quality of the received data directly depends on the method of transmission. For example, a bad image on the screen can completely misinform the recipient. The efficiency of the communication channel is also affected by the speed and the number of elements involved in it. The most striking example of this can be considered "word of mouthradio": the longer the information reaches the recipient, the greater the chance of receiving false information.

transmission of information in computer networks
transmission of information in computer networks

In the modern world, the Internet is gaining more and more popularity as a source of information. One of the main factors of its rapid development is the possibility of obtaining any information practically anywhere in the world. But the transmission of information over long distances often takes place with some loss or distortion. Therefore, the communication channel is the main factor affecting the quality of the received data.

The transmission of information in computer networks at first was carried out using a fixed telephone. This method had a number of disadvantages. The transmission of information took place over a weakly protected channel, and the speed and reliability of the connection left much to be desired. The signal was processed several times; via a telephone line from the source, it arrived at the main center, after which it was encoded again and already sent to a special device - a modem, where it was re-encoded and only then appeared on the monitor screen.

fiber optic information transmission systems
fiber optic information transmission systems

Fiber-optical information transmission systems have become a transition to a completely different level. To date, FOCL provide the highest speed and quality of communication. The signal is transmitted by photons that do not emit an electromagnetic field, which means that it is impossible to connect to such a channel from the outside, which ensures a high degree of security. On the speed and quality of transmissionthe cross-section and resistance of the conductor influence, the addressee receives information exactly in the form in which it was sent, and the data exchange takes place almost instantly.

The rapid development of the PDA required an increase in speed and mobile Internet. From slow and expensive WAP connection to high speed 4G. Progress does not stand still, and the day when wired Internet will be absorbed by mobile is not far off. The next generation will look at FOCL with bewilderment, just as we now look at landline telephony, which is gradually being replaced by wireless.

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