What is website visibility and what you need to know about it

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What is website visibility and what you need to know about it
What is website visibility and what you need to know about it

Website promotion - what is included in this concept? Constant work with the resource, filling it with new information, compiling a semantic core and determining the main directions for development.

What is website visibility?

Before performing the main tasks, which include setting goals, hitting the main pages in search engines, drawing up a plan for growing popularity or sales using a resource, you should understand important concepts, without understanding which it will be difficult to move forward.

site visibility
site visibility

Visibility of the site is the determination of the position of the site in the search results for thematic queries. This is a very important indicator that has firmly entered the work of SEO-optimizers, because it is important to check where your resource is in search results.

Perhaps some request needs to be urgently promoted, but from the analysis you understand that there are too many competitors and it will be difficult to fight them, and both money and time will be spent.


All pages of the site that you want to be seen by search engines will definitely be in the search results. But the issue may be different, and somewhere the resource will be in the first positions, and somewhere far away on the tenth page, up to whichthe user is unlikely to reach.

website visibility in search engines
website visibility in search engines

This indicator is influenced by factors:

  • Search engine popularity and website popularity. Of course, it is easier to promote yourself in a search engine like Rambler than, for example, in Yandex or Google, very popular search engines.
  • Popularity is not only for resources, but also for requests, or rather, the frequency of the request determines the complexity of the promotion. The more often a word or phrase is requested, the more difficult it is to promote your site on it. For example, the query "buy children's clothes" is high-frequency, the query "buy children's clothes in Tyumen" is medium-frequency, and the query "buy children's clothes in Tyumen for girls 3 years old" is low-frequency.
  • Position placement - it should be remembered that today the visibility of the site in search engines also depends on the amount of advertising. For example, with a high-frequency request, there will be only 7 organic search resources and 3 advertising resources, and with a low-frequency request, all of them can be natural search results. Therefore, the better the site is, the easier it will be to get on the first or at least the second page.

Site visibility in search engines

The site will be visible in search engines in any case, but it will not hurt to evaluate the effectiveness of impressions. The number of effective impressions is not a specific figure, but a forecast of how much a particular link will be visible to users for a specific query. But how do you know which request is considered effective and which is considered normal?

For example, when you query "computer" you get several millionresponses, but only a few of these responses will be considered effective, because it is likely that each user will visit three sites. The fourth and fifth will be entered by those who did not receive the necessary information and were not satisfied with the results, and so on for each position.

website visibility in search engines
website visibility in search engines

More than once, when promoting, experts tried to evaluate the popularity of the resource and check the visibility of the site, conducting some experiments. As a result, a matrix of coefficients was obtained, which helps to assess the attention of users.

Search position number Coefficient
1 1
2 1
3 1
4 0, 85
5 0, 6
6 0, 5
7 0, 5
8 0, 3
9 0, 3
10 0, 2
>10 0, 05
Not listed 0

It turns out that the resources located in the TOP-3 have the maximum coefficient and they get 100% of the views, which means they have the best site visibility. Further, the positions fall lower and lower and the coefficient falls. Anything below the 10th place gets only 5% of the views.

Of course, these figures should not be considered exact, but only as an average. Indeed, on a low-frequency request, you can safely move forward and not even on the firstpage. If the user needs to find something, he will scroll through all the options.

A few important points

Sooner or later, every owner wants his resource to be not only on the first page, but also in the TOP-3, he thinks about increasing visibility. But why do you need to increase the visibility of the site?

check website visibility
check website visibility

Such steps should be taken to increase traffic, and, consequently, for the arrival of new visitors and customers. However, you may encounter some problems, the main of which is the quality of the site. If it is not attractive, not interesting, then it will be difficult to compete with others, and this will repel the user.

Problems can be both with the technical side and with part of the external optimization, and everything should be paid attention, because without this, increasing visibility will simply be a useless action.

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