Total Commander: what is this program, description, instructions for use, features

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Total Commander: what is this program, description, instructions for use, features
Total Commander: what is this program, description, instructions for use, features

Before the creation of the GUI, many people had to use the command line to access files and directories. This, of course, is very inconvenient. That's why dual-pane file managers were invented. They differed in that they had a graphical interface. Total Commander is one of them.

Total Commander Interface
Total Commander Interface

Total Commander what is this program

This is a file manager from the creator of Christian Giesler, has a two-window mode of operation, support for various plug-ins for working with files and archives. Flexible customization from font and background colors to other elements of the manager's interface.

Total Commander 2 Interface
Total Commander 2 Interface

Total Commander is free, but you can purchase a license if you want. The difference between the paid version and the free version is only in the appearance of a license purchase window, all functionality is retained after the trial period of 30 days. There are currently distributions for32-bit systems and 64-bit. The Russian language is officially supported, thanks to the presence of plugins, you can install any additional language.

History of Creation

Total Commander 3 Interface
Total Commander 3 Interface

Total Commander - what is this program? Windows Commander appeared after Far Manager and Volkov. Their graphical interfaces looked old-fashioned. It's as if, instead of a Windows operating system, like Windows 95, we're using half-dead MS-DOS. It was a clone of Norton Commander.

Total Commander 4 Interface
Total Commander 4 Interface

Total Commander - what is this program? Initially, the name was slightly different, the Windows Commander program, and not Total Commander, was known at that time. The name had to be changed due to copyright infringement. Still, the word Windows was associated with Microsoft, and not some kind of file manager. And this is back in the Windows 95 period. The two windows in the file manager were to the taste of many users, some of them still do not "peel off" this software. After all, it has a rich functionality. At that time, hard drives had very little memory, and the Internet was a luxury. Although those who had access to the Net were not particularly happy, because the speed was so low that it was really easier to transfer a file from computer to computer using floppy disks, which were 1.44 megabytes.

Total Commander 5 interface
Total Commander 5 interface

Over time, the method of archiving files in the. ZIP format has become popular. TotalCommander did not stand aside and was equipped with built-in archiving tools.

Total Commander 6 interface
Total Commander 6 interface

Don't forget that the developer didn't introduce a smart security system, it also had a positive effect on the popularity of Total Commander.

Total Commander 7 Interface
Total Commander 7 Interface

Total Commander program features

  • Dual pane GUI to make it easy to copy or move files between directories.
  • Customizable "hot keys", that is, some function will work by a combination of keys.
  • Fully customizable menus, toolbars and more.
  • Absolutely complete information about the objects displayed on the screen.
  • FTP client that supports SSL/TLS.
Total Commander 8 Interface
Total Commander 8 Interface
  • Built-in support for archivers, any archivers. If support for some archive is missing, then you need to download an additional plugin.
  • Manage multiple files and synchronize directories.
  • Detailed object search, with options to search even the most distant files, also FTP search.
  • Expanding the program's capabilities with installed modules or plug-ins.
  • Portable work from any media.
  • Support to add default programs. For example, if you need to add a third-party text editor.
  • Ability to work with directories using tabs, like in a browser.
  • Fast running speed compared tostandard file manager.
Total Commander 9 Interface
Total Commander 9 Interface

Available plugins

Total Commander what is this program.

  • Plugins or modules for working with archives: these are plugins that add support for unpacking certain types of files, archives.
  • File system plugins: available through the Network Neighborhood panel. Provide access to some parts of the computer where there is no access through names, or to remote systems.
Interface Total Commander 11
Interface Total Commander 11

Information plugins: help search by specific properties and information about file content


  • Closed source.
  • Restrictions related to the x86-32 bit platform.
Total Commander 10 interface
Total Commander 10 interface

Supported platforms

  • Many mobile devices based on ARM processors (iOS, ANDROID, WP, BB and others).
  • Linux kernel operating systems (MAC OS, UBUNTU and others).
  • Support for operating systems of the Windows family.

On desktop systems, the interface is not much different, but on the mobile platform there are some differences:

  • Additional access to system directories and data (we are talking about the Android operating system and subject to obtaining Root rights).
  • Changed graphical shell to work on touch screens and mobile devices, also remember that there were push-button phones, they also have Total Commander.
  • No support for keyboard shortcuts, but since external manipulators can be connected to devices on the Android operating system, this oversight can be corrected with additional plugins.

Otherwise, the functionality is identical to the versions from a personal computer and laptops. There is support for plugins, archivers, customization of the interface for yourself.

How to use

When we have analyzed most of the features and abilities of the program, now we need to conduct an educational program on how to use it.

Total Commander - how to use the program?

Using "hot keys":

  • F1/F3 - view any file. Need plugin or module lister.
  • F4 - make changes to a text document.
  • F5 - copy files.
  • F6 - move files.
  • F7 - create a folder with the name of the selected object.
  • F8 - delete object.

You can also set up your own list of "hot keys" for quick access to the functions you need.

Two panels speed up user access to directories and files on a personal computer.

  • To access data, click on the arrow at the top of any panel, select the desired media.
  • Find the right file to interact with.

To show hidden items, click on the star symbol next to the magnifying glass or search icon.

Connection to the FTP server is made from the top function bar in the tab called FTP. From the drop-down list, select"Connect to FTP server" or other action.

The rest of the functionality is similar to the standard explorer, but has additional features. It will be very easy to understand them, because help is available from the program for training new users.



Due to its huge popularity, this file manager has many followers from different countries. They work separately or together to implement new modules, communicate, sometimes create similar programs, such as Double Commander.

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